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Easter with Willie Nelson
The circle remains unbroken in Luck, Texas
DAILY Music  April 3, 2013, by Jim Caligiuri
"...Thanks to an invite by local PR maven Cash Edwards and her husband, KGSR deejay Roger Allen, I was fortunate enough to visit Luck this past Sunday. It’s not exactly a secret, but not really well known ether that the set for Willie Nelson’s 1986 movie Red Headed Stranger – called Luck, Texas – still stands out by the lake near Driftwood...."

SXSW Music Live: Willie Nelson and Avett Brothers Fête Ray Benson
GSD&M b-day bash for Asleep at the Wheel leader runs three hours
DAILY Music  March 15, 2017, by Kevin Curtin
"...After the peak moment of Ray Benson’s 66th birthday party at GSD&M on Tuesday night, in which outlaw Buddha Willie Nelson and Asleep at the Wheel’s frontman shared verses on “Pancho and Lefty” with the Avett Brothers accompanying, Nelson reflected the emotion of everyone in attendance when he locked eyes with the birthday boy and grinned ear-to-ear...."

Willie Nelson at 80: Screen-Testing for Gandalf
Willie's off to be the wizard
DAILY Screens  April 30, 2013, by Marjorie Baumgarten
"..."The smoke is white … we have a new wizard!" proclaims one of the ad-libs in this Willie Nelson screen test. Peter Jackson has it within his power to grant America's favorite octogenarian his fondest birthday wish: Cast aside that talentless hack Ian McKellen and install Nelson as the wizard Gandalf in The Hobbit 2...."

SXSW Day Fest: Willie Nelson's Luck Reunion
Shelter from the storm in Luck, Texas
DAILY SXSW  March 19, 2016, by Doug Freeman
"...When the official word came to shut down all performances and for the crowd to take immediate shelter, everything moved incredibly quickly in Willie Nelson’s fake movie-set town of Luck. The imminent storm, however, did not...."

'Willie Nelson: An Epic Life' Book Review
567 pages might not be enough to cover Willie Nelson's Epic Life
Music Story  April 25, 2008, by Doug Freeman
"...Willie Nelson: An Epic Lifeby Joe Nick Patoski Little, Brown and Co., 567 pp., $27.99..."

ACL Review: Willie Nelson
Abbott’s 83-years-young son sanctifies all
DAILY Music  October 10, 2016, by Tim Stegall
"...Not that this derailed the Red Headed Stranger’s grace and professionalism. Over 40 years of nonstop touring has made Willie Nelson & Family an indestructible machine, crap public address systems be damned..."

Now Appearing on Local Stages: Willie Nelson and Austin Biofuels
The Red-headed Stranger tries to cut down on smoke in the air. The bad kind, that is.
News Story  January 28, 2005, by Daniel Mottola
"...Austin music icon Willie Nelson has entered the alternative-fuels arena, with the introduction last week of his new partnership, Willie Nelson Biodiesel (aka "BioWillie"), which plans to market the soy-based fuel at truck stops and convenience stores statewide and beyond. Country music's grandaddy of progressivism, a longtime champion of American agriculture, said he hopes his efforts will "put five million farmers back on the land growing fuel and keep us from having to start wars for oil." But the interest in alternative fuels is more than just a political statement or a pop culture fashion trend; substantive designs for community-based, sustainable fuel solutions are now in the Austin air, thanks in part to Nelson's local supplier, Austin Biofuels...."

Willie Nelson: Still Is Still Moving
"This ain't no picnic," warn the promoters of Willie Nelson's 10K race, mosey, and concert this Sunday. Sure nuff, because at picnics there ain't no movies neither. World premieres, no...
Film Review  August 20, 2002, by Marjorie Baumgarten
"...Directed by: Steven Cantor. "This ain't no picnic," warn the promoters of Willie Nelson's 10K race, mosey, and concert this Sunday..."

Willie Nelson Impersonator
Postmarks  February 1, 2005
"...Dear Editor, Although it's been four years since this article has been written ["Almost Willie," Music, Feb. 9, 2001], I thought you'd be interested in hearing about another Willie Nelson impersonator..."

Happy Birthday Willie Nelson!
DAILY Chrontourage  April 30, 2008, by Logan Youree
"...Today is Willie Nelson's birthday! (mine too but that is beside the point) To celebrate we are attending two different events this evening that have nothing to do with Willie Nelson...."

Why Run Willie Nelson Photo?
Postmarks  July 31, 2006
"...Dear Editor, I just read the article by Dan Mottola announcing Austin's transition into the "biodiesel big league" [“Austin Reaches Biodiesel Big Leagues,” News, July 28]. Despite the headlining photo of Willie Nelson, which seems to appear atop every biodiesel-related story in your paper, I was unable to find any mention of the man in the actual article..."

