Five Crafty Cocktails

The To-Do List:

Five Great Burgers

Five Divine Desserts

Five Mexican Breakfasts

Five Outstanding Noodle Bowls

Five Veggie-licious Dishes

Five Superior Sausages

Five Romantic Dining Spots

Bar Congress

No joke: The George Burns mixes two superb Scotch whiskies, a little Carpano Antica vermouth, just a touch of grappa, and a dash of bitters.

Bar Congress (location page)
200 Congress, 512/827-2755


Take the flavor of a traditional South American chicha morada (a brew made from corn, pineapple, and spices), add a little pisco, cinnamon, and lime, and you've got the Morada Highball. Ideal for sipping after any strenuous activity.

Drink.Well (location page)
207 E. 53rd, 512/614-6683

Salty Sow

The Rosemary's Piglet – crisp, pink, and herbaceous – is perfect for a warm ladies' night out.

Salty Sow (location page)
1917 Manor Rd., 512/391-2337

The Tigress Pub and Cocktails

Wake up the senses with the Corpse Reviver #2's mix of gin, Cointreau, Lillet, lemon juice, and a dash of absinthe.

The Tigress Pub and Cocktails (location page)
100-G North Loop, 512/600-3232

Violet Crown Cinema

Lime, cranberry, St. Germaine, and VeeV acai: The Fitzcarraldo is a cosmopolitan cocktail for movie lovers of refined tastes.

Violet Crown Cinema (location page)
434 W. Second, 512/495-9600