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Emperor's New Clothes?

RECEIVED Fri., Aug. 16, 2013

Dear Editor,
    Having read the article on Katie Rose Pipkin (aka "the Great Collaborator") several times, I confess that I fail to find evidence of 1) collaboration, 2) original thinking, or 3) actual talent [“Techno-Artistic,” Arts, Aug. 9]. To say that the Internet offers creative possibilities now available to the few artmakers capable of plumbing its mysterious depths gives me pause. To assert that Ms. Pipkin will put Austin on the map, ranking it with New York and L.A. as a true visual arts mecca, is nothing short of disgusting, and insults the hundreds of working artists in the area who continue to struggle with recognition and sales long into their middle years. Her ascension into the top tier of creative types via the Texas Biennial prompted me to take a long, hard look at her work. Gotta say: It's the emperor's new clothes all over again. Where's the beef, dear?
Eva M. Olson

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