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More Louis CK Shows Added

Tickets available rightthisverysecond, but don't dawdle

By Kimberley Jones, 2:44PM, Tue. Jun. 26, 2012

More Louis CK Shows Added
photo by fxnetworks.com

You know that feeling you get when it feels like everything's broken, and it's not gonna get fixed, so, y'know, [shrug]. It's heartening when somebody decides, eff it, let's try to fix it this way. It helps if the person doing the fixing is wildly funny, talented, etc.

Last night comedian Louis CK announced a national tour and his resolve to eschew the middle man – the ticketing services that obscenely mark up ticket prices. Louis CK will play two nights at ACL Live, Dec. 13-14, and the only way to get tickets ($45 a pop) are to buy them directly from his website here. (And don't think about going to the scalpers, either, or you'll get burned.) The first announced shows sold out already, but more shows have been added. You might want to move fast.

$45 still too steep? Season 3 of Louie premieres June 28 on FX.

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