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Austin Film Festival Announces Audience Awards

Congratulations to all of the competition filmmakers

By Monica Riese, 4:44PM, Mon. Nov. 4, 2013


The audience has spoken.

It's one thing to be recognized by a jury of your peers, but it's its own sort of reward for audiences of all shapes, sizes, colors, and backgrounds to collectively decide you're their favorite.

Here are the winners of the 2013 Austin Film Festival Audience Awards.

Marquee Feature Audience Award
1982 (W/D: Tommy Oliver)

Narrative Feature Audience Award
Beside Still Waters (W: Chris Lowell, Mohit Narang; D: Chris Lowell)

Documentary Feature Audience Award (tie)
All of Me (D: Alexandra Lescaze)
The Life and Crimes of Doris Payne (D: Kirk Marcolina, Matthew Pond)

Comedy Vanguard Audience Award
The Golden Scallop (W: Kevin Harrigan; D: Joseph Laraja)

Dark Matters Audience Award
Blood Punch (W: Eddie Guzelian; D: Madellaine Paxson)

Texas Independents Audience Award
Sombras de Azul (W/D: Kelly Daniela Norris)

Write/Rec Audience Award
Speak Now (W: Erin Cardillo; D: Noah Harald)

Narrative Short Audience Award
"Mr. Invisible" (W: Richard Sainsbury; D: Greg Ash)

Narrative Student Short Audience Award
"Cootie Contagion" (W/D: Josh Smooha)

Animated Short Audience Award
"MIA" (W: Wouter Bongaerts, Bert Vandecasteele; D: Wouter Bongaerts)

Documentary Short Audience Award
"The Guide" (D: Jessica Yu)

Other winners include The Brightest Star, NSFW, Scrapper, Favor, and Cavemen, all of which were picked up for distribution.

AFF's Jury and Screenplay Awards were announced last week; you'll find all those awardees here.

Read up on everything you missed at this year's festival and check out all our red carpet galleries at austinchronicle.com/austin-film-festival.

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