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Tia Carrera

Tia Carrera: (l-r) Erik Conn, Jason Morales, and Andrew Duplantis
Photo by Aubrey Edwards
Like every good trip, the improvised instrumental jams of Tia Carrera take on a life of their own, following their metal muses (mainly the Melvins and Blue Cheer) through purple hazes laced with fleeting feats of ecstasy. This is the power of three in full effect. Bassist Andrew Duplantis is a renowned studio musician, backing everyone from Son Volt and Jon Dee Graham to the Meat Puppets and Bob Mould, while maintaining his rootsy solo venture with the Unfaithfuls. Jason Morales, meanwhile is a drummer turned guitar god and producer who specializes in psychedelic sludge. Originally from Olympia, Wash., Morales shared bills with Nirvana with his former band, Hell Trout, before transplanting to Austin and forming Starfish with Ronna Era. Drummer Erik Conn, a veteran skater, also handles the sticks for Those Peabodys, Migas (with Morales), and the Dismukes (with Duplantis), and used to play for post-grunge pop outfit, Stick. Tia Carrera formed in 2002, after trying out a few late-night jams, which led to a weekly happy-hour gig at Room 710. The November Session, Tia Carrera's 2003 debut, documents the band's first-ever recording session, while the trio's take on classic rock standards quickly made them a favorite act at local hoot nights. With each successive release, the telepathic powers between the three have only strengthened, resulting is some of the heaviest jams ever captured on tape. – Austin Powell

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11/05/15 @ The Sahara Lounge
The Black, Yonatan Gat, Tia Carrera

Sporting a finely rumpled skronk-folk patina girded with soulful undertow, Black principals David Longoria and Alan Schaefer write evocative songs that assuage the lonesome and losing. Guitarist Yonatan Gat of ferocious Tel Aviv garage rock spectacle Monotonix courts a different transcendence with his solo work. Prog, surf, and psychedelic flourishes abound on the new Director. Veteran local triumvirate Tia Carrera lays waste to the ego with improvised hard rock ordnance. The Harms deliver catchy fuzz-punk sermons with the wires exposed, while multimodal renaissance man Thor Harris explores ambient sounds without bounds. 8pm.

08/07/15 @ Spider House Ballroom
Jason Austin Benefit

Beginning in the late Eighties, Jason Austin wielded an oversized hand in the visual aesthetic of his hometown’s musical underground. Cornea-tickling posters for acts like the Jesus Lizard and Steel Pole Bath Tub should’ve come with drug interaction warnings. Multiple sclerosis has slowed down Austin, but proceeds from this gathering of subterranean stalwarts – Pong, Tia Carerra, Pocket Fishrmen, Jesus Christ Superfly, plus Tremble Out, Teenage Cavegirl, and School of Rock – will help him pursue promising new treatments. 6:30pm.

01/02/15 @ Swan Dive
Free Week: Purple, Tia Carrera
Beaumont fuzz meets ATX answer to Earthless.
11/29/14 @ Swan Dive
Tia Carrera, Woodgrain

In a town overflowing with sensational sounds, it’s easy to forget we have a band as supersonic as Tia Carrera. Playing improvisational psychedelia with the intensity of heavy metal, Erik Conn, Jamey R. Simms, and Jason Morales blaze new trails every time they put plectrum to string. Who needs a new LP when it’s new music every night? Fellow travelers Woodgrain, erring on the side of prog rock but keeping things just as wordless, open.

01/01/14 @ Holy Mountain
Serious rock action flows down the Mountain on New Year’s Day, kicking off Free Week at high volume. Named for former Melvins bassist Lori Black, Lorax revels in BuzzCrover cover-band shtick, crawling through feedback and power chords with sneering intent. Led by a former Lion of Tsavo and still boasting an eponymous 2013 EP, the Unmothered lays waste to eardrums with anthemic, acidic black metal. Tia Carrera’s wordless, improvisational hard rock blasts off in the interim, while Woodgrain and White Powder prep the launch pad.
05/10/13 @ The Sahara Lounge
Tia Carrera, Amplified Heat

Austin improv psych metal meets ZZ Top afterburner blues.

07/07/11 @ Beerland
Beerland's 10th Anniversary
Everyone’s favorite punk bunker celebrates a decade long and strong on Red River with an appropriately bonkers lineup. Wednesday, Jimmy Flemion of the Frogs, Rubble, James Arthur’s Manhunt, and Cruddy get lowbrow. Thursday, A Giant Dog, Tia Carrera, Dikes of Holland, and Lola Cola shred more notes than the Federal Reserve. The festivities continue through this weekend, with Flesh Lights (Friday), the Crack Pipes (Saturday), and more.
06/02/11 @ The Scoot Inn
Liquid Sludge Fest
The first entry in a two-night deluge flowing into Chaos in Tejas re-creates the Scoot’s South by Southwest 2011 metal clampdowns, here featuring a swath from Detroit indie Small Stone in locals Dixie Witch and Tia Carrera, plus NOLA beatdowns Suplecs and Ohio’s Big Trouble in Little China devotees, Lo-Pan. Honky’s chicken-fried metallurgy and Amplified Heat’s ZZ Top cannonade hold down respective ends of the bill atop Asylum on the Hill and Big Tattoo.
01/03/11 @ Emo's CLOSED
Free Week!
