SXSW Film Review: '10,000KM'

A funny, sweet ode to technological relationships

By Amy Smith, 12:38PM, Tue. Mar. 11

Barcelona couple Alexandra and Sergi start the day with an intense romp in the sheets, gentle teasing, and a few towel snaps as they prepare for breakfast. Nothing, it seems, can shake the bond between these lovers – until Alex checks her email and learns she’s been awarded an artistic residency in Los Angeles.

Sergi can’t just quit his teaching job to join Alex in the U.S., and Alex doesn’t want to pass up an opportunity to reignite her photography career. Can they survive a one-year separation? The two agree to put their plans on hold so Alex (Natalia Tena) can pursue her dreams in L.A., while Sergi (David Verdaguer) keeps the home fires burning in Spain. Once apart, they stay virtually and, at first, fairly constantly connected via their laptops – Alex gives Sergi a tour of some of the sights around L.A., Sergi provides basic cooking skills to Alex as she attempts to dice and sauté an onion. They prop each other up through lonely days.

Eventually, though, a disconnect creeps into their onscreen lifestyle and the couple is put to one last, tough test. Judging from the response at Monday’s world premiere of 10,000KM, writer-director Carlos Marqués-Marcet passed a crucial audience-pleasing test with his first feature film – a funny, sweet ode to technological relationships.

10,000KM (Long Distance)

Narrative Competition, World Premiere
Friday, March 14, 4:30pm, Rollins

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