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Trailer Park Is Goofing Off

'Free Birds,' 'Frozen,' and more let you giggle like a kid

By Monica Riese, 9:30AM, Sun. Jun. 23, 2013


You can have your horror films, your sci-fi, your rom-coms, your dramas. Sometimes, I just want to laugh at something totally silly – even stupid.

For all your middle-schooler giggling needs, here's the Trailer Park.

Free Birds

Owen Wilson talks turkey with Woody Harrelson as they go back in time to try to change the [main] course of the Thanksgiving tradition. It's got enough of your typical trimmings – slapstick humor, poking fun at government officials, a little light history – to please the whole family, but the 'rents still might pass out afterward.


Presumably to follow the following month, Disney's Frozen got a teaser trailer this week that'll make you want to go adopt a St. Bernard. Sure, there's probably a little more to the plot than this physical comedy scene between a moose and an allergy-ridden snowman, but does there even need to be?

The Anchorman 2

Also due out in December, and only marginally less cartoonish, is Will Ferrell's second outing as The Anchorman. The trailer's use of Journey is a little unfortunate given Sopranos star James Gandolfini's untimely death earlier this week, and the last half-minute's overt racism only makes the Paula Deen controversy a little more painful, but what can you do? Oh right, ogle James Marsden's jaw and forget all your troubles.

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