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Daniel Francis Doyle

Photo by Ben Aqua
How could someone that looks so innocent make such a racket? Originally shy and introverted, Daniel Francis Doyle began by making noise in his bedroom, but when he exploded into the public eye, he became a monster, running around the stage, setting guitar loops in action, and jumping back behind the drum kit. A modern-day one-man band – you’ll find no banjo here – Doyle released his debut, Sings Blues in E, in 2005, followed by sophomore LP Who Are Your Customers? (Furniture) the next year. Somewhere in between, he started to perform live. At 17-and-a-half-minutes long, Customers is a mind-melting, noise-canoodling, sweet piece of WTF rock, void of pretension or ulterior motives, and it gave Doyle the confidence to branch out into louder and more cooperative ventures. Pulled into fellow ear-haters Tuxedo Killers on drums for a 2006 tour, he was brought into that fold, eventually landing in local pop-metal sevenpiece When Dinosaurs Ruled the Earth as one of two drummers. – Darcie Stevens

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10/11/13 @ Mohawk
The Dodos

If the Dodos’ late-August release, Carrier, sounds a little solemn, it’s safe to speculate the cause: Christopher Reimer, who served as the band’s guitarist briefly, passed away last year. Live, Meric Long and Logan Kroeber’s moody fifth LP ought to ebb to the flow of the San Francisco duo’s lightning fast acoustic chords and atmospheric pop, which translates into a stunning show that fulfills the work of a full band through two people. Dustin Wong and Daniel Francis open.

09/04/13 @ The Sahara Lounge
Daniel Francis Doyle

One-man local strummer in trio with Strange Boys newbie Living Grateful and Chris Catalena & the Native Americans.

08/17/13 @ Cheer Up Charlies
Daniel Francis Doyle, Spray Paint

A full-service musician, Daniel Francis Doyle can do it all: write, play guitar, sing, and drum. His staggering, mad-scientist compositions testify to a creative force reminiscent of Jonathan Richman, except Doyle’s a better instrumentalist. Doyle and crew shove off for a short national tour with a performance at East Sixth Street headquarters Cheer Up Charlie’s, where he’ll be joined by fellow When Dinosaurs Ruled the Earth remnants Spray Paint and Party Girl, a catchy New Wave side project featuring members of the Carrots.

08/01/13 @ Hotel Vegas
Polio Club, Hidden Ritual, Pataphysics, Daniel Francis Doyle

Come put a little money in the gas tank for Polio Club, the thumpy, local post-punk trio kicking off their first tour with New Wave kooks Pataphysics and the inimitable Daniel Francis Doyle, a one-man show who makes heavy, avant-garde rock compositions by juggling guitar, drums, and vocals. With their foreign hand drums and cosmic arrangements, guitar pop gravediggers Hidden Ritual remain the bill’s must-see band.

06/29/13 @ Hotel Vegas
Spray Paint

Spray Paint possesses a quality that few rock trios achieve: All three members are equally frontmen. Cory Plump, George Dishner, and Chris Stephenson – expats of When Dinosaurs Ruled the Earth – equilaterally execute a distinctly clattering interplay of spastic post-punk. The local three-way headlines a hot bill that includes Soft Healer – baking fuzz and funk with heavy vintage grooves, combustible jams, and female vocals – and Daniel Francis Doyle, who wails sincerity over hard buzzing rhythms. Arkansas-hailing hard rockers Opportunist set the mood.

03/08/13 @ Beerland
Nazi Gold, Spray Paint, Foreign Mothers, Daniel Francis Doyle

SX showcase? La crème de Austin’s contemporary post-punk might as well be.

