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Broad City Limits

Broad City, on Comedy Central, has caught on for a reason – make that reasons: the well­-written scripts; the outrageous yet believable scenarios that friends ­­Abbi and Ilana get themselves into; and the many other characters that add to Broad City's lol­worthy world. Read More | Comment »

4:30PM Wed. Nov. 19, Elijah Watson

Gilmore Girls Reunion Coming to ATX Television Festival

For those of us who have been unable to stop streaming Gilmore Girls on Netflix, it's like our wildest dreams have come true. The ATX Television Fest announced today that Amy Sherman Palladino (the show's creator), Lauren Graham, and Alexis Bledel will reunite to celebrate the joys of Stars Hollow. Read More | Comment »

12:42PM Thu. Nov. 13, James Renovitch

Always Be Chloe-sing

"Dammit, Chloe!" Whenever Jack Bauer uttered that phrase on 24 – which was often – it meant go-time for the easily irritated, eye-rolling IT savant played by Mary Lynn Rajskub … and fun for everyone watching. Chloe became a fan favorite, and now her popularity is luring viewers into comedy clubs to see Rajskub do stand-up. Read More | Comment »

4:50PM Wed. Nov. 12, Robert Faires

Late-Night Lovin' on Austin: The Sequel

According to Jon Stewart at the taping of his second episode from Austin this week, 60% of his staff for The Daily Show is ready to move here. That's how much they adore this city. But we hardly needed to be told that since the sentiment was clear throughout the show – and pretty much every minute, on camera and off, all week long. Read More | Comment »

2:30PM Thu. Oct. 30, Robert Faires

Don Hertzfeldt Takes Homer Simpson to a Terrifying Future

Austin animator Don Hertzfeldt guest-animated a stretch of The Simpsons’ opening credits last night, wherein Homer's trip to the couch to watch TV turned into a time-travel to a terrifying future of ectoplasmic blobs, a consumerist dark lord, and flipper fetishism. Read More | Comment »

10:39AM Mon. Sep. 29, Kimberley Jones

Outlander Is the Rare Adaptation That Gets It Right

Diana Gabaldon's best-selling Outlander book series has finally been brought to the small screen in a 16-episode series on the Starz cable network, making fans – and I'm one of them – deliriously happy. Read More | Comment »

11:14AM Fri. Aug. 29, Virginia B. Wood

Your Shortcut to FXX’s ‘The Simpsons’ Marathon

On Thursday, FXX launches an historic TV marathon, airing all 25 seasons of The Simpsons back to back to back. But since most of us can’t sit out work for 12 days straight to watch reruns, and recording 552 episodes would break even the hardiest of DVRs, we've whittled down the field to 11 not to miss. Read More | Comment »

9:05AM Wed. Aug. 20

Tarantino Sits in 'The Director's Chair'

"I've been preparing for this interview for 22 years." Those are pretty much Robert Rodriguez's opening words as he sits down opposite his old friend Quentin Tarantino for his show The Director's Chair. The episode, debuting tonight on the El Rey Network, is as much bonding session as retrospective. Read More | Comment »

1:38PM Wed. Aug. 13, Richard Whittaker

'Nixon by Nixon' Goes to the Tape

In the 40 years since he resigned from office, Richard Milhous Nixon has become an overblown caricature, infamous scofflaw, and stain on our national honor. With HBO’s newest documentary, Nixon by Nixon: In His Own Words, we get to hear from the man himself. He's a mixed bag. Read More | Comment »

12:38PM Mon. Aug. 4, Rod Machen

Loud, Fun, and Colorful

The Octopus Project's aesthetic has always been difficult to quantify. Experimental-electro-indie-pop-with-visual-flair is probably accurate, though the band’s founder Josh Lambert states it best, “When people don’t know our band, I usually say we’re loud, fun, and colorful.” Read More | Comment »

3:20PM Wed. Jul. 30, Fernie Martinez

Strange Kids Doing Strange Things

Do you know your Snake Eyes from your Rock Lords? Then you're already a fully paid member of the Strange Kids Club. Read More | Comment »

1:04PM Fri. Jul. 25, Richard Whittaker

Roberto Orci Grabs the Bull by the Horns for 'Matador'

Could Roberto Orci have picked a worse day to visit Austin? All is calm in the lobby of the Four Seasons, but outside the streets of Austin are jammed, as President Obama tries to get to Robert Rodriguez's house for a fundraiser. Actually, that's why Orci's in town. "I'll be there later," he said. Read More | Comment »

9:10AM Tue. Jul. 15, Richard Whittaker

Through the Weeds of Hemlock Grove

When Famke Janssen wrapped up season one of Hemlock Grove, her situation looked dire. Her character Olivia, the monstrous head of the Godfrey family, was in a body bag, presumed dead, with her tongue ripped out by her own son. Janssen conceded, "That leaves you in a precarious position." Read More | Comment »

7:00AM Fri. Jul. 11, Richard Whittaker

You’re Probably Not Watching AMC’s ‘Halt and Catch Fire’

AMC needs another hit. Breaking Bad finally broke, Mad Men is winding down, and The Walking Dead is a hot mess. The zombies at least deliver ratings, but Hell on Wheels and TURN are not the answer. Halt and Catch Fire, the Eighties computer drama, just might be. Read More | Comment »

9:51AM Wed. Jul. 9, Rod Machen

Austin Bars & Restaurants on TV

Get ready for an onslaught of shows featuring Austin on various cable networks over the next few weeks. I had a chance to preview a classy new show from the Esquire Network called America's Best Bars. It debuts tonight with an episode about Portland's prime drinking spots, but an episode on Austin is up July 2. Read More | Comment »

11:30AM Wed. Jun. 25, Wes Marshall

Points of View

Tonight brings the premiere of the 27th season of PBS’ award-winning documentary series POV. The series (aired locally at 9pm on KLRU-TV) continues every Monday night throughout the summer and concludes the season with a special broadcast this fall of Drafthouse Films’ Academy Award-nominated film, The Act of Killing. Read More | Comment »

5:15PM Mon. Jun. 23, Marjorie Baumgarten

HBO Going Under the Dome for 'God Save Texas'

For those of you who believe there isn't enough drama in the Texas legislature: HBO has announced it is developing a new political fiction series, set under our famous Capitol dome. Read More | Comment »

9:10AM Wed. Jun. 18, Richard Whittaker

Film Flam: El Rey Shines on Austin

This from the "you weren't already?" files: Robert Rodriguez has announced that his El Rey Network will use Austin as its production and corporate headquarters. Read More | Comment »

1:30PM Tue. Jun. 10, Richard Whittaker

Carlton Cuse Isn’t Lost

Being attached to something as popular, as powerful, and as pervasive as the hit show Lost must shape a career, but for Carlton Cuse, it was the high point of a much longer journey, one that shows no signs of letting up. Read More | Comment »

10:58AM Mon. Jun. 9, Rod Machen

Spoilers Are the New Black

The Crying Game. The Sixth Sense. "Luke, I am your father." Film critics and fans have contended with the moral quandary of spoilers for decades. But now TV battles with the same issues more and more. Read More | Comment »

10:30AM Mon. Jun. 9, Richard Whittaker

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