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A Taste of El Rey

Fresa's launches new taco for the new TV network

By Richard Whittaker, 11:15AM, Sat. Mar. 15, 2014

The new El Rey taco, special for Robert Rodriguez
The new El Rey taco, special for Robert Rodriguez

Forget the plaudits, the iconic films and the IMDB resume most indie directors would kill for. Today Robert Rodriguez gets the ultimate plaudit: He gets his own breakfast taco!

He's had a busy SXSW: His new TV network El Rey launched with its first original programming, the small screen adaptation of From Dusk Till Dawn. That show got its world premiere at SXSW, and then he had his pop-up Frank Frazetta gallery on Congress Avenue.

And now Fresa's Chicken Al Carbon (915 North Lamar) is adding the El Rey taco to its breakfast lineup, in an homage to their newest investor. Fresa's will be giving one away today, March 15, with the purchase of any other two tacos (and while supplies last).

So what does Rodriguez' new treat taste like? Slow cooked beef brisket, escabeche, shredded cabbage, and beto sauce. Possibly also gunpowder and vampire. Hey, it's the El Rey, you don't know.

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