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Many Happy Returns

New name, same quality at the Preserve

Dancing Circles

Dai Due's sure footing

Blue Streak

New Azul Tequila duplicates success

Bless Their Heart

Olamaie's Southern is everything but down-home


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Area: West
1012 W. Sixth + 512/480-0673
You'll find hot food as well as hot coffee, and live music on weekends.
1206 Parkway + 512/476-1829
Picked by our readers as 2012’s Best Kept Secret, Austin Terrier serves pizza and sandwiches alongside a good beer selection. Order the Trio of Fries – it's an orgy of flavors. Read our review.
3435 Greystone + 512/369-3751
3637 Far West + 512/795-8888
The menu is divided between traditional Tex-Mex dishes and interior Mexican specialties served in generous portions with colorful plate presentations. Read our review.
3815 Dry Creek + 512/334-9973
Austin's premier raw food spot, Beets serves gluten-free all year long. Read our review.
1611 W. Fifth #165 + 512/477-2338
The chicken still rocks the yard, but with those ribs as an opener, you can't lose.
3563 Far West Blvd. #109 + 512/345-2378
1221 W. Sixth + 512/828-7404
3418 N. Lamar +
With new ownership and a new, modern American menu, this place marches on with new items such as masa-crusted cauliflower, balsamic-glazed goat ribs, and grilled octopus. Read our review.
1200 W. Sixth + 512/322-9226
This cafe's menu of salads and sandwiches is provided by Eddie Bernal’s 34th Street Catering operation. Read our review.
3809 W. 35th + 512/458-8191
At this coffeehouse, it's all about perfectly prepared coffee. Period.
1101 West Lynn + 512/524-5049
1104 West 34th St. + 512/458-8423
You don't need to be a member of Castle Hill Specialized Fitness to enjoy these premade, fresh-daily meals that can be heated and eaten there or taken home.
1112 N. Lamar Ste. D + 512/472-1674
With items named "the Kitchen Sink," "the Backporch," and "the Purple Bubba" on its menu, the Hub has certainly staked out its demographic. We're pretty sure those are all edible.
3815 Dry Creek Dr. + 512/432-5390
Regulars and novices alike have been flocking to this bistro for 10 years running thanks to its 20 wicked dessert options. Fourteen gluten-free menu items mean everyone can go out for dinner. Read our review.
5406 Balcones + 512/454-2666
Some say it's got the best dim sum in town, with a full bar, wine, and sake. The choices include mostly Hong Kong and Cantonese classics. Read our review.
3407 Greystone + 512/343-9307
When Chef Mattia Lambertini took the helm, the emphasis shifted to a seasonal menu comprised of locally sourced ingredients. Mediterranean-inspired dishes abound, such as frittatas at lunchtime, as well as panzanella and signature pizzas all the time. For dinner, try the tagliatelle or wood-fired quail. Read our review.
1213 West Lynn + 512/477-5211
Blessed by Neptune is this thoughtfully curated seafood menu. We tried the decadently rich Lobster & Farm Egg en Cocotte – basically a classic French oeufs en cocotte with a large lobster claw and a piece of the tail meat. The accompanying grilled carrot and asparagus salad was good enough to make a tasty entrée itself. Read our review.
1200 W. Sixth + 512/297-2525