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Brandon Polanco's Other Short Doesn't Star Bryan Cranston

But you should watch it anyway

By Monica Riese, 11:28AM, Tue. Mar. 18

Brandon Polanco's Other Short Doesn't Star Bryan Cranston
Screengrab via Vimeo

Remember the "Writer's Block" short with Bryan Cranston we wrote about last fall?

Former Austinite Brandon Polanco became known nationwide for being the writer and director behind a black-and-white short the Breaking Bad star worked on during a weekend stuck in a New York hotel. But Polanco doesn't want to just rest on his laurels, so he released "Passing By" on Vimeo last month.

As he says in the video's description, the short film actually predates "Writer's Block," having been produced near Valentine's Day 2012. It's a very personal project, though, as you'll see when you give it a watch – including some reflections on a personal attack – which explains in part why he delayed its release.

In any case, it's out now, and it's worth 17 minutes of your time. Warning: Some content may not be suitable for all audiences, nor is it entirely safe for work. Check it out below, and go read more about the project – which stars another Austin alum – here.

'Passing By' from Brandon Polanco on Vimeo.

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