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Mascot-on-Mascot Crime

Thanks to former Score blogger Chris Gray for bringing this clip to our attention. The Oregon Duck lets loose on the Houston Cougar who needs a little help from the cheerleading squad. Now I'd like to see the Ice Bats' mascot, Fang, and the Toros' mascot, Da Bull, go 10 rounds. Enjoy the clip. Read More | Comment »

6:26PM Tue. Sep. 11, 2007, Mark Fagan

TCU: Regular or Extra Christiany?

Remember when Kentucky Fried Chicken was Kentucky Fried Chicken? Back before it hid the grease in the moniker KFC? Same apparently goes for TCU football. The TCU Department of Intercollegiate Athletics informs us they would prefer all sports stories stick with TCU. Subsequent references are suggested as Horned Frogs or simply Frogs. Ribbit. The official name of the school, in case you didn’t know, is Texas Christian University.

I don’t know the football team’s current religious affiliation, but I can tell you that TCU football has found God. He comes in the form of Coach Gary Patterson, who is 55-20 at the FW (that’s Fort Worth for those of you not afeared of the military) school. On Monday, Texas’ Mack Brown gave Patterson the props he deserves, rattling off the stats: TCU has won its last four bowl games, they’ve beaten the last five Big 12 teams they’ve matched up with on the field and Patterson won 73% of his games. Read More | Comment »

1:28PM Thu. Sep. 6, 2007, Joe O'Connell

UT/Arkansas State Preview

Sure, Texas will buzz saw Arkansas State this weekend. No doubt about it. The game is designed as a warm-up to the tougher road ahead. But don’t forget that these gimme games aren’t always easy.

Let’s go back to 1976, the year it all changed. Darrell Royal had two national championships under his belt and a third one from 1970 with a big asterisk next to it (the poll in question didn’t pay attention to UT’s loss to Notre Dame in the Cotton Bowl). Earl Campbell was on board and big as a tree. The Horns entered the season ranked seventh. All was as it should be.

Then it all came crashing down with a heartbreaking one-point, season-opening loss to Boston College. Texas fans were wishing they’d scheduled a patsy — some team like Arkansas State. The good news was the next week would feature just such a patsy — North Texas State. Texas had never played the lowly Mean Green, whose nickname came from Mean Joe Greene, the one great player to bust out of the school and into an outstanding pro career as well as pop culture history in a memorable Coke ad. Read More | Comment »

12:59PM Fri. Aug. 31, 2007, Joe O'Connell

Paul Mosley to Address Sunshine Campers

Ex-Baylor Bear running back and current NFL free agent Paul Mosley will speak with kids in the Austin-area Sunshine Camps about setting and achieving their personal goals. Mosley has a long history of involvement with the Young Men's Business League's Austin Sunshine Camps having attended the camps during his childhood. Mosley was a standout RB for Anderson High School and Baylor University. This event takes place Thursday, July 19, 12:30pm at Zilker Park. Mosley will also share lunch with the campers and play in an informal pick-up football game. Read More | Comment »

4:08PM Wed. Jul. 18, 2007, Mark Fagan

Maybe Starring Matthew McConaughey as the Coach?

After I described the ending of Boise State's Fiesta Bowl victory to my wife, she commented on how it was a Hollywood ending. I said, "You know, if that was the ending to a football movie, I'd have stomped out of the theatre grumbling, 'That's stupid. Real football games don't end like that.'" Read More | Comment »

12:25PM Wed. Jan. 3, 2007, Lee Nichols

Downtown Boise Burning, Cars Overturned, Nightlong Riots

Well OK, no it's not. But hey, they did get a whole 200 people in the streets celebrating! Read More | Comment »

2:58PM Tue. Jan. 2, 2007, Lee Nichols

Let’s Have a College Football Playoff Already

Is it too late for a real college football playoff? How about a revote on the Heisman? Cuz if there were, I’d be betting on Boise State to slip past Ohio State with rethought Heisman winner Jared Zabransky going pass-happy on the Buckeyes. Sorry, OSU fans, you can put an asterisk next to this title (if your boys get past Florida). Boise State is a perfectly frightening 13-0.

Lightweight schedule in the WAC? Tell that to Oklahoma, which couldn’t put a stake in the heart of vampire Zabransky. Late fourth-quarter comeback touchdown? Check. Two-point conversion to tie? Easy. Intercept a pass for a game-sealing touchdown with a minute to go? Sure. But somebody forgot to tell the Broncos they were supposed to roll over and play dead for the big boys of corporate college football. Read More | Comment »

2:15PM Tue. Jan. 2, 2007, Joe O'Connell

Bowl Week: or, Holy Hopping Baby Jesus, It’s Eastern West Virginia Tech vs. Cal-Poly San Luis State!

