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Shapes Have Fangs

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09/10/11 @ Antone's CLOSED
The Carrots, Shapes Have Fangs
The Carrots prep their second LP.
04/29/11 @ Seaholm Power Plant
Austin Psych Fest 4
04/01/11 @ Mohawk
101X Homegrown Live
Inside/outside digs What Made Milwaukee Famous, Shapes Have Fangs, Rayon Beach, etc.
03/10/11 @ Mohawk
Shapes Have Fangs/No Mas Bodas
With South by Southwest on the verge, don’t let these two bands’ new ones pass you by. On Red River, Shapes Have Fangs mark the release of Dinner in the Dark, the local quartet’s long-awaited debut full-length LP of jive-punk/R&B goodness. Over on Congress at Loft 718, above Silhouette, cosmic foursome No Mas Bodas drops a new mood ring in the form of a five-song EP, along with Bodytronix and Stanley Roy.
09/18/10 @ Mohawk
Sweden’s Dungen hasn’t been the same since leader Gustav Ejstes switched from guitar to piano in composing 2008’s 4. Sixth LP Skit I Allt, which translates roughly to “fuck all,” continues the trend, with more downbeat jazz instrumentals and breezy studio jams. As the band’s set at All Tomorrow’s Parties New York earlier this month proved, Dungen still gets the Led out live. L.A. bleach-pop duo and Mexican Summer labelmates No Joy opens. The Hi-Tones and Shapes Have Fangs whirl inside.
09/11/10 @ Mohawk
Wild Frontier Fest
Presented by Austin’s Vagabond Collective, the Wild Frontier Fest offers an alternative back-to-school bash headlined by Toronto’s Holy Fuck, boasting the post-rock electronic seizures from latest nightcap Latin. The all-day affair serves mostly as a catch-all for local indie rock, with L.A.X, Follow That Bird!, Ringo Deathstarr, Quiet Company, Shapes Have Fangs, Danny Malone, Zlam Dunk, and a handful of others inside and out. Come early. Stay late. You know the drill. Doors at 2:30pm.
05/14/10 @ Beerland
A Giant Dog, Shapes Have Fangs
Here’s a strong case for a second volume of Matador’s Casual Victim Pile. A Giant Dog just unleashed its second EP, House, a 1960s garage romp with a big beat and girl-group swoon led by Sabrina Ellis’ sweet-sour howl. Like-minded contemporaries Shapes Have Fangs finally finished its long-awaited debut LP, Dinner in the Dark, while day-tripping side project Rayon Beach treads more psychedelic waters. Super Secret punk staple Black Panda opens.
04/30/10 @ Continental Club
Those Darlins
At SXSW 2010, Those Darlins ended one set with a cover of “Shakin’ All Over” that was so low down and dirty, odds are someone got knocked up that night. The Tennessee trio’s 2009 debut follows suit with country-punk tales of inebriation and lust – the Carter Family’s wild sisters in spirit. Two nights down South should result in new definitions of dirty, especially when you add in locals Woven Bones and Shapes Have Fangs (Friday) and the Royal Butchers (Saturday).
04/24/10 @ Mohawk
Austin Psych Fest 3
The annual Austin Psych Fest is slowly becoming the All Tomorrow’s Parties of the South, expanding to three nights this year with a lineup that traces a new psychedelic era. The third eye opens on Friday with the confrontational allure of headliners the Raveonettes, mirrored by Brooklyn’s like-minded neogaze duo Von Haze and Austin’s own Ringo Deathstarr, among others. The Black Angels top the bill Saturday, previewing material from their upcoming third album, Phosphene Dream, and moonlighting in side projects Christian Bland & the Revelators (Friday) and Ghost Songs (Sunday). Other notables include solo performances from Stephen McBean of Pink Mountaintops and the Gris Gris’ Greg Ashley, spaghetti western surrealists Spindrift, and locals Tia Carrera, Smoke & Feathers, Shapes Have Fangs, the Tunnels, and Cry Blood Apache. Sunday cures the munchies with a crawfish boil and happy hour at 3:33pm, followed by the Dutchess & the Duke, the Warlocks, electronic originator Silver Apples, and vintage psych DJ the Gaslamp Killer. If you only see one act all weekend, let it be Warpaint on Friday. These four L.A. women lock into hypnotic, continuously evolving grooves like gears in motion, and they recently signed to Rough Trade on the strength of 2009’s debut EP, Exquisite Corpse, mixed by booster John Frusciante of the Red Hot Chili Peppers. “We’re a girl group by definition, but I’ve never thought of us that way,” says Emily Kokal, who shares vocal and guitar duties with Theresa Wayman. “We’ve definitely been inspired by Can and Neu!, anything that keeps your attention and keeps you on your toes with different time changes and backwards beats. It’s always really nice when you have a bunch of guys in a room at your show and they have their eyes closed. That’s a good sign.”
