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Amazing Grace (2007, 111 min., PG)

Unfortunately, what makes British abolitionist William Wilberforce a great man is also what makes him dull: his single-minded righteousness.

The Amazing Panda Adventure (1995)

How about The Boring Panda Adventure? Or maybe The Formulaic Disney Ripoff? Either one is a more apt title for this tired retread of Uncle Walt's past nature-in-jeopardy vehicles. When 10-year-old Ryan Tyler (Slater) is invited ...

The Amazing Spider-Man 2 (2014, 142 min., PG-13)

More proves to be less for Spidey this time out.

The Amazing Spider-Man (2012, 137 min., PG-13)

The Amazing Spider-Meh might be a better name for this dullish retread.

Amazon (1990, R)

The Amazon River Basin -- seething with life, death, corruption and rebirth -- has always been easy food for filmmakers, and though this new film is about as far as one can get from recent, guilt-heavy ...

The Ambassador (2011, 93 min., NR)

With daring, gonzo filmmaking, this documentary film penetrates the blood-diamond trade in the Central African Republic.

Amelia (2009, 111 min., PG)

Hilary Swank stars as Amelia Earhart in Mira Nair's big-budget biopic.

Amélie (2001, 122 min., R)

Why not get happy? Why not celebrate love, and little twists of fate, and a sepia-in-Technicolor portrait of Paris? Amélie's heart is in the right place – squarely on its sleeve. And what better place for it?

Amen. (2002, 132 min., NR)

Firebrand filmmaker Costa-Gavras (Missing) turns his lens upon the Holocaust, examining the conditions that allowed the mass exterminations of Jews to continue in virtually full view of the world. This is the story of Lt. Kurt ...

America: Freedom to Fascism (2006, 105 min., NR)

Although grounded in Libertarian theory, this documentary by producer-turned-director Aaron Russo presents provocative material about the perceived illegality of income taxes – and various freedom-restricting consequences of the new world order.

America's Sweethearts (2001, 100 min., PG-13)

Former Disney Chairman Joe Roth takes the directing helm with this bitchy romantic comedy, and wouldn't you know it, it's better than half the chipper fare out there these days. Admittedly, that's not saying much, but ...

American Beauty (1999, 118 min., R)

This Oscar winner is a bleak comedy of suburban mores and one man's sudden rejection of the arrangement.

American Buffalo (1996, 87 min., R)

Notes from a Business 101 course taught by David Mamet: The two most important principles in any transaction are: (1) Fuck the other guy; and (2) Piss on him after. At least, that's what I imagine ...

An American Carol (2008, 83 min., PG-13)

Michael Moore and left-leaning Hollywood are the subjects of this spoof that's missing only one thing: comedy.

American Cyborg: Steel Warrior (1994)

With American Cyborg, Yoram Globus and his new company Global Pictures sever his ties with former co-producer Menachem Golan and offer up this mid-Eighties throwback featuring rampaging cyborgs, a post-nuclear New York, and the last fetus ...

American Dream (1991, 98 min., PG-13)

Kopple's Academy Award-winning documentary American Dream exposes the human cost of Reaganomics. The movie focuses on the mid-1980s labor strike at Hormel's Austin, Minnesota meat packing plant (Hormel produces Spam, Dinty Moore, Old Smokehouse, ham, bacon ...

American Dreamz (2006, 107 min., PG-13)

American Dreamz tries to satirize the vapidity of American popular culture; instead, the film gets trapped beneath its own wheels.

American Fabulous (1991, 103 min., NR)

Perched like a queen on her throne -- here, the back seat of a 1957 Cadillac -- Jeffrey Strough gives a royal performance in American Fabulous. Blessed with the gift of gab, the twentysomething Jeffrey prattles ...

American Gangster (2007, 157 min., R)

A sizzling cast and their director do a crackerjack job of nailing the look and feel of New York City's bad old days of internal corruption and outer rot.

American Hardcore (2006, 100 min., R)

Crammed with grainy, shot-on-the-fly mid-Eighties video footage, recent interviews, and a genuine love for its subject, American Hardcore encapsulates a largely forgotten moment in maximum rock & roll history.

An American Haunting (2006, 91 min., PG-13)

A satanic-possession thriller set in 1817 stars Donald Sutherland and Sissy Spacek – to little avail.

American Heart (1992, 113 min., R)

Under Seattle's sorrowful skies, an ex-con struggles to build a clean life with a 14-year-old son in tow. Their life is one of rent-by-the-week flophouses, mattresses on the floor, cab drivers, petty thieves, and teens who ...

American History X (1998, 118 min., R)

Why Tony Kaye was so eager to have his name taken off this film (and replaced with “Humpty Dumpty”) is a question only Kaye can answer, and not very well if the recent spate of elliptical ...

American Hustle (2013, 138 min., R)

It's all about the hair, the performances, and the grift and graft in this unpredictable new offering from David O. Russell.

American Job (1996, 90 min., NR)

Everyone knows this is nowhere, this world of minimum-wage jobs, stultifying labor, and dead ends. Another day, another meal, and we keep coming back for more of the same- not by choice, not by habit, but ...

American Mary (2013, 103 min., R)

The plastic surgery performed in this horror film gives real meaning to going under the knife.

American Me (1992, 125 min., R)

Olmos delivers a stark and unflinching study of the self-destructive perpetuation of violence, crime, and gang warfare in the Hispanic-American community.

American Movie (1999, 104 min., R)

For every big-dreaming nebbish whose pursuit of filmmaking glory lands him at the Oscars with Sarah Polley at his side, there are hundreds whose experience is more like that of Menomonee Falls, Wisconsin's Mark Borchardt. Hunched ...

American Outlaws (2001, 95 min., PG-13)

“Bad is good again,” reads this tweener Western's marketing tagline. Nope, sorry gang, bad was never good, and American Outlaws is much, much worse. I'd like nothing more than to be able to relay that the ...

American Pie (1999, 95 min., R)

What hath Porky's wrought? This new, faster version of the semi-classic teen sex farce is a howler, bawdy yet constrained within its gross gridlock. It's as if the final print of Fast Times at Ridgemont High ...

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