Beauty Bar: One Hundred Flowers, Deer Vibes, the Bubbles Emo’s: Wild America, Tenement, Women in Prison, more (in); Pack of Wolves, Eagle Claw, Tia Carrera, more (out) Mohawk: Hatred Surge, Night Siege, Naw Dude, Shitty Carwash Red 7: Zest of Yore, Sad Accordions, more (in); Sober Daze, more (out)
11/21/10 @ Club de Ville CLOSED
The Last Waltz
Levon Helm graced Austin earlier this month, now Red River pays back, celebrating the anniversary of the Band’s 1976 final stand, The Last Waltz. Club de Ville fires on Sunday, splitting the difference between T Bird & the Breaks’ blue-eyed soul, the Low Lows’ indie roots, and Tia Carrera’s thundering jams, among others. Wednesday, the waltz moves to Momo’s with a screening of the Scorsese doc before house all-stars Deadman, Wisebird, Drew Smith, and Suzanna Choffel join in for their homage.
08/28/10 @ Black Lagoon
Tia Carrera, Red Leaves
Locals rattle walls at the Parlor’s new art space.
07/17/10 @ Mohawk
Octopus Project, Tia Carrera, Mother Falcon
Three birds, one stone, many flavors of the rainbow. Between the Octopus Project’s electro-whirl, Tia Carrera’s heavy riff-raff, and Mother Falcon’s stage-engulfing orchestra-pop, this local lineup is the aural equivalent of a Baskin-Robbins. Inside, Denton’s Record Hop and Sundress rep North Texas rock & roll.
04/24/10 @ Mohawk
Austin Psych Fest 3
The annual Austin Psych Fest is slowly becoming the All Tomorrow’s Parties of the South, expanding to three nights this year with a lineup that traces a new psychedelic era. The third eye opens on Friday with the confrontational allure of headliners the Raveonettes, mirrored by Brooklyn’s like-minded neogaze duo Von Haze and Austin’s own Ringo Deathstarr, among others. The Black Angels top the bill Saturday, previewing material from their upcoming third album, Phosphene Dream, and moonlighting in side projects Christian Bland & the Revelators (Friday) and Ghost Songs (Sunday). Other notables include solo performances from Stephen McBean of Pink Mountaintops and the Gris Gris’ Greg Ashley, spaghetti western surrealists Spindrift, and locals Tia Carrera, Smoke & Feathers, Shapes Have Fangs, the Tunnels, and Cry Blood Apache. Sunday cures the munchies with a crawfish boil and happy hour at 3:33pm, followed by the Dutchess & the Duke, the Warlocks, electronic originator Silver Apples, and vintage psych DJ the Gaslamp Killer. If you only see one act all weekend, let it be Warpaint on Friday. These four L.A. women lock into hypnotic, continuously evolving grooves like gears in motion, and they recently signed to Rough Trade on the strength of 2009’s debut EP, Exquisite Corpse, mixed by booster John Frusciante of the Red Hot Chili Peppers. “We’re a girl group by definition, but I’ve never thought of us that way,” says Emily Kokal, who shares vocal and guitar duties with Theresa Wayman. “We’ve definitely been inspired by Can and Neu!, anything that keeps your attention and keeps you on your toes with different time changes and backwards beats. It’s always really nice when you have a bunch of guys in a room at your show and they have their eyes closed. That’s a good sign.”
03/06/10 @ Spider House Ballroom
Oxjam 2010
Dang, Austin’s a generous town, even when the benefit’s not for one of our own. Think of this as an all-local flipside to last year’s Psych Fest, a two-stage all-nighter that packs in both the heavy and the tripping. Inside, Lions, Tia Carrera, Murdocks, Woven Bones, the White White Lights, Planet Rye Co., the Ripe, and the Couch pillage rock & roll from the Zeppelinesque and Leadbelly to Love. Outdoors, Ringo Deathstarr, the Lemurs, Smoke & Feathers, ’Til We’re Blue or Destroy, Prayer for Animals, Michael Kingcaid of What Made Milwaukee Famous, and Mixed Use Media use loud-quiet-loud-quiet to great effect. The $8 cover benefits Oxfam’s Haiti relief efforts. 5pm.
01/23/10 @ Antone's CLOSED
Eric Tessmer CD Release
The bluesman shines on Green Diamond. Tia Carrera and Amplified Heat bring the aces.
10/30/09 @ Beerland
Tia Carrera, Eagle Claw, Power Squid
The Voltron of ATX psych jams.
10/17/09 @ Mohawk
Mono, Maserati
A Krautrock sampler, from Japan and Georgia, respectively. Tokyo quartet Mono specializes in extended cosmic carpet rides, which are shaken out on latest Hymn to the Immortal Wind (Temporary Residence). Athens’ well-oiled fourpiece Maserati just dropped new rarities collection Passages, also on Temporary Residence, complete with some hot remixes, though no DJ can replace drummer Jerry Fuchs’ inner metronome. Tia Carrera jams inside.
08/21/09 @ Red 7 CLOSED
Arclight Records Showcase
The local metal stable lets loose Amplified Heat, Tia Carrera, Zenith Fuzzbomb, and Sabbath Crow. Pack of Wolves DJs in the wreck room.
