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Sweet Home Alabama (2002, 102 min., PG-13)

Sweet Home Alabama hooks itself on the idea of geographical ambivalence -- ironic then, that the film was mostly shot in stand-in (Sweet Home) Georgia. But not inappropriate, because that confusion -- over where exactly home ...

Sweet November (2001, 114 min., PG-13)

Get out your handkerchiefs. No, scratch that -- get out a pair of windshield wipers and staple them to your brow. Perhaps they'll obscure the screen. Writing this, as I do, on the eve of the ...

The Sweetest Thing (2002, 84 min., R)

The Sweetest Thing boasts a new development in the continuing struggle for gender equity in film: Its female characters are just as vulgar, boorish, and one-track-minded as men. How's that for progress? Golden girl Diaz stars ...

Sweetgrass (2010, 2010 min., NR)

This documentary about sheep herding in Montana captures a way of life that has become extinct.

Sweethearts of the Prison Rodeo (2010, 90 min., NR)

An engaging doc about the Oklahoma State Prison Rodeo.

Swept From the Sea (1998, 115 min., PG-13)

Conventional wisdom wouldn't seem to bless the idea of a romantic melodrama adapted from Joseph Conrad by the director of To Wong Foo, Thanks for Everything, Julie Newmar. And yet, among Conrad's generally cool and reflective ...

Swimfan (2002, 85 min., PG-13)

More likely to produce titters than anything approximating a shiver, this Fatal Attraction retread for the high school set promises thrills galore but delivers only limp non-frights and predictable yawns, despite the fact that pouty Traffic ...

Swimming (2000, 98 min., NR)

Swimming opens and closes with one summer spent at Myrtle Beach, a summer bookended by what comes before and after in the life of Frankie Wheeler (Ambrose). Before this summer in Myrtle Beach, there were just ...

Swimming Pool (2003, 102 min., R)

Ozon’s film is like Eric Rohmer meets Brian DePalma – questions of identity and perception come to the fore, but slowly.

The Swindle (1997, 105 min., NR)

Even if -- especially if -- your movie tastes run to the aggressively stylish textures and Benzedrine-cranking narratives of young filmmakers such as Doug Liman, Guy Ritchie, and Danny Boyle, I call to your attention this ...

Swing Kids (1993)

Naïve yet eternally attractive is the idea that a generation can change the world through its music. New waves in music generally bring with them new attitudes, new swaggers and new conceits. The music is the ...

Swing Vote (2008, 120 min., PG-13)

Kevin Costner’s new comedy may be timely, but that doesn’t make it funny or worthwhile.

Swingers (1996, 108 min., R)

“You’re so money and you don’t even know it.”

Swiss Army Man (2016, 95 min., R)

This infamous "farting corpse" movie is all gassed up with nowhere to go

Switch (1991)

The gender-bender dud Switch doesn't just put a man in a dress -- it puts him in a woman's body as well. Unfortunately, it's an ill-fitting conceit. Played strictly as a farce, it might have worked: ...

The Switch (2010, 101 min., PG-13)

Jennifer Aniston does the turkey-baster thing with a donor's sperm, but seven years later the joke is on her.

Switchback (1997, 120 min., R)

Funny what a difference 17 years can make. In 1980, novice screenwriter Jeb Stuart drafted a script about a serial killer, entitled Going West in America, that got Hollywood all hot and bothered. Although unproduced at ...

Switchblade Sisters (1975, 90 min., R)

This nifty little movie is full of all the lurid teases, off-the-cuff production values, and trenchant topicality that make exploitation movies the fascinating cultural time capsules they are.

Swoon (1992, 92 min., NR)

This classic of the New Queer Cinema is intrigues with its dreamy romanticism and eroticization of the infamous child murder committed by Leopold and Loeb in 1923.

Swordfish (2001, 97 min., R)

It's difficult to synopsize Swordfish, to whittle it down to a digestible nugget. The film (directed by Gone in 60 Seconds' Dominic Sena) is a mish-mash of cops and robbers, broken-family sob stories, and cyber antics ...

Swordsman II (1992)

I have yet to see Tsui Hark's original Swordsman film, but judging from this sequel, I may not want to. Produced by Hong Kong film maven Hark and directed by Stanley Tong, Swordsman II falls into ...

Sydney White (2007, 90 min., PG-13)

Teen popularity traumas are translated here into a loosely updated version of Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs.

Sylvia (2003, 110 min., R)

Sylvia Plath biopic is sad dirge.

Sympathy for Mr. Vengeance (2002, 129 min., R)

South Korean horror cultist Park Chan-wook's 2002 film is the opening freshet in his bloody cinematic triptych; it’s also a finely wrought and emotionally complex film of surpassing, stylized beauty.

Syndromes and a Century (2007, 105 min., NR)

Thai filmmaker Apichatpong Weerasethakul creates a baffling yet intriguing film of meandering abstractions. (AFS@Dobie)

Synecdoche, New York (2008, 124 min., R)

Screenwriter Charlie Kaufman’s first venture as a director is audacious, ambitious, and amazing; it’s also intricate, self-referencing, and all-encompassing: in a word, a masterpiece.

Synthetic Pleasures (1996, 83 min., NR)

Artificial intelligence. Virtual reality. Smart drinks. Molecular nanotechnology. Cybersex. Welcome to Synthetic Pleasures, the movie that wants to be our tour guide to the future. This intriguing documentary begins with the premise that our ever-growing ability ...

The Syrian Bride (2005, 97 min., NR)

This story about an arranged marriage taking place in a remote outpost of the Israeli-occupied Golan Heights will be familiar to anyone ever caught in an avalanche of red tape.

Syriana (2005, 128 min., R)

One of the most uncompromising movies of the year, Syriana is like a living tableaux composed from all the stories that lurk just behind the news, the stories that put human faces on the demand for oil.

Tabloid (2011, 87 min., NR)

Errol Morris finds a real character for his documentary subject this time – scandal magnet Joyce McKinney, who allegedly abducted and raped a Mormon missionary.

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