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"Puppet Stole My Cocktail, Pass Me Those Hors D'oeuvres!"

A shadowy soirée with Trouble Puppet this Saturday night
Wayne Alan Brenner, 4:37pm, Fri. Aug. 31, 2012
Fire burn and cauldron bubble, don'tcha know.
WTF? Ghosts, witches, arcane cabals plotting who knows what eldritch plans for your entertainment this weekend?

Trouble Puppet Theatre Company knows.

Trouble Puppet Theatre Company is one of those arcane cabals, bringing you hours of spook-spiced revelry abetted by live music from Glovertango and Graham Reynolds and Aileen Adler, with food from Counter Culture and more, highlighting a backdrop of witchy chicanery, tarot readings, puppet displays, diverse raffles, and a sneak preview of the company's adaptation of William Shakespeare's play about those Scottish lords and those weird sisters and, oh, just whisper the name: Macbeth.

Get Into Trouble, as they call this party, is gonna be a Saturday night of theatrical shenanigans and sensual pleasures, its $15 admission going to help the subversive puppeteers afford their newest season of wonderments. They've brought us Upton Sinclair's The Jungle and Mary Shelley's Frankenstein and Russell Hoban's Riddley Walker, among other envelope-pushing spectacles – make your reservations now to see what's in store in the near and puppet-ruled future, there amid the tasty noms, adult beverages, and swinging tunes.

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