01/16/10 @ Red 7 CLOSED
Riverboat Gamblers, Ume, Shapes Have Fangs, the Altars
Punk rock four-square with a few skinned knees.
01/07/10 @ Red 7 CLOSED
Free Week!
Emo’s: Jungle Rockers, the Skeletons, Nick Curran & the Lowlifes, the Sandworms (outside); MothFight!, Yellow Fever, Red Leaves, Haunting Oboe Music, the Eastern Sea (inside) Mohawk: Brazos, TV Torso, Great Nostalgic (outside); Ume, Transmography, Daniel Francis Doyle, Many Birthdays (inside) Red 7: Hacienda, Shapes Have Fangs, Strange Attractors, Cowabunga Babes, Flowers (outside) Club de Ville: Smoke & Feathers, Prayer for Animals, Masonic Stubb’s: The White Hotel Beauty Bar: Skream Beerland: Black Panda, John Schooley & His One Man Band The Parish: Sounds Under Radio, Zookeeper, Wiretree
01/01/10 @ Emo's CLOSED
Free Week!
Emo’s: Smoke & Feathers, Cartright, the Astronaut Suit, Paleo (outside); the Ugly Beats, Amplified Heat, Shapes Have Fangs, the Hi-Tones (inside) Mohawk: Mike & the Moonpies birthday show w/ Leo Rondeau (outside); the Original Mexican Bob, Crooks (inside) Red 7: Pack of Wolves, Mammoth Grinder, Iron Age, Hatred Surge, Naw Dude (outside); Azatat, Boomset, Cali Zack, Kill City, Mutual Trust, Crew 54 (inside)
12/19/09 @ Mohawk
Christmas Cacophony
The Black Angels’ Austin Psych Fest 2 in March provided a time capsule of the local psychedelic resurgence, which opens early here with a premiere screening of the fest’s accompanying documentary at 8pm. Then get high with the Angels’ experimental drone side project, Viet Minh; the retro threads of the Ghost Songs; a very rare performance from No Wave trio Horse + Donkey; and the 1960s pop jangle of headliners Shapes Have Fangs.
10/30/09 @ Mohawk
Kurt Vile & the Violators
A member of Philadelphia’s rootsy war on drugs, singer-songwriter Kurt Vile stretches out under his own name with lo-fi pop that cuts closer to Loaded-era Velvet Underground. His enticing Matador debut, Childish Prodigy, filters classic and Krautrock through 4-track distortion, but what separates Vile from bedroom contemporaries is his wordplay, which lifts songs such as “Overnite Religion” and “Freak Train.” Locals Shapes Have Fangs rattle and the Black Angels bring out the ghouls.
09/27/09 @ Mohawk
Psych Freakout
Psych survivor Golden Dawn performs its 1968 Power Plant LP, with the Strange Attractors, Shapes Have Fangs, and more.
09/12/09 @ Beerland
The Strange Attractors
The Strange Attractors’ latest, Sleep and You Will See, elevates dystopian space rock to the 13th Floor. Underneath, Greg Ashley of Oakland’s Gris Gris shakes off the incubus attacks from 2003’s Medicine Fuck Dream, while the airtight garage pop of Austin’s Shapes Have Fangs rattles and confuses. Local duo to watch Followed by Static hits its distortion pedals first.
08/15/09 @ Red 7 CLOSED
Quintron & Miss Pussycat
NOLA organist Quintron and his maraca-shaking, puppet-making soulmate Miss Pussycat have developed a one-of-a-kind dance party in their decade-plus of making swamp pop. Latest Lee-zee-anna classic Too Thirsty 4 Love (Goner) keeps the bayou rockin’, but you can come a-knockin’. Shapes Have Fangs and Love Collector start the night on the good foot.
07/03/09 @ Mohawk
Indian Jewelry
Indian Jewelry’s slow-jam strobe explosion celebrates our nation’s independence with its own fireworks. The H-Town denizens headline this free bill, in honor of, ya know, freedom, with an inside/outside cast of characters, including Shapes Have Fangs, Caddywhompus, Cartright, Motel Aviv, and the Dead Space. Did we mention it’s free?