07/25/09 @ Room 710
The Dicks/Make Austin Weirder Fest
06/26/09 @ Emo's CLOSED
Sweatbox Studios 16th Anniversary
When fire charred and gutted Sweatbox Studios’ original Downtown digs in 2006 – twice, no less – it could have signaled the end of an era. The recording studio saw a parade of local and national bands through the 1990s and early Aughties, including the Cherubs, Knife in the Water, the Cynics, the Riverboat Gamblers, Quintron, Gorch Fock, and the Crack Pipes. Under the nimble fingers of engineers Mike Vasquez, Bryan Nelson, and Tim Kerr, Sweatbox shaped an era of Texas punk and branded each band with its hot iron on the way out. Then, like the hand of the undead bursting out of the ground, Sweatbox returned in 2007, this time to the Eastside. And all was right again. Two nights of local loudness mark its sweet 16. The venerable Tia Carrera, Cause for Applause, Insect Sex Act, Taunto, and A Giant Dog turn Emo’s inside into a literal sweatbox on Friday. Reunited Sweatbox denizens Sugar Shack, plus the Gospel Truth, Hex Dispensers, Churchwood, and the Somethin’ Ain’t Rights clean up Saturday.
01/07/09 @ Mohawk
Transmission Entertainment's Free Week
Aaaaand in this corner, the inaugural year of Transmission Entertainment’s multiclub Free Week, because, ya know, the economy and all. Friday at Mohawk, Low Line Caller and Calm Blue Sea perfect the art of tension and release, Club de Ville houses the dulcet tones of the Alice Rose and Midgetmen, and Red 7 brings the noise with Summer of Blood, the Ends, Deadly Companions, Capital Scam, Blank Generation, and more. Saturday sees the return of the Riverboat Gamblers at Mohawk, plus Til We’re Blue or Destroy at de Ville, and Black Panda at Red 7. The Sabbath offers service with Serious Tracers, Follow That Bird!, and Butcher Bear’s Rainbow Bus Band at Mohawk and Los Hispanos UK and more at Red 7. The transmissions continue Monday with Bridge Farmers (Mohawk) and Fire From the Gods (Red 7). Tuesday ’verbs out with Frantic Clam and Baby Robots (Mohawk) and goes to 11 with the Roller, Scorpion Child, and more (Red 7). Wednesday gets fogged out with Tia Carrera and Strange Attractors at Mohawk, and Thursday goes apeshit with Houston’s Homopolice and locals Air Traffic Controllers at Mohawk, Loxsly at de Ville, and more hardcore at Red 7. Stay free, y’all, and visit
09/13/08 @ Beerland
The UFO Experience/End of Summer Psychedelic Festival
Alien abduction or journey to the center of your mind? Ruta Maya drops tabs with 13th Floor Elevators tribute the Tommy Hall Schedule and ’Vators collaborator Powell St. John, plus local elders Shiva’s Headband and young Cream disciples Amplified Heat. On Red River, Tia Carrera, the Tunnels, Shapes Have Fangs, the Black Angels’ Christian Bland, and Cavedweller take to the sky in honor of departing local hoot queen Jennifer Marchand, who taught Ruta Maya everything she knows about third eyes.
08/09/08 @ The Scoot Inn
River City High Festival
Psychedelic rock doesn’t normally mix with Texas summer heat, but this all-day, all-local lineup is too good to pass up. Black Black Gold, the Koreans, the Tunnels, All in the Golden Afternoon, and Astronaut Suit eclipse the afternoon in reverb; Ugly Beats side project Ripe tears into the 1960s; and Strange Attractors explore darker realms. Tia Carrera headlines what promises to be a Kozmic blues jam.
05/09/08 @ Emo's CLOSED
Joe Preston’s double-neck bass remains a Hydra of many heads: ex-Melvins, Sunn O))) collaborator, and former High on Fire-eater. Solo, the Oregon-based beard wears said crown of Thrones like a spike through the pineal gland. Austin trio Tia Carrera models its own metal tiara fresh off the Roadburn Festival in Holland. Fellow locals the Roller and Expensive Shit sludge first.
12/14/07 @
The Action Is, Tia Carrera
The Action Is heads this all-local lineup with its stadium-ready rock & roll, a nice chaser after trio Tia Carrera, whose improvised jams are the heavy metal equivalent of a Choose Your Own Adventure book: all cliff-hangers, no CliffsNotes. Fivepiece Scorpion Child filters classic Zeppelin through a modern perspective, while A Few Nice Things, featuring ex-members of the Vain, exhibit Southern psych born under a bad sign.
09/27/07 @ Beerland
Crack Pipes Hoot Night
It’s rare for an extant local band to get a hoot, but the Crack Pipes’ garage-soul catalog is ripe for the picking. Participating disciples include Tia Carrera, Faceless Werewolves, Big Foot Chester, the Golden Boys, Aaron Blount, Attack Formation, Horse + Donkey, and many others. Proceeds benefit the Pipes’ ace guitarist Billy Steve Korpi, who’s been undergoing chemotherapy treatments for leukemia.
09/22/07 @ Beerland
Amplified Heat CD Release
The brothers Ortiz scorch the earth, with the Ugly Beats and Tia Carrera.
09/07/07 @ Room 710
Gorch Fock, Lebanon
The dirty uncle to Austin’s Perverted Son Records, Australian Cattle God shelters all things heavy, both here and afar. This label showcase kicks off with the double smash-and-grab of Megazilla and synthcentrics Cat Scientist. Snake Trap’s raging instrumentals snap and crackle, not unlike their Tel Aviv psychedelic counterparts, Lebanon. Locals Tia Carerra work the improv scene, and Gorch Fock sets sail last with naval-themed noise bombs.
