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Texas Rollergirls Pulling for Mayor Leffingwell at Fun Fun Fun (Literally)

Flat track Roller Derby league smashes on Saturday, tugs on Sunday

By Richard Whittaker, 1:00PM, Fri. Aug. 17, 2012

Never let it be said the Texas Rollergirls take a weekend off. This Saturday, the local flat track Roller Derby innovators head to title playoff mode, before heading to the Fun Fun Fun Aqua Olympics with Mayor Lee Leffingwell on Sunday.

First, the track action. Saturday night sees the league's first ever championship play-offs. Previously, title contention has always been decided by the regular season bouts, with any ties ironed out by points differential. Not this year. Instead, the top ranked, 3-0 Hell Marys face the number four Hustlers, running 0-3 for the season. The 2011 Hustlers were the champs: This year, the team has struggled, with back-to-back losses. Last weekend's away game - a 235-84 hammering by Vancouver's Terminal City probably hasn't helped their mood much. But Roller Derby can be a see-saw game, and that 2011 championship spark could still be in there.

But the unmissable matchup of the night will be the re-match between the Hotrod Honeys (1-2) and the Honky Tonk Heartbreakers (2-1). Last time they met, the Heartbreakers pulled out a last minute miracle win. The rematch should be just as much of a nail biter. The Hotrods are as rough and tough as they come, but the Heartbreakers have one of the deepest jammer rosters of any team in any league. No, it doesn't get much better than that.

Whoever wins or loses, the league comes together Sunday at the Fun Fun Fun Water Olympics. Seems like their old friend Leffingwell (aka Mayor Maynot) and Council Member Mike Martinez have a little rivalry going, and they've decided to settle it with a bout of tug-o-war, Aqua Fest style: Across the water at Fiesta Gardens. In a statement, Legffingwell said, "The Rollergirls and I fear nobody and look forward to winning this tug-o-war cotest by dragging Team Martinez into the drink."

Martinez, on the other hand, has recruited the Austin Facial Hair Club to balance his end of the rope. The famously chrome-domed Martinez fired back at Leffingwell, saying, "Much like ebony and ivory, my bald head and lack of facial hair will unite forces with the follicly-gifted in sweet tug-o-war harmony."

Well, look on the bright side, Mike. You'll probably dry off faster than the rest of your team.

Texas Rollergirls 2012 Playoffs, Saturday, Aug, 18, 5pm (doors) 6pm (first whistle). Austin Convention Center, 500 E. Cesar Chavez. Tickets available now. Student discount available, kids 12 and under free. More info at www.texasrollergirls.org.

Fun Fun Fun Aqua Olympics, Sunday, Aug. 19, 4pm (registration and opening ceremonies), 5-8pm (games). Fiesta Gardens, 2102 E. Jesse Segovia. Register at www.funfunfunfest.com/ 2012_water_olympics.

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