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… And God Spoke (the making of …) (1993, 83 min., NR)

A mock documentary about a producer and director of exploitation flicks who try to do a class adaptation of the Bible. Borman's behind-the-scenes spoof might be said to show the un-making of the film ...And God ...

And Now ... Ladies and Gentlemen (2003, 126 min., PG-13)

Claude Lelouch’s new movie starring Jeremy Irons is a cat-burgler story set in sunny, faraway locales.

And So It Goes (2014, 94 min., PG-13)

Diane Keaton and Michael Douglas are ill-served by director by Rob Reiner in this odd-couple romance.

Andre (1994, 94 min., PG)

Tell me that you've never harbored the desire to hug a seal and feel the swoosh of a sleek, sinuous sea flapper sliding through your arms- and I'll tell you that, under no circumstances, should you ...

Andrew Lloyd Webber's The Phantom of the Opera (2004, 143 min., PG-13)

The plodding stage musical finally comes to the big screen, its relentlessly bombastic score intact with a vengeance.

Angel Baby (1995, 105 min., NR)

Two years after racking up seven Australian Film Institute Awards (their Oscar equivalents), Angel Baby sweeps majestically into U.S. theatres heralded by rapturous reviews calling it one of the best Aussie imports since Bruce Beresford and ...

Angel Dust (1994, 116 min., NR)

A bizarre, stylized trip into the mind of a serial killer and the psychic investigator desperate to find him, Angel Dust is that rare avis, a cat-and-mouse thriller that lives up to -- and surpasses -- ...

Angel Eyes (2001, 104 min., R)

Its heart is never in the wrong place, but Angel Eyes is what Roger Ebert calls an “Identikit movie.” Director Mandoki and screenwriter Gerald DiPego (both of whom you may recall from 1999's Message in a ...

Angel-A (2005, 91 min., R)

Luc Besson delivers a gorgeous-looking but ill-conceived mash note to the city of Paris that stars a petty crook and an ethereal beauty.

Angela (1995, 103 min., NR)

“We're Christian Scientists,” 10-year-old Angela (Rhyne) explains to a new friend. “We use electricity to make people's souls clean.” Angela's definition of her and her 6-year-old sister Ellie's (Blythe) “religion” captures the mix of unexpected humor ...

Angela's Ashes (2000, 145 min., R)

The wonder of Frank McCourt's astonishing memoir, Angela's Ashes, is that its story is told at all. An unforgettable account of growing up impoverished in the damp hell of Limerick, Ireland, in the 1930s and 1940s, ...

Angels & Demons (2009, 138 min., PG-13)

The chase is on, but there's no Holy Grail to be found in this suspenseless trail of decoded symbols.

Angels and Insects (1996, 117 min., NR)

Angels and Insects, the new film from director Philip Haas (The Music of Chance), seeks to explore parallels between the societal structure of insects and that of human beings. The story, which is based on A.S. ...

Angels in the Outfield (1994)

Disney, what hast thou wrought? It is baseball season, sure, but this new entry from the kings of kiddie cinema is a family-oriented heartstring-yanker so syrupy-sweet in its depictions of the game, angels, orphans, children's wishes, ...

The Angels' Share (2013, 101 min., NR)

Scottish social-realist director Ken Loach is back with a new movie about young delinquents and a whisky-distillery heist.

Angels Sing (2013, 90 min., PG)

This sugarcoated Christmas tale is an Austin-born and -bred affair.

Anger Management (2003, 103 min., PG-13)

It’s probably a good thing that Jack Nicholson didn’t get the Oscar last month for his performance in About Schmidt, because right about now he’d have a lot of explaining to do: How could this new ...

Angie (1994, 107 min., R)

Angie's having an identity crisis and it's not always pretty to watch. Despite starring the beautiful and hard-working Geena Davis, it has a kind of displaced feel, as if it isn't the movie it dreams of ...

Angus (1995, 90 min., PG-13)

If you are one of those rare birds who recall their high school days with trilling glee or cooing fondness, Angus is probably not your cup of moo juice. If, though, the simple clanging of a ...

Animal Kingdom (2010, 112 min., R)

An Australian family that commits crimes together avoids time together in this brutal look at the human survival instinct.

The Animal (2001, 83 min., PG-13)

About the best you can say regarding this inoffensive Schneider vehicle is, hey, it could have been worse. Come to think of it, in today's comedy market, where bodily fluids and flatulence rule and The Animal's ...

The Animation Show 2005 (2005, 85 min., NR)

This second incarnation of the Mike Judge- and Don Hertzfeldt-produced animation anthology is, if anything, even better than the first.

The Animation Show 4 (2008, 87 min., NR)

Mike Judge is back with a brand new collection of short animated films, and it's premiering here in Austin.

The Animation Show (2003, NR)

Mike Judge and Don Hertzfeldt inaugurate a new annual series of animation collections.

Anita O'Day: The Life of a Jazz Singer (2008, 91 min., NR)

This celebratory documentary skips briskly over the 60-plus-year career of one of jazz's pre-eminent and most original singers.

Anna (1994, 99 min., NR)

A highly personal chronicle of the collapse of the Soviet Union and the maturation of filmmaker Mikhalkov's young daughter Anna, this extraordinary documentary from the Academy Award-winning director of Burnt by the Sun at first strikes ...

Anna and the King (1999, 147 min., PG-13)

Anna and the King might be a perfectly fine film if only it were possible to quiet the nagging inner voice that keeps asking, "Why?" Why remake The King and I without the Rodgers and Hammerstein ...

Anna Karenina (2012, 129 min., R)

Joe Wright's bold but empty imagining of Tolstoy's classic is set mostly within the walls of a theatre.

Annabelle (2014, 98 min., R)

The doll from hell is back.

Annapolis (2006, 103 min., PG-13)

Annapolis is a thick but hardly meaty slice of old-school Hollywood hokum.

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