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A Farewell to Charms

Pleasant Storage Room only does one kind of jerk right

Move Any Mountain

Balkan Cafe rises to the top

So Far, So Good

Kyōten charms with simple pleasures

Eyes on the Prize

Thai-Kun is another Qui winner


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Cuisine: Japanese
Genuine value for your dollar is what sets this place apart. That, and superfresh ingredients in handsome portions prepared with skill. Read our review.
6519 N. Lamar + 512/614-4974
6301 W. Parmer, #505 + 512/297-2758
This place offers tasty, palatable, and inexpensive Japanese food just across the street from Central Market.
3914 N. Lamar + 512/323-2151
206 Colorado +
The cuisine at Benihana has been influenced by its surroundings, resulting in the Texas Roll – smoked salmon, avocado, cucumber, cream cheese, and jalapeño.
9070 Research + 512/451-7505
304 E. Second + 512/469-0000
The sister restaurant to Kome Sushi Kitchen on Airport, this tiny shop serves up delicious broth, made daily, and ramen options to crave. The service is great, and the prices are reasonable, so add another stop to your well-foraged downtown lunch and dinner routine. Read our review.
612-B E. Sixth + 512/369-3897
On Mondays, this sushi joint adds karaoke for those 21 and older, which gives you some idea of the party put on nightly by chef DK Lee. The menu features both Korean and Japanese favorites.
6400-C S. First + 512/326-5807
Austin has so many sushi choices, it sometimes feels like we're living in southwest Japan. Even with all that competition, Dragon Gate's sushi deserves a try for its meticulous attention to the details, especially in the nigiri and gunkan maki sushi categories.
5608 Balcones + 512/459-3341
6519 N. Lamar + 512/614-4974
Serves up Japanese surf and turf with myriad options for sushi and teppanyaki, popular tableside hibachi-grilled meats.
4815 W. Braker #580 + 512/795-8333
11150 Research Blvd. #201 + 512/345-9781
Find Korean fare as well as the traditional Japanese items and, of course, sushi, with a focus on taste as well as presentation. You can place delivery or pickup orders by text.
7310 Burnet Rd. + 512/458-3700
2712 Bee Caves Rd. #124 + 512/347-7077
Offers sushi with creative appetizers and entrées in a seductively hip space with an extensive selection of drinks, sake, and wine. Read our review.
10000 Research Ste. 138-A + 512/241-0119
Well-executed Japanese home cooking. The lunch deals are delicious and a great deal. Read our review.
4917 Airport + 512/712-5700
1211 E. Sixth + 512/888-7559
This old-school teppanyaki restaurant is can be found in an impressive, vibrant setting near campus. Try beef tataki and tempura don; thanks to the reasonable pricing, you'll be back for the rest.
1712 Lavaca + 512/520-8630
1303 S. Congress + 512/444-8081
Provides Japanese and fusion cuisine in a modern and swanky yet relaxed setting. Find standard sushi offerings, including edomae – Tokyo-style sushi – and some signature rolls.
311 W. Sixth + 512/236-9888