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One of Us Asks 'Write a Movie with Us'

Local geek culture site to crowd source a script

By Richard Whittaker, 5:35PM, Wed. Oct. 16, 2013

One of Us Asks 'Write a Movie with Us'

Ever wanted to write a film script, but worried you couldn't do it alone? Enter OneofUs.net stage left, with their newest project: Write a Movie with Us.

The project is the brain child of OneofUs.net's news editor/INTERN-net news producer/resident Scotsman Chris Harrison. Site co-founder Brian Salisbury said, "When he told me about it, I was blown away by its innovative nature and the potential for widespread attention."

The idea is to crowd source a script over the next seven weeks. Each week, the participants will work on one component, with feedback from commenters. Salisbury said, "We are looking at this as a sort of roundtable/workshop for burgeoning screenwriters to hone their skills with script mechanics and meet others who share their storytelling passion."

With Halloween just around the corner, they're starting with a horror script (natch) but, Salisbury told us "if it goes well, we will dabble in other genres."

For more info, keep visiting OneofUs.net and follow the gang on Twitter at @OneofUsNet.

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