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Many Happy Returns

New name, same quality at the Preserve

Dancing Circles

Dai Due's sure footing

Blue Streak

New Azul Tequila duplicates success

Bless Their Heart

Olamaie's Southern is everything but down-home


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Cuisine: Tex-Mex
Try this Lubbock-based chain for both traditional Tex-Mex and adventurous Interior Mexican offerings.
2901 S Capital of Texas Hwy + 512/306-0857
This spacious, no-frills Austin institution serves classic Tex-Mex breakfasts, lunches, and dinners daily. Look for the fresh homemade tortillas, crispy tacos, and slow-roasted beef ribs.
5804 N I-35 + 512/458-2531
This bustling restaurant serves up Tex-Mex breakfasts and huge $7 lunch specials. The incredible homemade El Paso-style corn tortillas are one of Angie's many claims to fame.
1307 E. Seventh + 512/476-5413
Staples such as fajitas, burritos, enchiladas, and carne guisada are adequate, and the margaritas flow freely.
12602 Research + 512/336-8969
1692 N. I-35, Round Rock + 512/238-8969
Beyond the necessary hot cup o' joe, Austin Java offers an array of sustenance plus luscious desserts to get you back on the move on a cold day.
301 W. Second #100 + 512/481-9400
The menu is divided between traditional Tex-Mex dishes and interior Mexican specialties served in generous portions with colorful plate presentations. Read our review.
3815 Dry Creek + 512/334-9973
Offers both Tex-Mex dishes and Interior specialties such as albondigas en chipotle and enchiladas de pipian. Go with a crowd, listen to the music, and have some fun.
4211 S. Lamar + 512/416-9667
5610 N. I-35 + 512/302-1366
Try this place for great enchiladas and popular flavored margaritas that should come with warning stickers: "Muy bueno!"
13609 N. I-35 + 512/670-9111
Try this place for great enchiladas and multiflavored margaritas that should come with warning stickers: "Muy bueno!"
9505-B Stonelake + 512/795-9000
1705-A S. Lakeshore Blvd. + 512/447-1339
Affiliated with the St. David's Healthy Dining Program, 80% of this Tex-Mex/Mediterranean fusion chalupa menu is gluten fee, and the rest can be made vegan.
3639 N. 620 + 512/662-2801
Pick up freshly prepared burritos, tacos, quesadillas, and tortas, as well as reasonably priced plate specials.
2025 Guadalupe (Dobie Mall, second floor) + 512/480-8680
Open at 6:30am for early birds looking for a breakfast taco or a muffin, and a special cup of joe. Later in the day, expect plate lunch specials, such as steak or pork chops.
1500 San Jacinto + 512/236-8226
All of your favorites are prepared fresh every day. Stick to the enchiladas and tacos.
3010-D W. Anderson + 512/459-4242
101 San Jacinto + 512/479-1200
12432 FM 2244, Bee Cave + 512/402-0007
Breakfast tacos and fresh flour tortillas are coming out the kitchen all day, and the daily lunch specials are terrific.
1000 S. Lamar + 512/851-8684