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Just Lose, Baby

Texas Volleyball's winning streak makes it hard to find flaws

By Will Eidam, 7:10PM, Thu. Nov. 18, 2010

Juliann Faucette
Juliann Faucette

I once compared UT's football and volleyball programs to The Day After Tomorrow, citing that both teams’ seasons were headed for catastrophe. I was wrong about both. The football season hasn’t been catastrophic, it's been apocalyptic. Volleyball, on the other hand, has been a rejuvenating miracle.

Since the article I wrote more than a month ago, the Longhorns' football program has gone 1-6* whereas the volleyball program has been on a 14-1 streak. Coincidentally, both the football program's lone victory and the volleyball program's lone loss during each team's respective streaks came against highly ranked Nebraska Cornhusker teams. Looks like one program is sad to see the 'Skers head to the Big Ten while the other couldn't be happier.

*I will now refrain from writing about the football program any more. I don't want to inflict any further emotional damage.

I want to be happy about the volleyball program's success, I really do. Coming from a state where volleyball is appreciated more than most, I love seeing good volleyball being played regardless if they are a team that rivals my hometown Huskers.

Having said that, they're making it really hard for me to write about anything of interest. I've already written about the Longhorns needing a road trip to take their minds off of an early losing streak. I've written about how the team is better when more players than just All America outside hitter Juliann Faucette contribute. The only thing left to do is write about how dominant Faucette has been over the past three matches, by getting 24 kills or more in each match, but all of those congratulatory articles on Faucette were written before the year began. Writing about it now would just feel like old hat.

In two weeks, the first and second rounds of the NCAA tournament will be played. That's when things will get really exciting. Texas is all but guaranteed a hosting spot for the two rounds. After that, the NCAA already announced that Austin will be a host site for one of the regional sections. If Texas keeps winning, they'll be playing volleyball in Austin all the way up to Christmas break.

In the meantime, I really need something to talk about other than how great the volleyball team has been. Give me an upset against Kansas later this week, please? Lose for a second time against rival Texas A&M right before Thanksgiving day; I'd be really thankful for that. Give me a storyline that doesn't include the phrase: "This team is operating on all cylinders." Not only do I not want to type that because it's becoming predictable, but also I don't know what that phrase truly means. (It has something to do with cars, right? I have no clue.)

Once the tournament begins, Texas, you're more than welcome to start a new winning streak. But until then, I really need some filler material to get me by. I'm not asking for a sexting scandal or a DUI on a road trip to a Cowboys game; I'm not that cynical. Just give me an excuse to write a "Sky Is Falling" article. If you don't, I'll be forced to convince myself that I can write about how the volleyball program peaked too soon, and I really don't want to do that. (Seriously, articles about peaking actually happen … I don't want to continue that streak.)

If you continue to win, Texas, I'll be happy. It's always fun to follow an elite program. But if you lose, just once, I'll be able to write something of substance and as a result, I'll be happier, and so will my editor.

Just lose, baby. Just lose.*

*And best of luck!

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