Dining Beyond the Chains

Good food moves to the 'burbs

By Melanie Haupt, Fri., July 18, 2014

Nancy's Sky Garden

501 S. Austin Ave., Georgetown, 512/554-2060
Mon.-Sat., 11am-9pm

If I worked within walking distance of Nancy's Sky Garden, I would probably have financed at least one of Nancy's children's college educations by now. Alas, I do not, which means that the bountiful, super-healthy menu options here are an occasional treat. Should you find yourself hungry for a light-yet-filling, Asian-inspired lunch in Georgetown, get yourself to the weird little office building across the street from the Monument Cafe, take the elevator to the top floor, and hook a left. For maximum virtue points, order a garden plate – my favorite is the mango chicken ($10), grilled chicken breast topped with a bright mango sauce served atop a rainbow of fresh vegetables, steamed red rice, and fresh sliced avocado (for an additional $1.50). You'll come away full, but guilt-free. My only quibble is with the service. During a busy lunch, we only spied one harried, inefficient waiter; this particular operational decision stretches the definition of "lunch hour," which can be frustrating. But I'd still patronize with alarming frequency a Central Austin location of this unique little treasure.

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