   Yes, friends, it’s here. Bowl Week. 'Tis the season for the conclusion of football season. Bowl Week? Before we get to the good stuff – the BCS bowls that actually mean something – we are offered a plethora of bowl games that seem, like illiterate families from the Florida panhandle, to multiply every year. Thanks to the corporate interests that give us such intriguing games as the Papa Bowl, Capitol One Bowl, and Outback Steakhouse Bowl, Bowl Week is actually more than two weeks long.
   Does anyone remember the Poulan Weed-Eater Bowl? Read More | Comment »

4:42PM Wed. Dec. 27, 2006, John Razook

How Sweet It Is

How beautifully righteous it was for New Orleans Saints wide receiver Terrance Copper to haul in a Drew Brees Hail Mary at the close of the first half of a 31-13 victory over the Atlanta Falcons. Take that, Alfred Jenkins! Take that Steve Bartkowski! And to push Falcons quarterback Michael Vick so far into frustration that he would wind up having to catch media heat for flipping off his own disgruntled home crowd is something that makes Saints fandom a pleasure, albeit at times a vengeful pleasure. Yes, we are still indeed paying back punches landed more than 25 years ago, and if you are even thinking that I’m alone on that, please reference a sign held up at the Georgia Dome on Sunday by a visiting Saints fan that read, “Tickets, $100. Hotel, $200. Teaching my kids to hate the Falcons, Priceless.” Read More | Comment »

10:19PM Wed. Nov. 29, 2006, Robert Gabriel

Aggies Hook Horns, Astros Land Lee

So the Fightin' Farmers from College Station - who, according to a front-page article in the Houston Chronicle, are now every bit as suburban, SAT-savvy, and middle class as their despised Teasip arch rivals, albeit still less apt to grow dreadlocks and major in things like Postmodern Film Theory - waltzed into DKR this morning and played Temple of Doom with Longhorn Nation, ripping out Bevo's heart, which still beat with hopes of at least taking the Big 12 South, and taking a juicy 12-7 bite. (So what if the Ags missed both extra points? That's why they call them "extra" points.) Barring a monumental fuckup by Oklahoma in today's Bedlam scrum, not at all out of the question considering the way Boone Pickens' boys manhandled Nebraska a few weeks back, the defending national champions will be spending their 2007 bowl season picking Cotton. As Adam Sandler once said, "Whoopity doo!" At least they'll be in the proper position: bent over. Adding insult to obviously-not-healed shoulder injury, Texas can't even count on possible revenge for LSU's 2000 Fair Park Filleting because of how the Tigers muddied the SEC waters with today's win over Arkansas. But today's game should lead to interesting offseason fishing trips for Colt McCoy and Burnet best buds Jordan Shipley and Stephen McGee. McCoy, suddenly evoking Major Applewhite's injury-prone side as well as his baby-faced sangfroid under pressure, should have plenty to talk about with UT's invisible wideout and A&M's big hero while he learns to cast his line with his left arm. Start with the bullshit offensive pass interference penalty that took a touchdown away from Limas Sweed just before halftime, continue with the Horns' run defense deciding that since it's Thanksgiving, they'd take a holiday from tackling (Rashad Bobino excepted), and finish up with supposed human tank Henry Melton's continuing inability to convert critical short-yardage situations. But, really, who cares? In case you hadn't noticed, and no one beyond the 281 area code probably has, one Division I-A Texas school has already sewn up a spot in its conference championship game, and in fact will host that game next Friday at Robertson Stadium. That's the University of Houston, y'all.. the reigning Major League Soccer champion Houston Dynamo gets most of the headlines these days, but they still play American football there too. And because poker players need a night off once in a while, ESPN2 is even televising this game, to decide the Conference USA champion, Friday, Dec. 1, 7pm. Go Coogs!

For news on the Astros and the signing of Carlos Lee ... Read More | Comment »

1:38PM Sat. Nov. 25, 2006, Christopher Gray

Help Me to Pretend

Please tell me that New Orleans Saints cornerback Fred Thomas, who just last week I had hoped to return quickly from injury, didn’t allow Cincinnati Bengals receiver Chad Johnson to torch him for six catches, 190 yards, and three touchdowns. Please follow that up by telling me that Saints running back Deuce McAllister didn’t carry the ball a measly 10 times for 40 yards in a 31-16 home loss. I really don’t want to know that rookie sensation Marques Colston had to be carted off of the field with a high ankle sprain. And please spare me the news that the Saints are no longer the sole leaders of the NFC South.