12/07/12 @ Beerland
Daniel Francis Doyle
Austin’s one-man “rock/pop/ballad/bossanova/clank.”
10/19/12 @ Beerland
Foreign Mothers
If Foreign Mothers’ home base was Brooklyn rather than Red River, you’d have already read about them in the (inter)national press. The Austin trio’s lock-down post-punk, all needling guitar and drummer R.L. Stina’s high-sticking, drops jaws. The ladies’ debut LP, Duh, records the effect in one title – no, not “Love Song for Bill Paxton,” but rather “I’m Sorry If I Just Blew Your Mind But, Please Clean Up the Mess.” Hidden Ritual, Daniel Francis Doyle, and Jungle Bodies bring mop and pail.
09/01/11 @ Mohawk
Daniel Francis Doyle tour kick-off
One-man indie troubadour preps seven-week East-West trek. Dikes of Holland, Seth Sherman, and Transmography aid the send-off.
07/22/11 @ Mohawk
Mission of Burma
New LPs from the Feelies and Gang of Four and then Wire playing at the Mohawk? Time for Boston brigade Mission of Burma to reiterate 1980s indie with defoliating post-punk. At least one Emo’s anniversary since the quartet’s new-millennial reassembling left audience members running for one of nitroglycerine guitarist Roger Miller’s set of earphones. Locals Ume begin debuting upcoming 1990s takedown Phantoms, plus Daniel Francis Doyle outside, while inside afterward features the White White Lights and Residual Kid.
03/13/11 @ Beerland
When Dinosaurs Ruled the Earth
Last year’s Peaced vinyl dunked ATX quintet WDRTE into its noisiest waters yet, proving it didn’t necessarily need eight members to make great free-thrash. But it sure was fun watching stages nearly collapse under the weight. Also of note: song titles like “Cum Lake” and “You’ve Got Male.” Local spazz trio Oh, Beast! makes a rare appearance, along with Daniel Francis Doyle and Stormshelter.
08/27/10 @ Spider House Ballroom
KVRX Summer Concert Series
School’s back, but UT’s student-run radio station is still basking in the glow of its summer series. In exchange for a fiver, you get the sweet local sounds of MaryAnn & the Revival Band, December Boys, Becca & the Blancos, Stunts, and Wiretree, plus the heavier strains of Daniel Francis Doyle, Bali Yaaah, Wave Hands Like Clouds, Gobi, and Missions. The series ends next month with pudding wrestling at Club de Ville! Summer!
01/16/10 @ Salvage Vanguard Theater
Austin Video Bee Jamz
Austin has become sort of a multimedia work in progress, with musicians and artists high-fiving in the name of creativity. Austin Video Bee’s semiannual video party returns in 2010 with works by Sally Bergom, Leigh Brodie, Amanda Joy, Matti Sloman, Jamie Wentz, Kate Watson, and Lee Webster, mirrored by performances from Daniel Francis Doyle, Soft Healer, Silent Diane, and Sunset. 8pm.
12/27/09 @ Beerland
Daniel Francis Doyle, Air Traffic Controllers
Choose your own adventure in noise.
08/13/09 @ Beerland
When Dinosaurs Ruled the Earth, Daniel Francis Doyle, Elvis
A local chorus line of tempo tantrums. Dana Falconberry starts the night on a sweet note.
04/14/09 @ Emo's CLOSED
Daniel Francis Doyle CD Release
The drum machine says, We Bet Our Money on You.
01/17/09 @ Beerland
Daniel Francis Doyle
DIY drummer readies a new disc for spring. Baltimore’s metric thrashers Yukon and locals Dikes of Holland, Seth Sherman, and Woodgrain spit and shine.
11/14/08 @ Mohawk
KVRX Benefit
Spreading post-election fever across the airwaves, UT’s entirely student-operated KVRX 91.7FM hosts an entirely local free-form benefit everyone can rally behind. Current chart-toppers Cry Blood Apache headline outside with white-heat vibrations burning through latest EP Northern Travelers, alongside Mammoth Grinder, A Faulty Chromosome, Daniel Francis Doyle, and Dallas’ Dove Hunter.
09/17/08 @ Emo's CLOSED
These Are Powers
Like former band Liars, guitarist Pat Noecker’s new venture, These Are Powers, is all about rhythm. With howler Anna Barie and skin-thumper Bill Salas, their black-and-blue Dead Oceans EP, Taro Tarot, screams, chants, and summons a few of Siouxsie’s banshees. When Dinosaurs Ruled the Earth, Daniel Francis Doyle, and Palit kick it local live.
07/25/08 @ Emo's CLOSED
Aesop Rock
Underground hip-hop’s most lyrically verbose and enunciated wordsmith swoops down on Austin’s cerebral cortex, complete with rare spots of “Daylight” amidst the Long Island, N.Y., native’s psychotic lexicon. Recently relocated to San Francisco, the Definitive Jux staple’s a year removed from his Blockhead-produced None Shall Pass, an opaque examination of those damned failed relationships. Bring your dictionary.
04/23/08 @ The Opera House
Dark Inside the Sun
One-man breakdown. Daniel Francis Doyle, Low Red Center, and more offer support.
04/13/08 @ Emo's CLOSED
