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Cap Metro Shameful!

RECEIVED Mon., Feb. 10, 2014

Dear Editor,
    While I agree with the sentiments expressed in "Postmarks" this week [Feb. 7], the debate over the 801 versus the 1L/1M overlooks a much more important point: Cap Metro can't even get the basics right. They have spent so much money on marketing and promotion, and yet many of the bus stops – regardless of the route – do not have basic amenities, like a bench to sit on, a roof, or even a trash can. This inconveniences riders, angers business owners located by the bus stops, and adds to pollution. I ride the train and the bus at least five days per week and can personally testify to these facts and to the anger of other riders as well.
    And now they plan to get rid of the 3 and replace it with the 803. I'm amazed taxpayers are letting them get away with this idiocy. Cap Metro planners deserve to either be fired, demoted, or receive a decrease in pay. Shameful!
John Taylor

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