08/17/07 @ Beerland
A few months ago, a YouTube clip of L.A.-based cable-access host John Kilduff surfaced. His show, Let’s Paint TV, usually features him running on a treadmill, painting, and doing something else (usually involving food) simultaneously. In this episode, a fog machine, feedback, and eerie stretches of noise made it look like he was in a scene from Apocalypse Now. That noise came courtesy of San Francisco duo Rahdunes and pretty much sums up the live show. Vets of the Bay Area noise scene, Nate Archer and Aaron Coyes strive to create ambience through unsettling drone, incorporating bass, synth, guitar, organ, and something called a “slay box.” Both have film backgrounds, as well, and Archer recently composed the soundtrack for Wild Tigers I Have Known, released by David Tibet of Current 93. Essentially, they’re multitaskers, and that translates in their progressive, end-of-the-world tones. “When you play Western music using Western instruments, you’re kind of forced to exist within the parameters of those instruments,” relates Coyes. “Sonically, there’s a whole other world out there. A lot of cultures have infinite tones to play with. In the future, it seems like a lot of our medical problems will be solved by that range of infinite tones, like how dentists are using ultrasonic devices to clean your teeth.” Their frequency caught the ear of local Emperor Jones head Craig Stewart, and he recently put out their self-titled record, a howling, face-melting surge of otherworldly clang and neon howl. Their DIY aesthetic is a defining one, kind of like their buddy John Kilduff, eh? Coyes sees the parallel. “He kinda nails it as far as this modern world is concerned.”
07/04/07 @ The Scoot Inn
Fourth of July!
For those of us looking to hold on to our fingers and/or vision Wednesday, here are some suggestions that don’t include running in the opposite direction of an errant Roman candle or putting a lit sparkler in your ass crack. Starting at 3pm, Juke’s Auto (702-B Shady Ln.) offers an Eastside-style barbecue with the greasy sounds of Annihilation Time, Last Chance, Iron Age, Here Comes Trouble, and Livin’. The Scoot Inn offers the riff-heavy lineup of Gorch Fock, Attack Formation, Tia Carrera, and many more; Beauty Bar’s equally steamy night includes Big Black Smoke, Scorpion Child, Faceless Werewolves, and Black Earth. For your inner trustafarian, there’s 311, Matisyahu, and Particle (also Thursday) at the Backyard. And at the opposite end of the spectrum is Antone’s White Trash Bash, featuring the Gunhands, Brass Knuckle Buckle, and more.
06/17/07 @ Threadgill's World HQ
Monterey Pop 40th Anniversary Tribute
This Father’s Day, trade in the love beads for chicken-fried steak as Threadgill’s celebrates the 40th anniversary of the Monterey International Pop Festival. A stellar local lineup, featuring Tia Carrera, Trish & Darin Murphy, Cat Scientist, McLemore Avenue, Superego, Oliver Rajamani, Li’l Cap’n Travis, and more will be on hand to channel the ghosts of Jimi, Janis, Otis, and Mama Cass. Even the cops can groove to that. 6pm.
06/10/07 @ Sweatbox Studio
Sweatbox Grand Reopening Bash
With Attack Formation, the Meat Purveyors, Tia Carrera, and more. 1406 Smith Rd., 2pm.
05/24/07 @ Emo's CLOSED
Emissions From the Monolith Fest
Chaos continues this weekend with the ninth Emissions From the Monolith. Formerly a Youngstown, Ohio, venture, the transplanted four-night plod begins Thursday with a triple shot of local metal (Amplified Heat, Tia Carrera, SuperHeavyGoatAss), plus Kylesa’s dual drum and guitar. Friday hoofs it with Throttlerod and Beast, while Saturday highlights include RPG and the tribal thrash of Minsk. Vincebus erupts again Sunday with Blue Cheer, Rwake’s Southern sludge, and Suzukiton’s progressive instrumetalism. See for more.
03/13/07 @
Lions, Tia Carrera, White Denim
Symphony of destruction.
03/09/07 @ Rio Rita
Tia Carrera CD Release
This weekend offers a local avalanche of releases, just in time to slide into the valley called South by Southwest. Tia Carrera blazes trails with the pre-release fete of its latest collection of metal jams, Heaven/Hell (Arclight), Friday at new Eastside spot Rio Rita. More: Matt the Electrician at Momo’s and the Everyday People at the Parish. On Saturday, Grand Champeen taps the keg at Emo’s inside with Dial T for This, the foursome’s first for Portland, Ore.-based label In Music We Trust, while Golden Bear launches its self-produced sophomore solar odyssey, To the Farthest Star (C-Side), in the Lounge. See also: the Greencards at Threadgill’s and Firekills at the Parish.
01/27/07 @ Mohawk
Ume, Tia Carrera, White Denim
Talk about an unholy trinity. The thrash and burn attack of headliners Ume, ignited live by petite spitfire/guitarist Lauren Larson, is a nice thaw for the third eye. The pummeling din and daze of Tia Carrera never fails to hypnotize, no matter how many different ways they reinterpret the Melvins by way of Blue Cheer. White Denim, a trio with a penchant for spitting spazz against post punk, opens dirty and tight.
01/06/07 @ Emo's CLOSED
Free Week Part 2!
