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What Barrier?

RECEIVED Fri., Feb. 5, 2016

Dear Editor,
    I am totally at a loss to understand how Uber and Lyft see a requirement for fingerprinting and undergoing a background check as such a "barrier" that they could no longer continue operating in Austin ["Uber Says 'Thumbs Down,'" News, Jan. 29]. A couple years ago, I was required to get fingerprinted and undergo a background check in order to renew my professional engineer license. It was a quite minor inconvenience, and a very minor charge, really no trouble at all. This was required for a job that does not entail the sort of interaction inherent in running a taxi-type service. So it is really quite strange that these companies are getting their panties in such a bunch about such a minor imposition, a really quite reasonable expectation for people who are to be trusted to engage in the level of interaction they do with their customers. So really, it looks like spoiled brat behavior, throwing a tantrum because they don't immediately get their way. If that is the way they choose to behave, perhaps we should just tell them not to let the door hit them in the ass as they leave. We'd always gotten along without this "service" before they showed up; I expect we can continue to muddle through without them now.
David Venhuizen
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