For more on the Saints and the LSU Tigers ... Read More | Comment »

4:36PM Tue. Nov. 21, 2006, Robert Gabriel

'Pig Skinny': BCS Standings

November 2006 sure looks a lot like November 2001. Top 5 teams got stuffed weekly in turkey month that year, and this year is no different. A few weeks ago, it looked like the winner of the Louisville/West Virginia game was in if they both got by Rutgers. Not so much. Now, it's looking more and more like the loser of this weekend's Ohio State/Michigan game may get into the BCS Championship game against, um, the winner of this weekend’s Ohio State/Michigan game. Too bad the Big Ten doesn't play a league championship game, or maybe we could watch them play a best-of-three. I'm still keeping my fingers crossed for an Ohio State/Florida title game, but I had neither Florida nor Michigan nor mighty Rutgers (what was I thinking?) in my preseason Top 10 Teams That Could Win the BCS, so I'm rooting for Ohio State from here on out so I can keep my "sage" status alive and keep USC out of the picture.

Speaking of sage wisdom ... Read More | Comment »

3:33PM Mon. Nov. 13, 2006, Taylor Holland

So Much for a Brick Wall

The New Orleans Saints went up to Pittsburgh and allowed Willie Parker to conjure breakaway images of Barry Sanders as the first running back in quite some time to rack up multiple runs of more than 70 yards in a single game. Aside from a solid effort from Shane Shanle, the Saints’ linebackers were nowhere to be found and defensive back Jason Craft might as well have been a figment of our imagination as all he did was make us wish that regular cornerback Fred Thomas returns as quickly as possible from a pulled hamstring. Again, coach Sean Payton refused to let running back Deuce McAllister carry the load in protecting a lead, instead giving rookie Reggie Bush yet another chance to hurt his team with a costly fumble. Quarterback Drew Brees made a valiant effort in attempting to lead the offense down the field for a late, game-tying touchdown. But wide receiver Terrance Copper compounded a crucial drop with a crushing fumble and the Saints yielded a 38-31 loss to the reeling Steelers. Rookie wide receiver Marques Colston continued to amaze with yet another stellar performance that now has him leading the entire NFL with 869 yards receiving. Meanwhile kicker John Carney better still be thinking long and hard about that 32 yard field goal that he hooked wide left.

For more on UT football, LSU football, and high school football ... Read More | Comment »

10:03AM Mon. Nov. 13, 2006, Robert Gabriel

Like Running Into a Brick Wall?

Are my eyes deceiving me? Did the New Orleans Saints defense really hold the Tampa Bay Buccaneers to a mere 68 yards rushing Sunday afternoon? It’s been quite some time since the Saints defense has been known as a run-stuffing force, if it’s ever been known as such. But sure enough, on the road no less, they made Cadillac Williams look like a Geo Metro. A pair of touchdown passes to Joey Galloway at the end of the first half certainly gave Saints doubters reasons to grumble, but the Bucs were shut down and shut out over the full course of the second half as the Saints put the finishing touches on a 31-17 victory.

Rookie wide receiver Marques Colston solidified his track toward an All-Pro season with 11 catches for 123 yards and a touchdown. And quarterback Drew Brees followed up his worst game of the season with what might as well be considered a flawless effort. Unfortunately the Saints rushing attack suffered through a game more miserable than that of the Bucs, but when we’ve got former LSU dynamo Devery Henderson hauling in long touchdown passes almost at will, who’s counting? Now back on top of the NFC South division at 6-2, the Pittsburgh Steelers loom within their own quarters as the Saints’ next challenge.

For more on UT footbal, LSU football, and high school football ... Read More | Comment »

10:17AM Tue. Nov. 7, 2006, Robert Gabriel

A Troika of Losers: Two Cowboys and an Aggie Walk Into a Bar …

I was needlessly afraid of the Oklahoma State Cowboys. As John Razook revealed in his blog, I was among the Longhorn faithful who weren’t all that faithful. Who can blame us? After all, my nickname of the Horns of recent vintage had been the Wifebeaters. (“We promise we won’t lose to Oklahoma again this year, honey …” BAM!) But it’s time to face the facts: the Horns see themselves as winners, and that’s half the battle. To be surprised at this victory is to believe the timing of Saddam Hussein’s death sentence right before elections is a coincidence.

It’s clear Texas will finish the regular season undefeated in the Big 12. I’m still not convinced they’re National Champ material minus Vince Young, but they believe, dammit, they believe. Lifelong Horns fans like yours truly need only look at one gaudy stat: 21 straight conference wins. That matches 21 straight Southwest Conference victories during the last glory days of the program from ’68 to ’71. Gulp. These guys are for real. Bring on that Nebraska rematch. An Ohio State do-over? Crazier things have happened, and the Horns, with ultra-confident Colt McCoy cocked and loaded, might just pull it off if given the chance. Read More | Comment »