Ever feel like life has become too orderly? L.A. noise-rock quartet Health is just the china-shop bull to shatter predictability. The group’s animalistic tendencies alternate growl and purr on 2007’s eponymous debut, not quite instrumental yet entirely indecipherable. Local fivepiece Coma in Algiers reads from the same textbook, and Daniel Francis Doyle does it all on his own. YellowFever breaks the ice.
02/07/08 @ Emo's CLOSED
Daniel Francis Doyle Record Release
Local drummer skins it on vinyl, with Koji Kondo, YellowFever, and Awesome Cool Dudes.
12/07/07 @ Emo's CLOSED
Clipd Beaks
Glitch and reverb from L.A.'s Hoarse Lords, plus local noize from Ikillcars and Daniel Francis Doyle.
07/29/07 @ Emo's CLOSED
Daniel Francis Doyle, Punk Bunny
Remember when kids were kids and music was fun? Denton trio Christian! Teenage Runaways - part dirty Sixties girl group, part riot grrrls - play "Too Hot" first, and the last band in the world without a MySpace page, Denton post-punks the Nouns Group, follow. Local indie-pop quartet Yellow Fever drags hearts in the dirt, L.A. electro threesome Punk Bunny dedicates to Peaches, and local one-man drum machine Daniel Francis Doyle gardes his avant last.
06/09/07 @ Beerland
When Dinosaurs Ruled the Earth
Coming at you two by two, the seven Dinosaurs gear up for a monthlong trek with a night of pop/noise/metal from last year’s beaut, Snacks (Emperor Jones). The local Dinos hit a beat and nest in it, creating raucous, rhythmic destruction in their path. Dino drummer No. 1 Daniel Francis Doyle opens with his one-man band, and drummer No. 2 Brandon Crowe brings his mistress Oh, Beast!
02/18/07 @ The Parlor
George Showalter Benefit
Daniel Francis Doyle, the Bellfuries, and Dana Falconberry together for a good cause.
12/28/06 @ Beerland
Daniel Francis Doyle, Best Fwends
Noise! Dance! Sweet ear mics! General all-around weirdness abounds tonight as little drummer man Daniel Francis Doyle pounds the skins and stuffs your stockings with lumps of hott rawk. Bacardi-hawking duo Best Fwends never fails to move the vibe-o-meter from “chillax” to “oh, shit,” and there’s always hope they’ll drop their cover of Hall & Oates’ “Out of Touch.” Locals Nightmoves and Follow That Bird! cook it up first.
06/28/06 @ Emo's CLOSED
Awesome Cool Dudes
One-man wrecking crew Daniel Francis Doyle proffers jagged two-minute belts of post-punk noise with the same cartoonish zeal as a kid who pushes his toy box down the stairs just to see and hear what happens. Even so, there’s plenty of single-minded discipline underneath all that falling apart. Pop detritus scholars/scavengers the Awesome Cool Dudes launch a six-week summer tour with this date, while the ever-frenetic Zom Zoms point their pizza-delivery vehicle in the direction of synth-addled binary meltdown.
04/22/06 @ Room 710
Rubble, Tuxedo Killers, Daniel Francis Doyle
Local cacophony peppered with shards from San Fran’s Sic Alps and Raleigh’s Birds of Avalon.
04/08/06 @ Flamingo Cantina
Furniture Records Extravaganza
The definition of DIY, Austin’s Furniture Records hits Flamingo Cantina – which will heretofore be deemed the last venue on Sixth Street that gives a damn – once again with a slew of local talent. The always-rambunctious Tuxedo Killers/Awesome Cool Dudes offspring When Dinosaurs Ruled the Earth thrash crazy with epileptic sound, San Antonio’s Skullening drills holes in eardrums, and Daniel Francis Doyle pulls psychotic sounds out of his guitar. Dick Price and Bob White & the F Electrics also perform. They don’t call it the Give Us Yr Moneyz Show for nuthin’.
01/25/06 @ Flamingo Cantina
Furniture Records Showcase
Time to move in the Furniture. Austin’s newest weirdo imprint hosts this smorgasbord of to-dos from local acts new and old(er). Furniture execs Tuxedo Killers open with a rush of aural mayhem followed by the fast and furious antics of Uncool Niece (ex-members of the Sneezes). The Carrots follow with a Sixties girl-group sneer, and Daniel Francis Doyle changes lanes with one-man noise. Awesome Cool Dudes headline doing what they do best: Maxin and Relaxin. Don’t forget to lift with your knees.
12/08/05 @ Emo's CLOSED
Using only tape loops, telephone receivers, guitar, and drums, Brooklyn duo Japanther create some sort of chaotic seven-headed beast that’s neither Japanese nor pantheresque. On their latest, Master of Pigeons (Menlo Park), Ian Vanek and Matt Reilly exude more sloppy, choppy blastitude and buckets of sweat. Local one-man band Daniel Francis Doyle explodes with beautiful cacophony off his upcoming Who Are Your Customers? on local imprint Furniture, and Tia Carrera pick-me-up Vitamins support with Corruption Is King opening.
Last Updated: March 2, 2008

November 19, 1979
Genre: Hard Rock/Heavy Metal and Pop/Rock
Full Discography:
Sings Blues in E (2005)  
Who Are Your Customers?
Furniture Records (2006)
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