Finally we can condone getting Sauced at the mall

Reviewed by Mick Vann, Fri., Nov. 25, 2011

Sauced owners Carson Nunez and Annette Rhode
Sauced owners Carson Nunez and Annette Rhode
Photo by John Anderson


6001 Airport, second floor, 323-9003
Monday-Saturday, 10am-9pm; Sunday, noon-6pm

One would imagine that a pizza joint in a mall filled with college kids during the week would be a natural, and Sauced has replaced the previous Villa Pizza, serving beer and wine (which most students crave). The website promises handmade artisanal pizza and suggests that Sauced is bringing the food truck revolution indoors. I can't imagine its bank of Baker's Pride ovens in a trailer, but they are the right tool for the job. Owners Annette Rhode and Carson Nunez are culinary grads from ACC and are responsible for the sauces (marinara and alfredo), the sausage, the hamburger, and the pizza crust. The concept is simple, focusing on slices ($2.75) with additional toppings added for 25 or 50 cents each, although 18-inch whole pies can also be had ($14, plus $1.25 per ingredient). Pasta ($4) and salad ($3) are also available; add chicken or beef ($2) or seafood ($3) to either. We tried a few slices recently and found them too cheesy, smothering the taste of the namesake sauce. Next up: Try a whole pie with alfredo sauce, bacon, rosemary, and roasted garlic.

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