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Little Kabul on Howard Ln.

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Cuisine: Pan-Asian
You'll find traditional dishes seldom seen elsewhere, as well as Asian fusion creations with Thai and Chinese influences. Delicious and inexpensive.
2400 E. Oltorf Ste. 1-A + 512/448-4722
Offerings include some of the more popular Pacific Rim dishes, plus an array of continental meat, poultry, seafood, and vegetarian items.
2712 Bee Cave Rd. + 512/328-8888
8650 Spicewood Springs #109 + 512/258-7587
This location does a good job of reinforcing the established ESK brand, from the friendly counter service with wine and beer on tap, to the gonzo artwork by punk rock painter Peelander Yel­low. The menu boasts ESK "classics," the dishes that made the original trailer famous: Poor Qui's pork belly buns, beet home fries, chicken karaage, and brussels sprouts salad. Read our review.
2310 S. Lamar, Suite #101 + 512/383-8382
This brick-and-mortar boasts a menu of ramen, pork buns, and those heavenly beet fries.
2538 Guadalupe +
2310 S. Lamar #101 + 512/383-8382
A complete Filipino grocery with a thriving turo-turo steam table scene as well. Shoppers tend to get prepared food to go with their cooking supplies, and many call ahead for family-sized portions.
2309 W. Parmer + 512/973-8745
Is ground zero for dim sum and the small-plate craze. You'll find a great wine list, but it's the rainbow of cocktails that is truly inspired. The generously portioned entrées include Korean rib eye, lo mein, and the Imperia Dragon Rib. Read our review.
310 Colorado + 512/472-6770
The lunch buffet is almost entirely Chinese, while the evening menu is mostly Indonesian with a few Chinese items remaining for the regulars. The Sunday buffet menu changes weekly.
1717 Pleasant Valley #280 + 512/385-8858
Here you'll find Indonesian fare and a menu for the adventurous. The lunch buffet and Sunday brunch are among the best bargains in town.
2400 E. Oltorf #14 + 512/443-5282
Austin's first Filipino spot, with some of the best bubble teas, specialty drinks, and halo-halo to be had. Food is mainly limited to appetizers, and there is a nice selection of foodstuffs and imports.
2400 E. Oltorf Ste. 12-A + 512/443-2062
Your Pan-Asian fortune is looking up here. Carefully prepared dishes and great service have made this place a success.
2900 N. Quinlan Park Road, Ste. A-150 + 512/732-7278
This is more of a turo-turo steam table cafe and bakery than a grocery store, but they have a loyal following, especially for the luscious baked goods. Eat in or take out.
707 E. Braker #105 + 512/833-9420