Willie Nelson Concert Benefits Medical Marijuana
Postmarks  August 1, 2007
"...Dear sirs, One of the men who have been heroes of mine for many years – and who I have the greatest respect for – is giving a benefit concert to help medical marijuana patients. His name is Willie Nelson..."

Almost Willie
On the Road Again with the King of the RV Parks.
Music Story  February 9, 2001, by Melissa Sattley
"...Almost Willie, a wiry man blessed with the long locks and grizzled good looks of none other than Willie Nelson, smiles as he hits the first note. Decidedly not Willie Nelson..."

Playback: Willie's Picnic Comes Home
Willie Nelson Fourth of July Picnic lands back in Austin
Music Column  July 2, 2015, by Kevin Curtin
"...On Saturday, Willie Nelson's Fourth of July Picnic returns to Austin for the first time in five years with the strongest lineup in double that time. Like its 82-year-old host, the enduring Independence Day concert may have its wildest years behind it, but it's managed to remain relevant beyond any reasonable expectations...."

Willie Nelson’s 69 Minutes
First of three sold-out nights proves the still is still moving
DAILY Music  December 30, 2016, by Raoul Hernandez
"...Computer screen savers at a stageside tech outpost read “70 minutes.” Willie Nelson left exactly one minute on the table when he finished at the Moody Theater near 11pm on Thursday. That’s all it took for the greatest living country pioneer to consummate his May-December romance with Austin utilizing the intimacy of a solo songwriter set at the Cactus Cafe...."

Willie Nelson’s Autobiography at Gruene Hall
Thirty tunes in 90 minutes details a epic Lone Star life
DAILY Music  November 18, 2013, by Raoul Hernandez
"...Sunday night, under a full moon in New Braunfels at “Texas’ Oldest Dance Hall,” Gruene Hall, Willie Nelson & Family ran through the litany of misadventures in “Me and Paul.” Backbone beat and song subject Paul English behind him, Austin’s oldest country outlaw proved he never has to pen another book. His songs are all the autobiography needed...."

Nelson Bassist Bee Spears Dies
Willie Nelson's bassist Bee Spears plays his final note
DAILY Music  December 12, 2011, by Margaret Moser
"...“We are deeply saddened by the death of Family member Dan "Bee" Spears, long time friend and bassist for Willie Nelson and Family,” Nelson’s website posted. Spears, who died on Friday, Dec..."

Willie Bob Cougar
Three legends at the Dell Diamond
DAILY Music  August 5, 2009, by Jim Caligiuri
"...If there was ever a lineup made for Geezerville, this was it. Songwriting icons from three generations – Bob Dylan, Willie Nelson, and John Mellencamp – each with an indelible imprint on American music, came to Round Rock last evening and delivered a sturdy version of where they stand today...."

The Merle, Marty & Willie Party
A different kind of bro-country
DAILY Music  November 12, 2014, by Jim Caligiuri
"...Last night’s show at the Moody Theater starred a different brotherhood and brand of country music that’s both traditional and feisty. An appearance by Willie Nelson made it even more special...."

Willie's Reserve
Lukas Nelson parlays his DNA into Something Real
Music Story  June 25, 2015, by Tim Stegall
"..."I started writing cheating songs when I was too young to have any idea what I was writing about – broken hearts and things like that. I just think it was something I already knew, something I had experienced in another lifetime." – Willie Nelson..."

Naked Willie
Less is more
DAILY Music  March 11, 2009, by Jim Caligiuri
"...Thank the Beatles for the latest from the Willie Nelson camp. Naked Willie arrives in stores next week, and Mickey Raphael, “unproducer” and longtime harmonica player with Nelson, maintains that hearing Let It Be … Naked sparked the idea in him...."

SXSW Live Shot: Willie Nelson’s Heartbreaker Banquet
Willie’s Picnic 2.0
DAILY Music  March 20, 2015, by Doug Freeman
"...Now in its fourth year, the Heartbreaker Banquet on Willie Nelson’s ranch 30 miles west of Austin has evolved into a premier destination event during SXSW. The highly curated experience packs rising roots artists into the makeshift movie-prop town with Willie serving as both headliner and inspirational force...."

Willie & the Wheel
Four questions with Ray Benson
DAILY Music  February 5, 2009, by Austin Powell
"...As detailed this week in Off the Record, the new Western swing collaboration between Willie Nelson and Asleep at the Wheel, fittingly titled Willie & the Wheel, has been more than 30 years in the making. In preparation for the album’s release this week, and the Wheel’s appearance at Antone's on Saturday (with “a very special guest” in tow), OTR spoke briefly with Ray Benson...."

