St. Edward's University

Go back to school with the 'Chronicle' interns

By Jordan Gass-Pooré, Fri., Aug. 24, 2012

St. Edward's University

Dallas Hudgens (computer science alumna, May 2012).

Why St. Edward's?

The financial aid is amazing. They were really able to help me afford to go to school. The campus is beautiful. The university programming board also holds free events, such as fairs, concerts, comedy nights, movies, and more. St. Edward's' small size creates the perfect community. You are able to easily meet people, make friends, talk to your professors, and make connections that help you in the future.

Extracurricular Activities

Residence life. I was a resident assistant for two years and also a resident event planner.

Favorite Eateries

Hea Cafe is a little Chinese food place off Ben White and is one of my favorites. We are also really close to South Congress with all the [food] trailers. It's a really eclectic area and has a lot of good food.

Survival Tips for Incoming Students

• Keep a calendar or a planner. It will really help you to keep organized and not to lose track of assignments and due dates.

• You may not end up being best friends with your roommate, and that is OK.

• Don't try to cram a lot of things into your room. It isn't fun when you have to move it all at the end of the year.

• Try to remember you are a poor college student and live as such. You are able to live off a small amount of money; save it for more important things.

Study abroad! It is much easier to travel for school, and you will really get to absorb the culture. You should travel as much as you can because it is such an eye-opening experience.

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