2:35PM Mon. Nov. 6, 2006, Joe O'Connell

Pilgrim in an Unholy Land: Notes of a Lonely Cowboy

   Everyone seems scared of my Oklahoma State Cowboys. Let me tell you, I’ve seen this team, up close and in person. Make no mistake – they will beat someone this Saturday. The question is who? It could, just maybe, be the high and mighty Longhorns. State has knocked off bigger game: even Texas fans remember the Cowboys’ beatings of the very teams Mack Brown & Co. were regularly embarrassed by in Bob Stoops and those hated and feared Oklahoma Sooners.
   It could be that Oklahoma State comes waltzing across Texas and winds up beating the No. 4 team in the land. But it will more likely be themselves the Pokes lay waste to. Read More | Comment »

2:33PM Fri. Nov. 3, 2006, John Razook

'Pig Skinny': BCS Analysis

Take a look at the BCS Standings. With Oregon State's upset of USC on Saturday, the Ohio State/Michigan game (in two weeks) and this Thursday's West Virginia/Louisville games loom as virtual semifinal matchups. The only real hitch being that West Virginia and Louisville both have games with Rutgers and Pitt. As for the Texas Longhorns, I say they're out of it. Ohio State, Michigan, Florida, Auburn, and Notre Dame will all get in with one loss before Texas will, because of the Longhorns’ weak schedule. Not to mention that they're 112th in the nation in pass defense and don't deserve to be anywhere near the BCS championship game, except, maybe, ironically, to play in Fiesta Bowl One on New Year's Day against Boise State. Enjoy. If I were a Longhorn or a fan, I think I'd rather go to the Holiday Bowl and at least get in some beach time. I will also take this opportunity to predict that Nebraska or Missouri will win the Big 12 championship game, and Texas will end up in the Cotton Bowl against the SEC runner-up. Enjoy. Read More | 1 Comment »

11:35AM Mon. Oct. 30, 2006, Taylor Holland

Ruck Feplay: Can’t the Refs Get It Right the First Time?

The only time I laughed during the clash of the Longhorns and Red Raiders was at a shirt in the stands. It read “Tuck Fexas.” Now that spark of creativity is a natural for Panhandle folks, who claim Buddy Holly and the Flatlanders as their own. Of course, who wouldn’t be creative when the goal is to get the hell out of the flat, blustery nowhere as quick as you can? Out-of-town Texas Tech frosh are quickly clued in to the need for Chapstick and the cruel, cruel trick of keeping all of the booze stores outside the city limits. Talk about a dry town.

But that’s not what I’m writing about here. I’m interested in the new instant replay rule, which reared its ugly, dust-blown head one too many times during the game. Count 'em. Six disputed calls reconsidered. Five of them stood. The other, a touchdown run by Texas QB Colt McCoy, was inconsequential as the Horns punched it right in for a score.

Sigmund Freud, when he wasn’t talking about your attraction to your mother, called our fixation with technology the “prosthetic god,” and opined that what we think will make our lives simpler, actually mucks up the works. So it is with instant replay. Perhaps the money would be better spent training refs to make the right call the first time. Oh, wait, they did five times out of six and the sixth didn’t matter.

Plus the human element has not been removed. The disputes now are about when to call for a review or fouls missed entirely. It’s a game after all. Why should we figure machines are going the make the results clear? Next thing you know we’ll make all of our voting machines electronic. Oops. Forget I said that.

I’m interested in what you, dear readers, think on the subject. Fire away. Read More | 1 Comment »

11:26AM Mon. Oct. 30, 2006, Joe O'Connell

A Win Is a Win Is a Win

When Nebraska wide receiver Terrence Nunn hauled in that third-and-three pass from quarterback Zac Taylor with a mere two minutes remaining in Saturday’s game at Lincoln, he held the fruition of a significant upset in his hands. The Cornhuskers were then leading 20-19 and all they had to do from that first down on was run out the clock on the half-frozen Texas Longhorns. Fortunately Aaron Ross had other plans. As Ross and his magnificent helmet jarred the ball from Nunn’s grasp, momentum dramatically switched once Marcus Griffin fell upon it. Through sheer luck and a touch of resiliency, the defending national champion Longhorns salvaged any hopes of Texas repeating its glorious 2005 title run. Read More | Comment »

12:41AM Wed. Oct. 25, 2006, Robert Gabriel

'Pig Skinny': Games of October 21

Pig Skinny knows Pig Skinny hates the Texas Longhorns, but sometimes Pig Skinny forgets for about a half a second, and is reminded of just how much. One such a moo-ment occurred on Saturday afternoon at around 2, when the Nebraska Cornhuskers took a 20-19 lead on a halfback pass and Piggy’s wiggly corkscrew tail went to wagging. Longhorns lose in Lincoln, maybe another in Lubbock, and hopes were rising that the good guys could get back into the race for the Big 12 South. Lo and behold – you know the rest – the Corn blew it, sending my aforementioned corkscrew tail in search of a bottle to open. Read More | Comment »

4:32PM Mon. Oct. 23, 2006, Taylor Holland

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