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Beach Hair Redux: There Is an App for That

Bring beach hair home with wave-enhancing products
Anne Harris, 2:48pm, Tue. Jul. 17, 2012
We have one problem with the bromide, "The best part of a beach vacation is coming home". Abandoning your salty, sea-textured locks at the beach is always a disappointment, and the first time you wash it, you're back in the rut that vacations are meant to break. These five options, from expensive to not, will put the Blue Crush back in that mop.

Fekkai Advanced Beach Waves acts as a liquid gel for officially curly-all-day hair. $25

AG Hair Cosmetics Beach Bomb is alcohol-free, and acts a great enhancer for naturally wavy hair. Keratin protein helps keep it soft. $22

Nexxus Pro Mend Split End Binding Curl Defining Creme Gel is a leave-in treatment for dry hair and split ends that also lends some texture to separate curls and waves. The gel formula keeps it light. $8.99

ARROJO Curl Enhancer is a lightweight formula that provides a slight hold for soft, curly hair. This product works especially well on course hair. $19

bumble and bumble Surf Spray is our favorite of the lot, since it allows you to continue with your tried-and-true shampoos and conditioners. Bumble always follows through on their products' promises, but credibility usually comes at a high price. This product is great for all hair types, and leaves the office-ready, stringy, matt finish you're looking for. It enhances natural waves and curls, and adds body for everybody, no matter what you've got. $24

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