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RTX 2014 Sends Out the Invites

Comic creator Chris Claremont, GameOverGreggy, and "RWBY" season two

By Richard Whittaker, 6:15PM, Fri. Mar. 28

Machinima monsters Rooster Teeth like a good party as much as anyone, and so they've invited comics legend Chris Claremont and internet celeb Greg Miller aka GameOverGreggy to join them at the annual RTX gaming gathering.

That's some big names for the 30,000 RT fans that are expected over the three day event, covering the first weekend of July.

Claremont is arguably one of the few true legends left in the comics industry, most notably for his unparalleled run on Marvel's Uncanny X-Men, including the ground-breaking Phoenix Saga plot. Meanwhile Miller will be hosting a live edition of his GameOverGreggy Show, while Slowbeef and Dia Betus, from the celebration of all thing "meh" that is Retsupurae, will be doing for awful video games what Master Pancake does for lousy films. Speaking of whom, the Pancake crew will be reeking their own brand of movie mayhem.

On the floor, Rooster Teeth has already confirmed 30 developers including The Behemoth, Iron Gaming, Divekick and Breakfall, creators of deranged, neon-drenched, interstellar, narwhal-on-narwhal fighting game Starwhal. Meanwhile director of business development Alan Abdine says to check back in April for "some rather massive game company participation."

And, of course, this is Rooster Teeth's house, so expect celebrations of their online empire including Halo spoof/homage Red Vs. Blue, and the world premier of season two of their smash hit American anime RWBY (read our review of season one here and our interview with series creator Monty Oum.)

RTX 2014 runs July 4-6 at the Austin Convention Center, 500 E. Cesar Chavez. Three day passes are now available via www.rtxevent.com

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