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Alien³ (1992, 115 min., R)

Weaver's Lt. Ripley and H.R. Giger's brainchild face off in Fincher's beautifully shot sequel that goes nowhere.

Alive (1993, 127 min., R)

I can remember reading the novel Alive when I was much younger and having, not nightmares per se, but more like uneasy dreams for some time after. Frank Marshall's film version of the story deftly manages ...

Alive & Kicking (1996, 100 min., R)

Medical science seems well on its way to turning the AIDS-haunted gay romance genre into a dated curiosity. But even if, as we all pray, the white smocks succeed in their mission, a handful of these ...

All About My Mother (1999, 101 min., R)

All About My Mother merges all of Almodóvar's noted preoccupations with women on the verge of nervous breakdowns, screwball melodramas, and flamboyant visual touches with a cohesive – and universal – story about the faces and roles we all adopt in public.

All About Steve (2009, 98 min., PG-13)

Sandra Bullock plays it kooky in this romantic comedy in which she stalks a CNN cameraman (Bradley Cooper) with whom she's smitten.

All About the Benjamins (2002, 100 min., R)

The ESPN SportsCenterization of action cinema continues apace with All About the Benjamins. My point: Modern actioners increasingly resemble sports highlights shows in their pandering to the Phallo-American community's love of spectacular payoff moments and wise-ass ...

All I Want for Christmas (1991, 92 min., G)

Call this one Miracle on 12th Street. No it's not precisely the same story as the 34th Street model (or even one-third the story), but it borrows much of the same whimsy, grit and Christmas sentiment ...

All Is Lost (2013, 106 min., PG-13)

In this near-wordless film, Robert Redford is compulsively watchable as a man trying to save himself from his sinking ship.

All Over Me (1997, 90 min., R)

Claude (Folland) is the sort of teenage girl who goes by Claude instead of Claudia: a big, sturdy girl with beautiful red hair, a wardrobe full of loose-fitting clothes, and the desire to start a rock ...

All Over the Guy (2001, 94 min., R)

Like most freakish accidents, falling in love is sometimes just a matter of good timing. In the romantic comedy All Over the Guy, the physical and emotional attraction between one couple is instantaneous, while the relationship ...

All That I Need (2005, 80 min., R)

Movies this bad don’t often get released anymore, a circumstance that instantly raises the curiosity factor of All That I Need.

All the King's Men (2006, 120 min., PG-13)

Despite an A-list cast and director, it's astonishing how bad this movie is.

All the Pretty Horses (2000, 117 min., R)

This much-storied and long-in-the-making film adaptation of Cormac McCarthy's widely cherished Western novel is neither the sacrilege that McCarthy's true believers feared nor the epiphany for which fans of the Western film genre had hoped. Instead, ...

All the Real Girls (2003, 108 min., R)

There’s a Silver Jews song called "Inside the Golden Days of Missing You" that laments the twin states of getting over love and getting over getting over love: "and then the feeling fades away, but you ...

All the Vermeers in New York (1990, 87 min.)

This newest work from steadfast American independent filmmaker, Jon Jost, almost breaks out of his arthouse ghetto and into markedly familiar movie strategies like narrative and performance, making this his most engaging merger of experimental and ...

Allegiance (2012, 91 min., R)

Bow Wow plays a National Guard soldier who goes AWOL in the early Nineties in this unfoused drama

All's Faire in Love (2011, 104 min., PG-13)

Christina Ricci stars in this strained romantic comedy set in the world of renaissance festivals.

Almost Famous (2000, 122 min., R)

This sweet, amiable, and knowing coming-of-age tale is Cameron Crowe's semi-autobiographical boyz-to-men story about how he grew into the role of a rock & roll journalist in 1973.

Almost Heroes (1998, 92 min., PG-13)

Oh, bitter irony! Christopher Guest, the great satirist of crap artists (he wrote or co-wrote This Is Spinal Tap, Waiting for Guffman, and The Big Picture)) has joined their ranks. And he can't even blame it ...

Alone in the Dark (2005, 96 min., R)

There's a certain majesty to German director Boll's style of filmmaking: a freedom from art, talent, skill of any formal kind, and the sheer pigheadedness to keep going at any cost.

Along Came a Spider (2001, 104 min., R)

Much like its predecessor, 1997's Kiss the Girls, Along Came a Spider is an efficient, if overly mechanized, delivery system of thrills 'n' chills, classed up by some narrative sleight of hand and the rock-solid performance ...

Along Came Polly (2004, 90 min., PG-13)

Ben Stiller and Jennifer Aniston date and become more than just friends.

Alpha and Omega (2010, 88 min., PG)

This 3-D animated film is about two wolves trying to find their way back to their pack.

Alpha Dog (2007, 115 min., R)

It’s a soggy true-crime drama – too serious to be trashy, too trashy to be serious.

Alvin and the Chipmunks (2007, 92 min., PG)

What's it all about, Alvin? This by-the-numbers attempt at a chipmunk revival is not bright-eyed and bushy-tailed.

Alvin and the Chipmunks: Chipwrecked (2011, 87 min., G)

We're wondering if anyone will call the ASPCA if we leave these animated rodents chipwrecked far from civilization.

Alvin and the Chipmunks: The Squeakquel (2009, 88 min., PG)

Alvin, Simon, and Theodore have good reason to squeak: Girl chipmunks enter the picture.

Amandla! A Revolution in Four-Part Harmony (2002, 103 min., NR)

(This Chronicle review is reprinted from an earlier screening of the film at the Austin Film Festival 2002.) The history of apartheid in South Africa is an ugly story, but one that needs to be told. ...

Amateur (1994, 105 min., R)

A Hal Hartley film is an acquired taste. A viewer can slip in and out of appreciation for Hartley's work, but it takes a true Hartley-ite to champion all of his films without pause. With Amateur, ...

Amazing Grace (2007, 111 min., PG)

Unfortunately, what makes British abolitionist William Wilberforce a great man is also what makes him dull: his single-minded righteousness.

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