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Summer of 1983: The Sequel

Alamo Drafthouse hits the wayback button and finds a 'Jedi'

By Richard Whittaker, 12:42PM, Fri. May. 3, 2013

Summer of 1983: The Sequel

A year ago, the Alamo Drafthouse revived the greatest cinema season ever with Summer of 1982. Now there back a year later with a time-shifted sequel of the best from 1983, And there's a special bonus for Austin only: The return of Star Wars: Return of the Jedi.

If 1982 was a turning point for genre movies, then 1983 was its popcorn guzzling little sibling, and the Drafthouse has hunted high and low for the best and the dreckiest titles. Here's the line-up, plus the date's they'll be screening in Austin.

Risky Business June 1
Screwballs June 2
Scarface June 6
The Deadly Spawn June 9
Octopussy June 9
WarGames June 10
National Lampoon's Vacation June 11
Jaws 3-D June 15
Trading Places June 22
The Killing of Satan June 23

All these screenings are rarities, but a chance to catch an original 1983 print of Jedi, without pulling the ears off a gundark, well, just never tell us the odds about that one. There will be four midnight screenings at the Alamo Slaughter Lane on May 25: Tickets are going fast, so run, Luke, run!

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