In the words of Europe, it’s the fiiiinaaaal countdowwwwn ... of Emo’s Free Week. And we reckon it’s gon’ be a loud one; all four nights hover in the goes-to-11 category. On the first Friday of 007, Lounge with the lilting sounds of Grand Champeen, Quien es, Boom!, the Fall Collection, and the Alice Rose; the Lemurs, the Lord Henry, Clap! Clap!, and Lomita get the dance party started outside; Amplified Heat, Lions, Full Stride, and the Flood boil blood inside. Saturday, it’s 1969 with an onslaught that’ll surely shake the lint out of your belly button: headliners Zykos, the well-toured Brothers & Sisters, the well-rested Crack Pipes, and the never-well-behaved Strange Boys. More noise wafts over from the Lounge with the perfect pairing of Cue, My Education, Horse + Donkey, and Finally Punk; outside it’s a heavy metal parking lot with At All Cost, Warwulf, Tia Carrera, Me Infecto, and the Snake Trap. By Sunday, your liver will have a restraining order against you, but c’mon – the Awesome Cool Dudes, Dogme 95, When Dinosaurs Ruled the Earth, and MVSCLS let it all hang out in the Lounge, and Chicken Ranch Records offers the unholy union of Automusik, the Troublemen, Mr. Lewis & the Funeral 5, and the States. Top it all off on Monday with the sonic blast of the Onlys, Ghost of the Russian Empire, and the Midgetmen. Maybe we’ll come back to Earth, who can tell?
01/05/07 @ Red 7 CLOSED
Golden Boys, Love tribute
It’s the inaugural “We got drunk and booked a shitload of great bands you’ve never heard of Fest ’07.” Thirteen bands on Red 7’s two stages: Hill Country trash-can garage rockers Golden Boys, Dallas youngsters the Strange Boys, DFW lo-fi songwriter Stanton Meadowdale, the Ugly Beats/Nervous Exits Love tribute conglomerate Forever Changes, and local kalimba master Ralph White. Add the Carrots, the Faceless Werewolves, Tia Carrera, Brimstone Howl, Boston Chinks, Faux Fox, and more, plus free Mickey’s and Lone Star, and you’ve got a big Texas party. Get there early (6:30pm) before the booze runs dry.
01/03/07 @
Led Zeppelin Hoot
In August, it was only rock & roll at Ruta Maya’s Rolling Stones Hoot. Only. If the South Congress ashram’s Zeppelin trample leverages only half the custard pie, then “Rock & Roll” will go over like the proverbial lead balloon. Chili Cold Blood, Tia Carrera, Lomita, Amplified Heat, Golden Arm Trio, Tammany Hall, Golden Bear, and many more locals reiterate why Richard Linklater’s Dazed & Confused defines Austin’s “Bron-Y-Aur Stomp.” Kicks off at 6pm with a Zep/Yardbirds happy hour.
08/12/06 @
Rolling Stones Hoot Night
Rampaging through soccer stadiums across Europe, the fab and final four aren’t whipping out many set-list surprises, though you could see Keith Richards and Ronnie Wood cackle at the inflatable palm tree following them from capital to capital. Alejandro Escovedo’s perennial, “Sway,” in Berlin, was a “demon life” exception, as was “Midnight Rambler” in Paris. In anticipation of October’s Zilker Park stop, Austin’s own fabulously ragged torchbearers (Spiders, Zykos, Tia Carrera, the Arm, and many more) take on Beggars Banquet, Let It Bleed, and Sticky Fingers. Right down your throat, baby, and it hurts.
07/14/06 @ Antone's CLOSED
CC Adcock/Guitar Rumble/Gary Hoey
Attention NAMM conventioneers: On Friday night, you could stand on the Congress Bridge and throw a beer at three worthy lineups. The devil twangs the swampy blues at the Continental Club, with the Lonesome Spurs rendering Wanda Jackson and Nancy Sinatra, campy crooner Unknown Hinson, Lightnin’ Hopkins drummer Doyle Bramhall, and Bo Diddley strummer CC Adcock topping the bill. Down the street, Threadgill’s hosts Mike Vernon of smashing instro-surf rockers 3 Balls of Fire, Paul Ray & the Cobras guest David Murray, and Ventures guitarist Bob Spalding. Across the river, Antone’s features freestyle metal jammers Tia Carrera and Willie Heath Neal’s acoustic country rockabilly, with surf rocker Gary Hoey closing. Six strings down and then some.
01/28/06 @ Stubb's
Neil Young Tribute
Local indie Almost There Records hosts another tribute night, this one kicking off what’s shaping up to be the Year of Neil Young in Austin. Flannel-wearers Milton Mapes, Grand Champeen, Tammany Hall Machine, and King Tears are joined by bands with less roots rock character like Tia Carrera, Golden Apples, Missing Tapes, Militant Babies, Superego, Hackberries, Gleeson, and Mandible. Expect a hearty overview of Young’s multifaceted career, more “Rockin’ in the Free World” than “Sugar Mountain.”
01/13/06 @ Emo's CLOSED
Dixie Witch, Lions, Tia Carrera, Full Stride
Hey, you got metal in my stoner jam.
12/09/05 @ Room 710
Benefit for Amplified Heat
Honky, Lions, Tia Carrera, and more on Friday; Amplified Heat, Barfield, Black Earth, Shandon Sahm, and more on Saturday. All to help raise funds for the brothers’ hospital bills.
08/11/05 @ Whisky Bar
Tia Carrera
The instro trio’s last foray before tour rocks Fifth.
