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Death Is Not a Joyride

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"Greetings patrons! Welcome to The Human Zoo! Please! Humanimals of all ages! Join us for spectacular events and wild exhibits! The Human Zoo is the first full-length release by Death is not a joyride. The concept album, recorded by John Congleton (Explosions in the Sky, The Paper Chase, The Polyphonic ..." more
10/09/10 @ Cheer Up Charlies
Ditch the Fest Fest
Saturday at Cheer Up Charlie’s, it’s a (mostly) local band summit of festivalian proportions, brought to life by Lucy the Poodle. Ditch the Fest Fest’s list of names is dizzying, but here are just a few: Woven Bones, Golden Arm Trio, Follow That Bird!, Silent Diane, Pataphysics, Butcher Bear & Charlie, the Happen-Ins, Agent Ribbons, Zeale, Megafauna, the Jungle Rockers, and Amplified Heat. Starts at noon and is free!
09/06/10 @ Mohawk
El Ten Eleven
The self-proclaimed “world’s hardest working band,” Los Angeles’ El Ten Eleven pulls double duty on the dance floor. Upcoming fourth LP It’s Still Like a Secret tinkers with the sophistication of early Tortoise, and live the instrumental duo rocks a double-neck guitar and dizzying array of loops and effects. Anticon beat scientist and Flying Lotus contemporary Baths breaks a sweat early, as does Death Is Not a Joyride.
08/21/10 @ Hole in the Wall
The uneven rhythms of Megafauna shrug off any discernible genre tag, but there are still some mammoth rawk waves on the local trio’s debut, Larger Than Human. Led by the smooth vocals and jagged edge of guitarist Dani Neff, their “Fun at the Apocalypse” and “Machines in the Sky” ride the wild rails of early 1990s Austin punk more than anything. The release corrals a mess of locals like Transmography, Red Leaves, the Hi-Tones, Death Is Not a Joyride., and more.
06/26/10 @ Red 7 CLOSED
Health, Indian Jewelry
Neon demons of screamo meet H-Town’s beat pushers, plus London’s Gold Panda and San Antone’s Computer Jesus Refrigerator.
05/01/10 @ Downtown Austin
Pecan Street Festival
The spring fling hosts Billy Joe Shaver, A-T Boyz, and many more.
01/09/10 @ Mohawk
Free Week!
Emo’s: Attak (In)Formation, Tia Carrera, Broken Gold, This Horn of Afrika, Zorch (outside); the Hex Dispensers, the Sinks, the Altars, Shanghai River (inside) Mohawk: T Bird & the Breaks, the Carrots, Ugly Beats, the Hi-Tones (outside); Missions, Death Is Not a Joyride., No Mas Bodas, Clouds Are Ghosts (inside) Red 7: Big Mess, Watching the Moon, We’ll Go Machete, Paper Shapes (outside); Shitty Carwash, Eagle Claw, White Rhino, Markov, Thieves (inside) Club de Ville: Haunting Oboe Music, Watch Out for Rockets, We Aim to Try Beauty Bar: Car Stereo (Wars), All My Friends, MothFight!, the Laughing Stubb’s: Leatherbag, the Pons, Danny Malone The Parish: The Bright Light Social Hour, Frontier Brothers, Dertybird, MoTel Aviv Beerland: Bang Bang Theodores, Wine & Revolution, Coma in Algiers, the Dead Space, Way No Way
05/03/09 @ Red 7 CLOSED
Sleepytime Gorilla Museum
Sunday night freak show, with Death Is Not a Joyride. and Opposite Day opening.
11/21/08 @ Mohawk
Gang Gang Dance
St. Dymphna, patron saint of those afflicted with mental disorders, works nicely as the titular inspiration for this Brooklyn trio’s latest album. Its music defies easy diagnosis, veering from off-the-shoulder 1980s electro-jams to futuristic synth ’n’ drum dub, singer/drummer Lizzie Bougatsos chanting and yelping in colorful shades of incantation. L.A. duo Rainbow Arabia gets the kaleidoscope spinning with tribal travels from recent EP The Basta. Locals Death Is Not a Joyride open up The Human Zoo.
08/30/08 @ Emo's CLOSED
KVRX Back to School Extravaganza
UT’s student transistors at KVRX usher in the new semester with a local lineup as eclectic as their free-form frequency. This year’s curriculum is fully loaded, offering Sunset’s expansive indie textures, Low Red Center’s electro-twitch, T-Bird & the Breaks’ soul shakedown, Transmography’s percussive assault, Ringo Deathstarr’s psychedelics, and Phranchyze’s freestyle flow. Score an A+ for music appreciation.
