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This Week's Waste of Time

A free alternative to Portal on your browser

By James Renovitch, 5:02PM, Thu. May. 19, 2011

I hope you're not platformer shy. Because eyes are on you.
I hope you're not platformer shy. Because eyes are on you.

Game developer Nitrome has graced this blog before. Fault Line was a polished little piece of innovation. Their latest title, Test Subject Green might not be quite as mind-bending, but it still makes for an enjoyable take on the platforming genre.

You play a green blob injected into a mechanized suit à la Iron Man at the beginning of every level. Navigate a series of portals, switches, and enemy projectiles to proceed to the next test area. The thin and pleasant plot runs mostly in the background while you play, much like the Portal games. It's a smart move on Nitrome's part because browser game players are generally looking for a quick fix rather than cinematic interludes.

The suited blob might not move like a ninja, but that lends Test Subject Green its difficulty along with a modicum of frustration. Add to that Nitrome's usual attention to design and playability and you've got This Week's Waste of Time.

Click here to play Test Subject Green.

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