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Drizly Delivers Drunkenness to Your Door

With the success of Favor, the food and sundries delivery service, one of the few things left that can't be delivered to your door is the lifeblood of Austin, alcohol. Well that drought is about to end with the introduction of Drizly to our buzzed burg. Read More | Comment »

9:00AM Thu. Oct. 2, James Renovitch

Kickstart Your Weekend: Send Danni Danger to the Geekies

Danni Danger, one of Austin's Weird Girls, is trying to get to Los Angeles. Here's you chance to help her make the trip, and get back again. Read More | Comment »

9:30AM Fri. Jul. 25, Richard Whittaker

Boy Meets (Christeene's) World

Christeene performed in Boy George's backyard, and guess who has a new fan? Read More | Comment »

11:30AM Thu. Jul. 3, Kate X Messer

Binge Watching in Wi-Fidelity

“There is a misconception about the quality of webseries,” says Rain Chavez, the Chief Information Officer of the inaugural Austin WebFest, which kicks off tonight. “We want to show that this is high caliber filmmaking.” Read More | Comment »

4:05PM Thu. Jun. 26, Fernie Martinez

Kickstart Your Weekend: 'The Illustrated Geek Cookbook'

Ever wondered how cook an Arakis sand worm? Or wanted the recipe to make your own nightmarish Christmas pin wheels? Don't worry. Austin cook book author/kitchen nerd Chris-Rachael Oseland, aka the Kitchen Overlord, wants to share her fannish recipes with you. Read More | Comment »

10:11AM Fri. Jun. 13, Richard Whittaker

Kickstart Your Weekend: 'Texting With Gosling'

Ever agonized about a text from someone you know? How about a stranger? Now what if that stranger is one of the most famous actors on the planet? That's the spark behind a new Austin-set web series, about parsing an unexpected message from everyone's favorite baby goose (warning: Contents may not contain actual Ryan Gosling. In fact, they definitely don't.) Read More | Comment »

9:00AM Fri. May. 16, Richard Whittaker

Two Bit Art eschews typing for drawing

A Characterless Tweeter

A tweet may be limited to 140 characters, but a picture is worth a thousand words. That’s what local illustrator Sara Gross proves with her wordless tweets that instead feature captioned sketches to get her messages across. She’s even using her prolific talents to make a game that will be illustrated on the fly based on players Twitter responses. Read More | Comment »

11:15AM Thu. May. 15, James Renovitch

Kickstart Your Weekend: The Austin Toy Museum

The founders of the Austin Toy Museum have a motto. "I had that." Read More | Comment »

9:00PM Fri. Apr. 25, Richard Whittaker

Austinist Shuts Down

Damn near every young writer in Austin saw some semblance of their reportorial upbringing end Monday as the Austinist, an arm of the extensive, locally focused Gothamist network, announced shortly at 4pm that it was shutting its interactive doors. Read More | Comment »

6:29PM Mon. Apr. 14, Chase Hoffberger

RTX 2014 Sends Out the Invites

Machinima monsters Rooster Teeth like a good party as much as anyone, and so they've invited comics legend Chris Claremont and internet celeb Greg Miller aka GameOverGreggy to join them at the annual RTX gaming gathering. Read More | Comment »

6:15PM Fri. Mar. 28, Richard Whittaker

Kickstart Your Weekend: 'The Intergalactic Nemesis'

Its stories may be a throwback to the golden age of radio, but transmedia phenomenon The Intergalactic Nemesis wants to make the bold leap into the Internet. Read More | Comment »

9:00AM Fri. Mar. 28, Richard Whittaker

Austin Studios Sends Out the Welcome Wagon

Austin's very own Rooster Teeth Productions are setting up a new roost, and they're going to have excellent neighbors: They'll be joining the Austin Film Society at Austin Studios starting next month. Read More | Comment »

9:15AM Fri. Mar. 21, Monica Riese

Kickstart Your Wednesday with 'Bad Guy #2'

In the hierarchy of scum and villainy, there's the Big Boss, there's the chief bad guy/henchman/ne'er-do-well assistant, and then there's … Bad Guy #2. Read More | Comment »

9:30AM Wed. Mar. 19, Monica Riese

SXSW Interview: Throwing Shade

Oh, the shade of it all! While we weren't able to chat before their live show here in Austin due to shade overload, we did manage to tie them up, tie them down, and have a good conversation afterward with Erin Gibson and Bryan Safi from the podcast, Throwing Shade. Read More | Comment »

2:50PM Thu. Mar. 13, David Estlund

Ask Lee Leffingwell Anything

Ever wonder if Mayor Lee Leffingwell gets his polos at Jos. A. Bank or Men's Wearhouse? Or whether he prefers Against Me! or NOFX? Maybe you're curious about what Sex and the City character Leffingwell identifies with most. Hint: He's totally a Miranda. Read More | Comment »

1:45PM Tue. Mar. 11, Brandon Watson

Steadman as He Goes

What began as a potential epic fail for SXSW quickly turned out to be one of the best conversations of the fest so far. Read More | Comment »

4:37PM Mon. Mar. 10, Marc Savlov

Sorensen Does SXSW

We asked Chronicle comic artist Jen Sorensen to sketch some sights from Downtown during SXSW Interactive. Here is her set from yesterday, and you'll find a few more below. Read More | Comment »

3:19PM Mon. Mar. 10, Jen Sorensen

SXSW: Freedom of Your Information

In the afterglow of the Edward Snowden talk at SXSW, the interactive world may be bullish about the future of privacy. And then they'll use free services that data mine their communications to talk about it. As David Tishgart of local security startup Gazzang warned, "If it's free, then you're the product." Read More | Comment »

1:47PM Mon. Mar. 10, Richard Whittaker

Giving as Good as He Gets

So of course the cavernous Ballroom D at the Austin Convention Center was filled to standing-room-only on Saturday, because Kevin Bacon was one of the presenters of this panel on the phenomenon of Six Degrees. Read More | Comment »

1:14PM Mon. Mar. 10, Wayne Alan Brenner

Simmons and Silver, Sittin' in a Tree

The problem with two guys from ESPN getting together to talk to each other about ESPN for an hour is that no one’s there to check them on their ass-kissing when they ass-kiss their way through their own apologies about their ass-kissing. Read More | Comment »

9:04AM Mon. Mar. 10, Chase Hoffberger

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