08/20/08 @ Mohawk
The second song on Evangelista’s latest album, Hello, Voyager (Constellation), hits the nail on the head. Carla Bozulich howls, “I’m inclined to keep my mind,” over a militaristic beat and flailing guitar, her rant punctuated by short screams. The song’s called “Smooth Jazz.” Bozulich has always excelled in extremes – tension and release, light and dark – whether with the sexually charged punk of Ethyl Meatplow, more folksy Geraldine Fibbers, her experimental guitar work with Nels Cline in Scarnella, or her cover of Willie Nelson’s Red Headed Stranger. For Voyager, her second album as Evangelista, she enlisted the help of members of Montreal’s A Silver Mt. Zion for a droning, spaced-out wad of hellfire. Via e-mail from Berlin, she explains the feel(s) she was going for with Evangelista, live and on record: “Shooting through, out, and up, crushing into an explosion of giant strength that it’s gonna be difficult for anyone to wash off. The best is that I don’t exist in that flashing moment so that a burning rope swings out around us all and pulls us together in fire and sound.” Bozulich is indeed an evangelista, her voice often changing from purr to growl in one torturous, glorious stretch. When asked exactly what she might be channeling, this: “I’m channeling a giant monster that walks big, shaking steps, tumbling concrete and asphalt, making every machine everywhere I go malfunction. … I’ve been all over the place with music but it is really just one thing to me, and any way you spin it, you come up with hope, desire, nonsense, and the end of the world. It doesn’t matter what the vehicle is, as long as someone gets excited and claws their way out of their cage.”
06/01/08 @ Stubb's
The Dresden Dolls
Berlin cabaret, Boston accent. Sister act Smoosh opens.
05/29/08 @ Holy Mountain
Transmography, Death is not a Joyride, Southern Drama
Neon and black, back-to-back.
01/29/08 @ Parish
Gram Rabbit
Given the Joshua Tree, Calif., quartet’s leporidian fascination, playful industrial beats, and fronting bombshell Jesika von Rabbit, Gram Rabbit seems like the spawn of an absurdist vision. Developing their psychedelic desert trance since aptly titled 2004 debut, Music to Start a Cult To (Stinky Records), last year’s RadioAngel & the RobotBeat (Royal Order) sounds like Shirley Manson reigning over VNV Nation. Local fivepiece Death Is Not a Joyride guns the goth swell.
01/10/08 @ Emo's CLOSED
Emo's Free Week, Part 2
06/22/07 @ Emo's CLOSED
Emo’s Anniversary Week Part Two
10/28/06 @
Check this monster mash-up: On Halloween night, the blood of the nonbelievers flows on Red River as Beerland hosts a showdown from the darkest corners of your record collection – the Strange Boys as the Mummies, the Ape-Shits as GG Allin & the Murder Junkies, Mr. Lewis & the Funeral Five tip the top hat to Alice Cooper, and Teeners poke eyes out as Angry Samoans. Room 710 delivers Children in Heat (Misfits), Big Mess (Devo), and Shock Treatment (Ramones), and Elysium hosts a local massacre with the TunaHelpers, Death Is Not a Joyride, and Ghetto Princess. Down Sixth at Momos, it’s another cover story: Tiny Livestock (Jimi Hendrix), Big Balls (AC/DC), and Angry Chair (Alice in Chains). Portland, Ore., hair farmers Danava and Sweden’s Witchcraft offer black communion at the Parish; across the street at the Flamingo Cantina, Spoonfed Tribe jams. The Hill Country String Quartet presents a multimedia overload of classical fare, a “radio drama” based on a Ray Bradbury story, and visual stimulation at the American Legion mansion. In that same bulging vein, the Alamo Drafthouse South screens the original Night of the Living Dead with live score from P.K. Waddle’s zombie string quartet, and the White Ghost Shivers’ always-killer Hallowe’en Ball hangs the Peculiar Pretzelmen and St. Idiot Collective from the Oaks in Manor. Over on the Eastside, the Victory Grill is overtaken by the Zombie Rock Orchestra, Darling New Neighbors, and Damage Pants. And perhaps the most frightening, Trey Anastasio at Stubb’s vs. Alex Jones signing his TerrorStorm DVD at Waterloo Records. Want more? Saturday: Hip-Halloween Bash, Tray Loc, Zeale 32, Emo’s Lounge; Hedwig and the Angry Inch cover band, Room 710; Freak Fest, Attic Ted, Night Viking, Spunky Monkey Ranch (South First behind End of an Ear); Costume Ball, the Bellfuries, Alice Rose, Summer Wardrobe, Sparkwood, Ruta Maya; Helloween Metal Ball, Redrum; Fear and Misfits tribute bands, Red 7. Sunday: Midori Umi as Led Zeppelin, the Fall Collection as the Clash, Paper South as the Cure, Friday After Dark as the Police, Johnnie Walker as the Who, Benko as Dolly Parton, Club de Ville.
04/20/06 @ Emo's CLOSED
The Sword, Torche
It’s been a big, loud year so far for local boys the Sword, who’ve been touring relentlessly for their fantastic Kemado debut, Age of Winters. Helping them bring the noise are Torche, Miami’s own purveyors of blissful sonic devastation, North Carolina thrashers ASG, and labelmates Tarantula A.D., derailing the classic metal train crash into their debut, Book of Sand. And, dude, it’s also 4/20 (insert weed reference here)!

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