Willie Nelson’s Fourth of July Picnic
PHOTO GALLERY  July 6, 2015
"...Kathy Guthrie (left), daughter of Arlo Guthrie, and Folk Uke’s Amy Nelson, daughter of Willie Nelson..."

Willie Nelson’s Fourth of July Picnic 2016
PHOTO GALLERY  July 5, 2016
"...Kris Kristofferson at the 43rd Annual Willie Nelson Fourth of July Picnic at the Circuit of the Americas, 7.4.16..."

Where There’s a Willie
Billy Bob documents Willie Nelson in The King of Luck
DAILY SXSW  March 2, 2011, by Kimberley Jones
"...Billy Bob Thornton’s documentary, The King of Luck, about Willie Nelson has been selected as the Closing Night Film, unspooling at the Paramount on Saturday, March 19...."

Willie or Won't He?
Willie Lewis Draws Two Opponents in Place 6
News Story  April 14, 2000, by Amy Smith
"...Squirming because of the sensitive racial issues that poke up like crocuses every other spring during the contest for Place 6, known in gentleman's parlance as the African-American seat. "Nobody likes to talk about race," says Nelson Linder, one of three candidates running for the seat..."

Bobbie Nelson Reviewed
Music Story  January 18, 2008, by Margaret Moser
"...Bobbie NelsonAudiobiography (Justice)..."

Landmark Willie
Music Story  April 25, 2008, by Joe Nick Patoski
"...Jones and Willie H. Nelson met on a beach in Malibu in 1978 and discovered their shared appreciation for hits from the Great American Songbook that they both grew up with in Texas and Tennessee..."

Insulting Willie ... and the Rest of Us
Postmarks  December 2, 2004
"...It pissed me off big-time! Not only did that moron insult Mr. Nelson..."

On the Bus Again
On the eve of turning 80, Willie Nelson's still calling the tune
Music Story  April 12, 2013, by Tim Stegall
"...The event comes titled as "Ben Willie Darrell Present the 4th & Goal Gala." Austin golf great Ben Crenshaw and late football legend Darrell Royal sandwich that marquee's middle-name headliner, who's likely much of the reason $1 million will be raised here this evening. Everyone knows Willie Nelson and Coach Royal were close friends...."

Twisted Williemania
On the Bus Again with Willie Nelson
Music Story  February 9, 1996, by Tim Stegall
"...She never said that 12 years of professional rock journalism wouldn't be enough preparation for this spectacle: sitting in the driver's seat of the sort of deluxe tour bus strictly reserved for Nashville's royalty, waiting to do an interview, watching a near-Beatlemania crush of humanity outside on Sixth Street. Watching an audience waiting for at least a glimpse of the bus' cargo, 63-year-old Willie Hugh Nelson, son of Ira and Myrtle, native son of Abbott, Texas...."

Sister Bobbie
'Sister Bobbie' puts the 'Family' in Willie Nelson and Family
Music Story  January 18, 2008, by Doug Freeman
"...A curtain of white Christmas lights foregrounds the stage at Antone's, cascading against the black sheen of the grand piano set on the floor. Bobbie Nelson seats herself at the keyboard with tender elegance, a quiet "thank you" almost imperceptible without a vocal mic..."

Together Again
Reuniting the team behind Teatro, Willie Nelson and Daniel Lanois
Music Story  March 14, 2003, by Andy Langer
"...In music journalism, setup is 90% of the battle. That said, getting outlaw/icon Willie Nelson and producer/musician Daniel Lanois on the phone together across three different time zones couldn't have been easier...."

Ed Ward's first-hand account of Willie Nelson's Complete Atlantic Sessions.
Music Story  December 29, 2006, by Ed Ward
"...In June, Rhino Records issued a 3-CD box set called Willie Nelson, The Complete Atlantic Sessions. As always with such collections, there were extended versions of the issued albums..."

New & Noteworthy
Willie Nelson's Country Peach Cobbler Ice Cream
Food Column  July 20, 2007, by Virginia B. Wood
"...The company also pioneered the environmentally conscious, sustainable business model in Vermont. Based on those factors, it should come as no surprise that Ben and Jerry would see our own beloved Willie Nelson as a kindred spirit..."

Cosmic Cowboy Souvenir
'Austin, 1972,' an excerpt from Joe Nick Patoski's new tome, Willie Nelson: An Epic Life
Music Story  April 25, 2008, by Joe Nick Patoski
"...Shortly after meeting Walker, Willie Nelson experienced that unpredictability firsthand at a guitar pulling late one night in Bastrop, east of Austin. A very loaded Jerry Jeff kept trying to grab Willie's guitar Trigger and play it, which irritated Willie to no end, finally prompting him to grab it from Jerry Jeff and pound him with his fists until Jerry Jeff was crumpled on the floor..."

