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Little Kabul on Howard Ln.

Chapli Kababs n Curries brings delicious Afghan cuisine to Austin

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A Southwestern Concept Goes South

chavez is a better-than-average hotel restaurant, but is that enough to attract locals?


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Cuisine: Chinese
Newly expanded, Asia Cafe brings it with the best and most authentic Chinese food in town. Unadulterated Sichuan cuisine is well worth the drive from anywhere. Read our review.
8650 Spicewood Springs Rd. #115 + 512/331-5788
Let's put it this way: Red chili won ton bathed in peanut sauce; grilled lamb skewers; green onion crepes; 14 options for wok-fried noodles. Hot pots to share are $6 each, try the tomato variety first. Read our review.
2700 Anderson, #212 + 512/336-8888
9900 South IH35 + 512/292-0303
3901-B Spicewood Springs + 512/345-1938
Offers all of your family's favorites at affordable prices without MSG. Flavors are based on rich stocks, and sauces contain a minimum of oil. The deep-fried items are crispy, and what lies under the thin batter are fresh ingredients. Read our review.
2110 W. Slaughter Ln. #101 + 512/280-3777
Definitely try the General Tso's chicken, a standout with a sinus-clearing spice rating. The hot-and-sour soup also leaves a pleasant, peppery afterburn.
111 W. William Cannon #312 + 512/443-2922
If you don't want to shell out more than six or seven bucks for a decent, filling Chinese dinner, this is a good bet. Try the sesame chicken.
1913 E. Riverside + 512/448-3633
9505 Burnet + 512/834-0788
This quiet neighborhood restaurant has been around for quite some time and provides good, fresh, standard Chinese fare at reasonable prices.
107 RR 620 S. #107 + 512/266-9328
The Palace was huge back in the Seventies and Eighties, with long lines and great Chinese cuisine. It's back with a vengeance and loaded with authentic flavor. Get it delivered if you don't want to leave the house.
6605 Airport + 512/451-7104
Longtime lunchtime favorite.
3005 S. Lamar + 512/445-6466
Some say it's got the best dim sum in town, with a full bar, wine, and sake. The choices include mostly Hong Kong and Cantonese classics. Read our review.
3407 Greystone + 512/343-9307
10901 N. Lamar + 512/343-3688
107 W. Fifth + 512/637-8888
3300 Bee Caves Rd. #200 + 512/327-6588
Has a menu long on fresh seafood and meat, all authentically prepared and priced right – try roast or Beijing duck, Chinese barbecue pork, whole roast pigs, hot pots, and more. Get it to go, or eat there.
8557 Research #116 + 512/832-8788
Don't let the nondescript exterior fool you; this is where all of your favorite Vietnamese dishes have been hiding.
4211 S. Lamar Ste. E-1 + 512/444-1593
Austin has so many sushi choices, it sometimes feels like we're living in southwest Japan. Even with all that competition, Dragon Gate's sushi deserves a try for its meticulous attention to the details, especially in the nigiri and gunkan maki sushi categories.
5608 Balcones + 512/459-3341
Asian-themed stir-fried rice bowls feature your choice of veggies, beef, chicken, pork, shrimp, tofu, or salmon.
5601 Brodie + 512/899-8998