08/01/05 @ Emo's CLOSED
Drunk Horse
The gunned Camaro rock of recent release In Tongues (Tee Pee) rebounds Drunk Horse from 2003’s seamy Adult Situations to the Oakland quartet’s earliest thumpings on Frank Kozik’s Man’s Ruin. In Emo’s front room, the Horse always leaves a purple hoof print on your backside should you turn away, which given the supporting lacerations of ATX’s randy Tia Carrera, ain’t such a hot idea anyway. Careful you don’t get overly Dazed and Confused. Douglas Ferguson’s hard and heavy foursome, Lunar Death, opens.
02/20/05 @ Emo's CLOSED
Jucifer, the Sword
Blue Cheer may have gotten into The Guinness Book for being the loudest band in the world, but they were acid-addled burnouts in the Sixties. The Athens, Ga., husband and wife duo Jucifer rightly deserves the title. Touring in their Winnebago with no less than 15 amps, singer/guitarist Amber Valentine and drummer Ed Livengood cause eye twitching and spontaneous tinnitus. Locals the Sword support with a fury that was born for Emo’s outdoor stage. Relapse Records’ Buried Inside and Austin’s Tia Carrera open.
01/01/05 @ Emo's CLOSED
Free Week
Good lord! How Emo’s can put together nine days of shows this good without charging a cover is beyond me. The first six are gentle reminders of how lucky we are to live in this city. Drum roll, please. Free week begins Saturday night with River City rockers the Arm, whose ’04 debut should make Mark E. Smith jealous. Electro-rockers Single Frame, the quirky Oh, Beast!, and jam metal of Tia Carrera open. Sunday follows rock with experimentalism as local freaks Aurora Plastics Co. differentiate sound from noise. Iron Kite, Spelunker, and Lung Lunch challenge the senses just prior. Start the workweek off on the right foot (or two of them) with Monday’s post-punk party. Out of hibernation, Dead Whale Tide push the envelope after the similar Fall Collection, pop mavens Masonic, and Vacation Gold, formerly known as SpaceTruck. Tuesday brings a metal edge with Back Room regulars FireKills, Rubberhed’s punk-core, and the fun-loving Midgetmen, plus Corruption Is King and the Kirby. Thrash on Wednesday with the psych rock of Gorch Fock, Storm the Tower’s grindcore, pop-punkers Ignorance Park, and These Men Are Liars. Prepare for the weekend on Thursday with Ben Webster’s offshoot the Attak (iN) Formation, heavy hitters the Sword, San Antonio youngsters Animals of the Bible, and the off-beat Old Tymerz. Whoa! Only three days left. Keep the fuel coming.
12/30/04 @ Room 710
Tia Carrera, Rubble, Black Mayonnaise
Despite having the best condiment-themed name ever, the easy categorizations of Akron, Ohio’s Black Mayonnaise are few. One-man band Mike Duncan creates wily, throbbing orchestrations that sound dark and thick, hence the name. On his latest album, Ttssattsr (Emperor Jones), Duncan assaults with a guitar-drum machine punch of frazzled fuzz and syrupy vocals that sound like a slo-mo fever dream. Adding to this somnolent screed, 710 fixtures Tia Carrera headline with a sludge hammer beatdown, locals Rubble administer a dose of noisy space rock, and Houston’s Rotten Piece hands you your ass for supper.
12/18/04 @ Parish
The Who Tribute CD Release
Tribute albums are risky business. There’s nothing worse than hearing the Music You Grew Up With excoriated by a bunch of well-intentioned but hapless red-shirts. It’s therefore all the more remarkable that Who and Who (Almost There) comes off so seamlessly. Eleven Austin acts, along with Chapel Hill, N.C.’s Dynamite Brothers, take on the music of the Who at the behest of local project producer Ty Chandler. "We thought it’d be real cool to do a tribute record for the Who, and there were a lot of bands in town that weren’t being recognized enough," summarizes Chandler, who contributes a regal rendition of "A Quick One While He’s Away" with Saratone. "The goal was to unify these bands because there’s a great rock scene here right now." It’s hard to think of a more unifying rock fulcrum than the Who. Whether it’s Superego’s faithful "The Kids Are Alright" or Tia Carrera’s brazen deconstruction of "Baba O’Riley," most everything on Who and Who ( exudes that poignant bash that made the Who critical to surviving the teenage wasteland of the Seventies and Eighties. Saturday’s hoot-night-style release party promises more of the same, with a dozen bands slated to tear it up. The Rockland Eagles put the smackdown on "Join Together," Moonlight Towers soar with "Armenia City in the Sky," and Mandible mines the essence of human creepiness with "Cousin Kevin." You’ll also hear sides from Milton Mapes, Superego, King Tears, the Hackberries, the Fall Collection, and Grand Champeen. With a lineup like that, the only person not having fun is the drummer whose kit will be abused by 11 other drummers under the influence of Keith Moon. You, friend, are in our thoughts and prayers. Two Cow Garage starts the party at 9:30pm.
11/26/04 @ Room 710
Handsome Joel's Birthday
"Handsome" Joel Svatek would’ve been 35 years old this Thanksgiving, but a drunk driver took him from us almost two years ago. He was – and still is – Red River’s patron saint, and this weekend his closest and dearest honor him. Friday night at Room 710, the hat is tipped to the lover of the ladies by local Southern rockers Honky, Jason McMaster’s Broken Teeth, local thrashers Crow, New Orleans’ Hazard Co. Girls, the larger-than-life Oklahomos, and the jam-metal of Tia Carrera. Saturday, Austin transplants Dixie Witch rock heavy at 710 after locals Super Heavy Goat Ass, Amplified Heat, Dickins, and Black Novas throw down led by Charlie’s Holy Half Hour. And across the street at Beerland, Ignorance Park headlines after Faster Disasters and the Urgencies. So buy a Lone Star, throw up your horns, and rock out for Handsome. Just remember to take a cab. Proceeds benefit the Handsome Joel Safe Ride Program.