04/11/09 @ The Scoot Inn
Sky Sunlight Saxon & Shapes Have Fangs
Here’s a tip courtesy of Sky Sunlight Saxon from the Black Angels’ Psych Fest last month: “Acid is in the air. You can just pick it out.” The psychedelic survivor of L.A. garage rock pioneers the Seeds is clearly on his own trip, and backed by the hard garage-bop of Austin’s Shapes Have Fangs, he revives cult classics “Can’t Seem to Make You Mine” and “Pushin’ Too Hard.” The Fuzz Club’s DJ Sue spins as well. Turn on, freak out.
02/06/09 @ Emo's CLOSED
Shapes Have Fangs/Cavedweller 7-inch Release
It’s better than peanut butter and chocolate: Shapes Have Fangs wax down the poppier side of 1960s psych, and Cavedweller mines its trippier crevices. Local tastemaker Business Deal Records has paired two new delicious songs from both ATX acts on a split 7-inch. Diagonals and Pillow Queens open with some more sweet and salty.
01/10/09 @ Club de Ville CLOSED
Free Week
This train keeps a-rollin’, all weekend long. Drink a damn Emergen-C, and get back to Red River, where Attak (In)Formation, Bee vs. Moth, the Strange Boys, Hacienda, Teeners (who release their new 7-inch, “Gold”), and more drill into Emo’s Friday, and Those Peabodys, the Crack Pipes, Shapes Have Fangs, Red Leaves, Wine & Revolution, the Black, and a slew of others crack the foundation Saturday. At Mohawk Friday, the Laughing, Mothfight, and Golden Bear kick it outside, while the Ugly Beats, Death Is Not a Joyride, Dans la Lune, and Many Birthdays ice the cake inside. Over at de Ville, catch La Snacks, Cry Blood Apache, and Weird Weeds, plus KOOP’s Miss Manners spinning hip-hop. Red 7 bludgeons with Vitamins, Daniel Francis Doyle, Shitty Carwash, Magic Jewels, Lions of Tsavo, and more. Saturday wraps up nicely at Mohawk with Brazos, Frank Smith, the Lovely Sparrows, Transmography, School Police, and Moses & the Burning Bush. Club de Ville hosts the psychedelic sounds of Shapes Have Fangs, Cavedweller, and the Rockin’ Rock City Rockingtons, and Red 7 punks out with Complete Control, Lower Class Brats, the Applicators, Crash Gallery, and the Dead Space. Your head can explode now.
12/28/08 @ Beerland
Shapes Have Fangs, Box Elders
Omaha trio Box Elders ape the popular retro garage sound, but the songs on their sole 7-inch have a level of pop sophistication not usually seen from bands named after bugs. They’re supported here by groovy local oddballs Harlem and reverb junkies Woven Bones, who have an upcoming split with Miami’s the Jacuzzi Boys coming out in ’09. Smart 1960s throwbacks Shapes Have Fangs headline.
12/11/08 @ Emo's CLOSED
101X Independent Workforce X-mas Show
Local frequency 101X gift wraps two solid bills to fire the yule logs. UK duo Ting Tings skitters its electro-dance pop outside with the Black Kids’ Cure-meets-CSS. Caroling with rock riffs, the Eagles of Death Metal fly into the swelling buzz of Airborne Toxic Event and locals the Black & White Years, while inside unloads hometown holiday cheer from Ringo Deathstarr, Low Line Caller, and Shapes Have Fangs.
09/21/08 @ Mohawk
Red River Beach Party
Toko-Ri Get High, Poor People, Shapes Have Fangs, and more kick sand in your face. Starts at 2pm.
09/13/08 @ Beerland
The UFO Experience/End of Summer Psychedelic Festival
Alien abduction or journey to the center of your mind? Ruta Maya drops tabs with 13th Floor Elevators tribute the Tommy Hall Schedule and ’Vators collaborator Powell St. John, plus local elders Shiva’s Headband and young Cream disciples Amplified Heat. On Red River, Tia Carrera, the Tunnels, Shapes Have Fangs, the Black Angels’ Christian Bland, and Cavedweller take to the sky in honor of departing local hoot queen Jennifer Marchand, who taught Ruta Maya everything she knows about third eyes.
08/29/08 @ The Compound
Pillow Queens CD Release
Too Kookoolegit to quit, plus more real cool jams from Human Milk and Shapes Have Fangs.
07/31/08 @ Beerland
The Crack Pipes
The Pipes return to smoke ’em. Shapes Have Fangs and Victims of Leisure got ’em.
