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Cesaro: The Next Big Thing in Wrestling?

Modern pro-wrestling is all about the glitz and glamour, the big entrances and over-the-top theatrics. By contrast, WWE superstar Cesaro is definitely more substance over style. But when that substance means he can pick up 500 pound wrestlers like infants, or deliver a devastating European upper cut without even looking, that's style enough. Read More | Comment »

1:00PM Sun. Jan. 18, Richard Whittaker

UFC Fight Night Pounds the Erwin Center

With over 10,131 people in attendance, UFC Fight Night 57 on Saturday at the Frank Erwin Center proved entertaining from start to finish. In the very first fight of the night, lightweight Dooho “The Korean Superboy” Choi knocked out Juan Puig in 18 seconds, the third fastest KO in featherweight history. Read More | Comment »

3:02PM Mon. Nov. 24, 2014, Mac McCann

Fighter Inside and Outside the Octagon

With 26 professional MMA fights and a decade of experience under his belt, 31-year-old Cub Swanson is at the peak of his career. Read More | Comment »

12:01AM Sat. Nov. 22, 2014, Mac McCann

The Undertaker Coming to Wizard World

The Dead Man. The Phenom. The American Badass. WWE superstar, nae icon and legend, The Undertaker, is coming to Wizard World Austin. Read More | Comment »

8:54AM Mon. Aug. 4, 2014, Richard Whittaker

Powerslam Like a Woman

No divas. No knockouts. Tonight, Inspire Pro Wrestling puts the spotlight on its women wrestlers. Read More | Comment »

9:00AM Sun. May. 25, 2014, Richard Whittaker

Finding Relief at a Wrestling Show

It speaks to the ubiquity and specificity of World Wrestling Entertainment that on the final day of South by Southwest, when damn near everybody around Austin preoccupied themselves with scoring the final free drinks of a week gone haywire, it could roll into the Frank Erwin Center with little in the way of awareness for whatever it might be interrupting. Read More | Comment »

4:47PM Tue. Mar. 18, 2014, Luke Winkie

Now for Something Uplifting

There is a dormant, dream-like energy that's roused when you're lifted by a balloon. Read More | Comment »

12:19PM Thu. Jan. 2, 2014, Jesse Mandell-McClinton

Early Christmas: WWE Raw in Austin

Tuesday night, for the second time in five months, WWE Raw graced Austin with its pageantry of wrestling entertainment at the Frank Erwin Center. Austinites returned the favor by being the same reliably active crowd it’d been in the past, even if Christmas was a bit of a downer for everyone. Please allow me to explain what I mean. Read More | Comment »

8:21AM Wed. Dec. 18, 2013, Will Eidam

Austin App Now Under Under Armour Umbrella

One of the world's leading purveyors of workout gear announced last week that it would acquire an Austin-based app, MapMyFitness. Read More | Comment »

12:00PM Tue. Nov. 19, 2013, Monica Riese

Pro-Wrestling Gets Inspired Again

So with a the rain-drenched evacuees from Zilker Park wondering what they'll do tonight with ACL Fest being cancelled, it's a chance to forsake the soaked stage for the squared circle with Inspire Pro Wrestling. Read More | Comment »

12:34PM Sun. Oct. 13, 2013, Richard Whittaker

SXSW Drafts Sports to the Team

Batter up, sports fans. South by Southwest is expanding (again). This round, it’s bringing its bat and ball – and a whole slew of advanced statistical metrics – with it. Read More | Comment »

2:00PM Tue. Oct. 1, 2013, Chase Hoffberger

TopGolf is Austin's Newest Sports Entertainment Phenomenon

"Have you been to TopGolf?" "You've got to go to TopGolf!" "Let's go to TopGolf?" Read More | Comment »

11:30AM Tue. Aug. 13, 2013, Carly Yansak

Kickstart Your Weekend With the 'Intramural' Team

Texans know epic sport stories. Read More | Comment »

2:02PM Fri. Aug. 9, 2013, Monica Riese

Into the Pit

It doesn’t matter how old we grow, our inner child never truly runs away. Maybe it’ll hide a while, but it’ll always resurface – especially when it hears the words “Hot Lava Obstacle Course.” Read More | Comment »

6:00PM Tue. Jul. 23, 2013, Carly Yansak

Austin Gets the X Games

Sorry, Second City. Bad luck, Motor City. And apologies to the QC. Austin has beaten the competition to become the new US home to the Global X Games. Starting in 2014, the Olympics of extreme sports will be held at the Circuit of the Americas for the next four years. Read More | Comment »

10:17AM Wed. Jul. 17, 2013, Richard Whittaker

Red River Regular Will 'Inspire' Through Wrestling

Of course Max Dropout is becoming a wrestling promoter. The long-time booker at Red River institution Beerland has the perfect name for the sport of brawlers and high fliers. This weekend, he'll be ringside for the first Inspire Pro Wrestling event. He said, "I want to combine modern athleticism with traditional creative story telling." Read More | Comment »

9:00AM Fri. Jul. 5, 2013, Richard Whittaker

X Games Rally at Capitol Building

The honor of hosting the ESPN Summer X Games has been narrowed down to four cities: Charlotte, N.C., Chicago, Detroit, and, of course, Austin. How can we prove to the ESPN reps coming next week that we're the sickest (that's what the kids say, right?)? How about a big party at the Capitol? Maybe that'll help; maybe it won't. But we're doing it anyway; just cuz. Read More | Comment »

3:28PM Mon. Jun. 3, 2013, James Renovitch

'Ping Pong' Earns Match Point

Eight playful people play in fountains, shyly ask for autographs, and travel the world in the pursuit of the gold. And no, it's not the U.S. women's gymnastic team, nor is it Michael Phelps or his crew. Read More | Comment »

9:49AM Tue. May. 28, 2013, Monica Riese

'Chronicle' Adult Spelling Bee Takes Place Tonight

Yes, the weather forecast is a little ominous, but why base your plans on a “chance” of something when you can be 100% certain that staggering feats of orthographer prowess will rain down on the audience tonight at the The Austin Chronicle’s Adult Spelling Bee at Threadgill’s World Headquarters? Read More | Comment »

10:24AM Thu. May. 9, 2013, Kimberley Jones

Right Cheer, Right Now: Staging a Comedy of Competitive Cheerleading

All for some wild winner-take-all shenanigans, stand up and holler! Read More | Comment »

4:55PM Wed. Apr. 24, 2013, Wayne Alan Brenner

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