It's a Long Story: My Life
Austin outlaw updates his 1988 autobiography
Music Story  May 28, 2015, by Tim Stegall
"...It's A Long Story: My Lifeby Willie Nelson, with David Ritz Little, Brown and Company, 400 pp., $30..."

Angels Sing
This sugarcoated Christmas tale is an Austin-born and -bred affair.
Film Review  November 1, 2013, by Amy Smith
"...Directed by: Tim McCanlies. Starring: Harry Connick Jr., Connie Britton, Chandler Canterbury, Lyle Lovett, Fionnula Flanagan, Kris Kristofferson and Willie Nelson...."

Reefer Roundup 12/2/10
News from the frontline of the War on Drugs
DAILY News  December 2, 2010, by Jordan Smith
"...Stop the presses: Willie Nelson was busted last week for pot possession as he returned to Texas from California...."

One in a Crowd: King of the Roadies
Help crowdfund a film and support a backstage legend
DAILY Screens  June 1, 2015, by Richard Whittaker
"...Patsy Kline. Willie Nelson..."

Our Idiot Brother
Paul Rudd plays a well-meaning pothead who couch-surfs among his family, leaving nothing but chaos and good vibes in his wake.
Film Review  September 2, 2011, by Marjorie Baumgarten
"...He plays Ned, a sweet and well-meaning soul who sells some pot to a uniformed officer who asks him nicely. Following Ned’s release from jail, his girlfriend (Hahm) kicks him out and refuses to give him back his dog (named Willie Nelson)..."

Cameos from Steven Wright, Willie Nelson, Tommy Chong, and Janeane Garofalo help stoke this addled comic premise about selling pot to raise a buddy's bail.
Film Review  January 23, 1998, by Russell Smith
"...I did laugh out loud at a brief set-piece in which Chappelle professorially categorizes classical marijuana-smoker types. These species, amusingly portrayed in cameos by Snoop Doggy Dogg, Willie Nelson, Janeane Garofalo, and others, include I Need It to Be Creative, the Scavenger Smoker, the Pot Historian, and the Enhancement Smoker (“Hey man, you ever look close at the back of a $20 bill - on weed?”)..."

The Ballad of the Sad Cafe
First time director Callow, creates a very theatrical film from this novella by Carson McCullers and play by Edward Albee, and to a large extent his use of dramatic lighting...
Film Review  June 7, 1991, by Kathleen Maher
"...First time director Callow, creates a very theatrical film from this novella by Carson McCullers and play by Edward Albee, and to a large extent his use of dramatic lighting and vignettes is effective. However, the western set on Willie Nelson's ranch does not pass for the rural south, nor does the caliche and mesquite scrub of the Texas Hill country in any way resemble the dark woods of the south..."

**Updated**: 'Wettest County' Scribe Comes to Town
Willie Nelson joins Matt Bondurant at film sneak on new date
DAILY Books  August 16, 2012, by Kimberley Jones
"...Matt Bondurant turned his family’s real-life bootlegger history into the hyperviolent 2008 novel The Wettest County in the World, which has itself been turned into the new film Lawless, starring Tom Hardy and Shia LaBeouf. Bondurant and Willie Nelson will be at a special rescheduled sneak on Aug..."

News Ticker: May 14
All the news that's fit to blog
DAILY News  May 14, 2013, by Brandon Watson
"...Karl Rove tries to get smart, Steve Stockman deals with the facts of life, and Willie Nelson helps some perfect strangers. Face time is on the News Ticker...."

Wednesday Rewind: 420 Edition
Snoop gets twisted with Willie Nelson & Ghostland
DAILY Music  April 20, 2011, by Austin Powell
"...What better way to celebrate 420 than with Snoop Dogg getting twisted with two local institutions – Willie Nelson and Ghostland Observatory?..."

Poodie's Stomps Out Butts
A place to run from F1
DAILY Music  November 13, 2012, by Margaret Moser
"...The club calendar from local booker David Cotton had a quick note attached: “For those of you who don't know, Poodie’s went nonsmoking as of July.” That’s akin to suggesting Willie Nelson cut off his braids and let his hair go gray. Whoops, that’s already happened, too! Call it a neon sign of the times...."

Wednesday Rewind
When pigs fly: Willie Nelson covers Coldplay
DAILY Music  August 31, 2011, by Austin Powell
"...Willie Nelson doesn't typically directly donate to charity. Instead he often lends his time and talent to worthy causes..."

TDH: 6/7/11
Butler Park completion, F1 agreement, Willie Nelson statue on agenda
DAILY News  June 7, 2011, by Wells Dunbar
"...City Council gets together this Thursday. Just your usual council action on the agenda: discussing an international racing contest; historic designation for a couple deceased occultists' home; and placing a giant statue of Willie Nelson downtown...."

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