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Scenes From the Circus

Music has landed, which is good news for filmgoers
Joe O'Connell, 7:34pm, Thu. Mar. 15, 2012
photo by Joe O'Connell
"Full" would be the right word for Austin about now.
Everything's typically bigger in Texas. This guy's Speedo? Not so much. After the jump, snapshots from Austin at overcapacity.

I showed up two hours early to watch the semi-premiere (the version shown at Sundance wasn't quite complete) of John Dies in the End (review here) at the Alamo Drafthouse at the Ritz. Of course, I also got to see the circus of Sixth Street including the Semi-Naked Cowboy with his boots, hat, guitar, and Texas flag Speedo. (Open image gallery at right for a peek.) For a screening at the Paramount I was 45 minutes early just to play it safe, even though I have a badge.

The good news? Music has arrived, so passholders should find the film lines a tad shorter.

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