07/19/08 @ Hole in the Wall
Since sliding their stage to the back room, the Hole has loaded up on lineups that warrant the new minimal weekend cover. This weekend cleans out the garage with recent In the Red signees the Strange Boys’ bluesy jangle on Friday, alongside the Black’s rolling, Dylan-esque ballads, and new Austinites Harlem cutting fevered lines from their recent Free Drugs. Nic Armstrong pulls double duty Saturday with a solo set and new project Ripe’s scratchy pop. Shapes Have Fangs and San Antonio quartet Hacienda open.
07/12/08 @ Club de Ville CLOSED
Brothers & Sisters CD Release
If the sibling harmonies of Brothers & Sisters’ eponymous 2006 debut drew comparisons to the Mamas & Papas, their sophomore LP, Fortunately (Calla Lily), progresses in sonic textures. The “California Dreamin’” vibe remains intact, enhanced by a now-seasoned lineup that includes the pedal steel of Lomita’s “Ricky” Ray Jackson. Locals Shapes Have Fangs unload retro-riffs first, alongside Frank Smith’s pop and twang. Free CDs with admission.
05/31/08 @ Beerland
The Strange Boys
Beerland sends May off with a bang. Friday, New Jersey garage rockers the Black Hollies, featuring ex-members of Rye Coalition, revel in the lysergic emanations of their latest, Casting Shadows. Our own undeniable Ugly Beats spike the punch bowl with mid-1960s sock-hop swagger, while recent Tucson émigrés Harlem keep their proto-punk primitive. Saturday, the punked-up R&B strains of the Strange Boys rule the roost alongside garage-mates Shapes Have Fangs, San Antonio sunshine-poppers Hacienda, and indie rock trio Follow That Bird!
05/16/08 @ Club de Ville CLOSED
KOOP Pop Prom
Time to revisit the awkwardness of high school. This KOOP benefit’s headlined by Shapes Have Fangs, whose garage-bop has all the charm of A Hard Day’s Night-era Beatles and is guaranteed to send you down memory lane. Basic’s debut, Favorite Movie, scores the local trio’s soundtrack for slow dances, while the Always Already and the Bubbles open with a double shot of New Wave power-pop. Don’t forget the corsage!
04/20/08 @
John Lennon Hoot Rock ’n’ Roll Revival
Full-moon fever arrives with a massive eight-hour celebration of all things John Lennon. A jam-packed bill of 18 mostly local acts – including the Viet Minh, Nic Armstrong, Shapes Have Fangs, 3 Balls of Fire, and the Bellfuries – lays out everything from “A Hard Day’s Night” to “Whatever Gets You Thru the Night,” while related video footage screens between sets. Seattle’s Psychotropic DJs start the show at 6pm.
03/28/08 @ Mohawk
The Fleshtones
For three decades now, the Fleshtones haven’t forgotten that rock & roll is supposed to be fun. The NYC quartet’s performances are full-on frenzies of artery-clogging garage-party goodness, and latest bubblegum-and-beer broadside Take a Good Look! (Yep Roc) answers the prayers of Little Steven’s Wicked Cool disciples in a swirl of Farfisa-fueled redemption. Arrive early for a double shot of hometown pride from the Ugly Beats and Shapes Have Fangs.
02/20/08 @
Winter Full Moon Party
Forever Changes, Toko-Ri Get High, Shapes Have Fangs, and the Murdocks howl at the moon.
02/06/08 @ Club de Ville CLOSED
The Black, the Viet Minh, Shapes Have Fangs
Most bands start in a garage. These locals never left it. The Black headlines this 101X-sponsored show with blues and rockabilly twang, as heard on the trio’s new, vinyl-only Donna EP. The Viet Minh drops out of the Black Angels and tunes into stripped-down psych that moans and drones. And while no one’s exactly sure when the transformation took place, openers Shapes Have Fangs have evolved into a Kinks-y garage-pop powerhouse. Don’t call it a revival.
01/11/08 @ Beerland
Basic, Faceless Werewolves, Diagonals, Shapes Have Fangs
A stellar local gulp of pop, pop, fizz.
01/20/07 @ Mohawk
Basic, Finally Punk, Shapes Have Fangs
Wincing away the days until the Shins’ release? Tiding you over with pop perfection is this trio of melody-centric Austin bands. Local duo Basic headlines with its simple brand of rock & pop. Austin all-grrrl thrashers Finally Punk mix it up in the middle slot, and super Shinsian quartet Shapes Have Fangs open with jubilant tunes that will change your life.
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