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Kickstart Your Weekend With 'Before You Know It'

PJ Raval's doc on senior gay men needs help hitting theatres

By Monica Riese, 2:00PM, Fri. Oct. 4, 2013

If you're one of the many who's charmed by those delightful videos of senior citizens fumbling around on the Internet, you're probably convinced there's nothing that could be done to make that equation any more adorable.

But then PJ Raval had to go and make it "old peoplegay x Internet," and our hearts melted anew.

When his documentary Before You Know It premiered at South by Southwest, Andy Campbell described it as:

"… a deep character study. Documentaries on older subjects can easily tip toward nostalgic treacle, but Raval's empathic and slow eye structurally prevents such one-note readings. In the process, we are left with a vision of how the 1970s lives on (or doesn't) in the folks who are now themselves in their seventies."

The film follows three elderly gay men from Florida to Galveston to Harlem, and now they're trying to get into theatres nationwide in time for Pride Month – June 2014. The team is trying to raise $50,000 before Oct. 30, so take a look at the pitch video below and check out the campaign here.

Kickstart Your Weekend is a series intended to showcase Texas film and tech projects that are crowdfunding their way to a goal, be it distribution, a prototype, or production costs. If you have a project that we should know about, email us at filmflam@austinchronicle.com.

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