09/28/04 @ Emo's CLOSED
The Gris Gris
Ever since the demise of the 13th Floor Elevators, there’s been a gaping hole in Texas psych. Here’s a respite from the vacuum. Texas-born Greg Ashley’s the Gris Gris mixes up garage-psych with forays into rock and even a bit of space thrown in. The Californians’ self-titled debut on eclectic indie Birdman showcases this amalgam in all its raw voodoo. Locals Pretty Beat Up, Tia Carrera, and Palantine open.
09/11/04 @ Emo's CLOSED
John Walker Benefit
The Octopus Project, Tia Carrera, Ignorance Park, and more raise legal funds.
09/03/04 @ Emo's CLOSED
After branching out from the slow and heavy Fu Manchu, Eddie Glass and Ruben Romano pulled out the giant gong (that’s a "g" not a "b"), and laid down watery riffs and sluggish drums that rise and swirl like smoke. The trio – with new bassist Isaiah Mitchell – hasn’t been tracking much lately, but 1999’s To the Center (Sub Pop) hasn’t dried up yet. Last year’s Atomic Ritual proved that stoners still hold a very high spot in rock. Locals Tia Carrera and Vise Versa open the sludgefest.
08/19/04 @ Room 710
Tia Carrera CD Release
You’ve never seen a jam band quite like this.
01/16/04 @ Emo's CLOSED
Either stoner rock’s mellowest band or psyche-rock’s stoner nephew, Washington D.C.’s Dead Meadow have hit their stride on their first Matador album, Shivering King and Others. Whether belching out patiently druggy superfuzz leaks or dropping hypnotic psyche-folk creepouts both electric and acoustic, Dead Meadow is a potent brew full of haunting vocal reverberations. Paired up with Austin’s resident stoner-psyche-metal gods Tia Carrera, this gig will be quite the Hempstock. Locals Iron Kite drone on in the opening slot.
09/05/03 @ Room 710
Their zany punk rock costume-party antics have made the Sexy Finger Champs a Japanimated institution in local clubs since 1997, but since "bass goddess" Rebekah Whitehurst will soon alight for Brooklyn, the robo-charged Austin quartet is powering down. Friday’s Room 710 fete is one last chance to pine for Jean-Luc Picard – and your first chance to pick up new CD Too Phat 2 B Famous and DVD Go Robot Go!. Swingles and Tuna Helpers open following another Tia Carrera Psychedelic Friday.
07/16/03 @ Ritz Lounge
Bicycle/zine maker Terrible One brings another horrific bill to the dank upstairs at the Ritz, this one starring the ghastly garage psyche of West Coast wizards Comets on Fire. Their cracked Blue Cheer-on-PCP insanity and dirty vocal echo has prompted Alternative Tentacles to reissue their debut. The improv-metal godhood of Austin’s own Tia Carrera makes for the perfect pairing, as does the free-rock radiance of Primordial Undermind, whose upcoming Emperor Jones effortThin Shells of Revolution conjures spirits of Texas psyche’s rich past. Tia ends by 12:30am, in time for the Fall at Emo’s.
06/21/03 @ Room 710
It's a morbid yet intriguing factoid that Ed Hall’s last performance prior to this weekend’s reunion shows at Room 710 was in Dresden, Germany. "It was on a Monday night, during a Kozik poster show there," recalls guitarist Gary Chester. Having bid adieu to River City with an August 1996 blowout at Emo’s just before bassist Larry Strub moved to Thailand, the local trio took a European promoter up on his offer to fly the Austin institution to Deutschland for a weeklong tour. And so it came to pass that Ed Hall, standard-bearers of thick, explosive, groove-propelled art-punk, gave their final aural assault in a city obliterated by Allied bombing a half century earlier. "[These days], I don’t like making as much noise on the guitar," reveals Chester. "I don’t have the need to feedback all the time. I save that for my tile saw." Although Chester, Strub, and drummer Lyman Hardy have continued playing together as three-fifths of Pong since Strub returned home in 1998, the trio long resisted calls for an Ed Hall reunion. "In the early days, when we started playing as a different band, people asked why we weren’t called Ed Hall or why we didn’t play Ed Hall songs," says Chester. "After a while, that just kind of stopped, and now we’re Pong. Pong is secure enough for us to do a reunion now." Credit Room 710 owner Woody Wiedeman for engineering the reunion. Initially rebuffed by the band, Wiedeman’s tenacity eventually prevailed because of the strong relationship between the club and Pong. Three years ago, Pong regaled 710’s opening night and has remained one of the club’s most consistent draws. "Room 710 has been really good to us as far as getting us good shows, taking care of us, giving us what we want to drink, and everything else," acknowledges Chester. With a five-album discography and an unreleased 1996 disc titled Permission to Rock. Denied!, Ed Hall plans to touch on all phases of the band’s 11-year existence. Former drummer Kevin Whitley, who sang on "Sandra Gubernatorial" (aka "Deth"), will sing some and alternate with Hardy on the traps. Master projectionist Luke Savisky will provide his usual coterie of bizarre visuals to complement the noise, and it wouldn’t be an Ed Hall reunion without the fluorescent body paint. "The only problem is I have this Flying V [guitar] now, and I don’t want to get any paint on it," laments Chester. TAGLINE STYLE AT BOTTOM: Sexy Finger Champs and USS Friendship open Friday; Squat Thrust and Tia Carrera open Saturday. Tickets at the door only.
06/03/03 @ Stubb's
It was only a matter of time before burgeoning Ipecac Records presented a unified front. The flagship for Ipecac’s cavalcade of ham-fisted art-rock is label head Mike Patton’s Tomahawk, featuring ex-members of Helmet, the Jesus Lizard, and Cows. A morass of arena rock, jazz, Latin swing, and metal infests their sophomore effort Mit Gas. After 17-plus years of noise-making, every Melvins’ gig is unique, with a catalog of grunt-metal, sound collage, and sheer volume that’s become iconic. Expect some oldies, as the band has dusted off 1986’s 10 Songs, now expanded to 26 Songs. New Jersey hip-hop mind-benders Dälek open. Tia Carrera terrorizes inside after the show.
03/01/03 @ Privilege
MasonFest II
Masonic man and Privilege bartender Kevin Mason’s three-stage birthday blowout a few months back came off so well they’ve decided to do it again, this time for two nights. Friday’s highlight is the much-anticipated return of Bedbug, playing second on the inside stage, after a six-month hiatus. The Gloria Record (outside patio) and Grand Champeen (inside) headline. Saturday’s lineup includes Winslow, Moonlight Towers, and This Microwave World, with Masonic closing out the evening on the outdoor patio. The fearsome Tia Carrera will be wreaking havoc both nights in the former Hot Freaks room upstairs. For the full lineup, check Club Listings, p. 88. For details on the afterparty, grab one of the brothers Mason.
02/01/03 @ Emo's CLOSED
In what smells like an attempt to one-up Spoon’s sold-out two-night stand last weekend, Austin’s other alt-rock icons the Trail of Dead have mapped out an ambitious Friday-Saturday thrill ride that finds them equipped with a string section in full-on rock-star fashion. "It’s going to be like Metallica with the San Fran-cisco Symphony," enthuses TOD’s Jason Reece of the Friday night show, which will feature the Tosca string quartet joining the band for a full set of ornamented introspection. Saturday will be an evening of full-on rock power, featuring the usual Trail of Dead no-holds-barred mayhem. "We wanted to make the two nights as different from each other as possible," explains the Trail’s Conrad Keely of the band’s first-ever two-night stand in Austin. "It’ll be like the two sides of the band. We have a side that’s really studio oriented and controlled. Then there’s the loud side of us that we allow to just do whatever." It’s this powerful dichotomy that pushed last year’s major label debut, Source Tags & Codes, to the top of many 2002 Top 10 lists. Stringed-out mood pieces like the title track and opener "It Was There That I Saw You" chart the band’s vast musical progression, yet the Trail still kicks out the maximum-voltage spitstorms like "Homage" and "Days of Being Wild." Saturday’s rockfest will include such hale beasts as the Crack Pipes, Recover, Young Heart Attack, Attack Forma-tion, America Is Waiting, and Tia Carrera firing salvos from both Emo’s stages. Friday’s tango features the mellower sounds of Knife in the Water, Rhythm of Black Lines, Slow Reader, I Love You But I’ve Chosen Darkness, and Western Keys. Add Tosca to the above list of Trail of Dead musician pals, as the fabled string quartet and Austin’s reigning mod gods are mutual admirers. Tosca cellist Sarah Nelson also happens to be Keely’s neighbor. Along with full-bodied versions of the Source Tags material, the band plans to debut a pair of songs from a new Interscope EP due in March. At the close of a hectic, milestone year for the band, Keely is just happy to have won the first round of major-label Survivor. "When we put out the record, my biggest goal was not to get dropped," he admits. "If we sell enough records that they would keep us on the label, that would be good enough for me. You can expect so little out of the industry these days, I’m surprised anybody’s putting out any records."
01/07/03 @ Emo's CLOSED
Masonic, Tia Carrera
Nobody was hit harder by free agency in 2002 than team Masonic. Yet the losses may not be as grievous as it first appeared, based on their Privilege debut with new singer Leah Bogan and bassist Mike Norfleet. The head-bobbin' Stereolab groove is still in place, and the über-swank Kevin Mason still navigates his way around a Moog like a modern-day Keith Emerson. Opening is the fearsome Tia Carrera, led by stickman Erik Conn, who fuels a bumpy sleigh ride veering through psychic Cream territory, abrupt speed-metal riffage, slow Helmet grind, and screechy soundscapes, sometimes all at once. This should be a highlight of the free, no-cover Emo's flashback week that kicks off the New Year.
11/21/02 @ Ritz Lounge
Noses were pressed against the rickety glass, a large and curious throng marveling at the voluminous terror spilling out onto Sixth Street during this year’s SXSW, courtesy of Japan’s Mono. Expect a similar reaction from the dazed buzzhawks gathered round the Ritz, ’cause in terms of pure sheets of volume, this "Japanese Mogwai" is a step more brutal, more droney, and more blissfully extreme than even the Glaswegian manglers. John Zorn couldn’t be wrong, as the NYC avant-jazzmeister released Mono’s American debut Under the Pipal Tree on his prestigious Tzadik label. Local sludgecore behemoths Creeperweed open, with the predictably unpredictable metal meltdown of Tia Carrera leading things off.
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