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Lit-urday: 'Some Dead Genius'

It's been a long week, and now you deserve to have one day when you can curl up with a good book – let's call it Lit-urday. Maybe you feel like getting out of town, feel like dropping in on the Windy City, where there's no shortage of rough-and-tumble cops, corpses, and corruption in the art scene. Wait a minute, the art scene? Read More | Comment »

Books 11:30AM Sat. Jul. 12, Wayne Alan Brenner

The Return of the Champ

Mick Foley is a legend in the wrestling community. The hardcore icon, the reckless daredevil, the master of Hell in a Cell and the Japanese death match, a former WWE world champion. He's also a respected stand-up storyteller, a multiple New York Times bestseller list author, and, as real fans know, a huge fan of Santa Claus. Read More | Comment »

Arts 7:00AM Sat. Jul. 12, Richard Whittaker

Fist Bumps for Equal Rights

When President Barack H. Obama visited Austin yesterday, he set off yet another social media tailspin. Read More | Comment »

Gay Place 4:00PM Fri. Jul. 11, Nina Hernandez

Kevin Gates: By Any Means Necessary

Baton Rouge rapper Kevin Gates returns to the Scoot Inn Wednesday, four months after his second South By Southwest showcase and with a new mixtape, March’s By Any Means, in his artillery. The 55-minute collection blends the rawness of a streetwise rapper with the dexterity of one who earned a Masters in Psychology during his four months in prison. Read More | Comment »

Music 3:30PM Fri. Jul. 11, Nina Hernandez

Liberté! Égalité! Fraternité! Soirée!

Allons, mes amis. Vive la France! Austinites are always up for festivities and what better reason to party than the independence of France? Several local French-themed businesses have celebrations planned for the annual holiday. Save the plane fare and party here. Read More | Comment »

Food 3:00PM Fri. Jul. 11, Virginia B. Wood

Where the Girls Go/ATX: Summer Fun Edition

There's something about summer weekends that bring out the kid in all of us. From daytime adventuring to staying up and out late, everyone's a little bit younger, a little bit less serious in July. For the next three days indulge that inner child. Dance your QT heart out, swim like no one's watching, and fall for a grrrl with a guitar. Read More | Comment »

Gay Place 1:00PM Fri. Jul. 11, Sarah Marloff

The AggreGAYtor: July 11

President Obama lays down the bump heard 'round the City of Austin, Colorado keeps the aisle open, and Nancy Pelosi sticks to her HRCs, as your AggreGAYtor tunelessly whinges. Read More | Comment »

Gay Place 12:25PM Fri. Jul. 11, David Estlund

Tour de France Report: Stage 7

The 101st Tour de France continues through July 27. Click through to read our report of Stage 7. Read More | Comment »

Sports 12:13PM Fri. Jul. 11, Larysa Pachulski

July Is Crime Month: Raymond Chandler’s 'The Long Goodbye'

Sometime during the Seventies, a decade that took me from 5 to 15, a neighbor who spent a significant portion of his career in Naval intelligence hunting our native Bay Area’s Zodiac because his employers feared the killer’s ciphers made him one of theirs, gave me a worn paperback of Raymond Chandler’s The Long Goodbye. My mind still reels. Read More | Comment »

Books 11:30AM Fri. Jul. 11, Raoul Hernandez

Matt Harlan's Highway Anthem

Matt Harlan recently released his third album, Raven Hotel, on Houston Americana micro-label Berkalin Records. Recorded locally at Ace Recording and produced by Rich Brotherton, with appearances from Austin figures like Bukka Allen, Jon Greene, and bassist Glenn Fukanaga, it’s shot to No. 1 on the EuroAmericanaChart in just two weeks. Read More | Comment »

Music 10:12AM Fri. Jul. 11, William Harries Graham

Through the Weeds of Hemlock Grove

When Famke Janssen wrapped up season one of Hemlock Grove, her situation looked dire. Her character Olivia, the monstrous head of the Godfrey family, was in a body bag, presumed dead, with her tongue ripped out by her own son. Janssen conceded, "That leaves you in a precarious position." Read More | Comment »

Screens 7:00AM Fri. Jul. 11, Richard Whittaker

Kickstart Your Weekend: 'Raise a Good Man'

Nothing like being stuck in a strange town, with nowhere to sleep. Read More | Comment »

Screens 6:30AM Fri. Jul. 11, Richard Whittaker

Estate Sale Roundup: July 10-13

We know it's hot; the dog days are almost upon us, so gas up the wreck, and head out while you can. Read More | Comment »

Design 4:59PM Thu. Jul. 10, Anne Harris

Obama Talks Economy – Immigration Protesters Outside

Before a packed crowd at the Paramount Theatre, President Barack Obama delivered optimistic remarks that centered on the economy, job growth, and income inequality Thursday afternoon. Read More | Comment »

News 4:50PM Thu. Jul. 10, Mary Tuma

The Cherry on Top

I cannot tell a lie: I love me some cherries. Read More | Comment »

Food 3:00PM Thu. Jul. 10, Melanie Haupt

Tour de France Report: Stage 6

The 101st Tour de France continues through July 27. Click through to read our report of Stages 6. Read More | Comment »

Sports 2:20PM Thu. Jul. 10, Larysa Pachulski

The AggreGAYtor: July 10

Colorado has its sweet 16, Ukraine gets shady, and Porno Pete summons disapproval where he can, as your AggreGAYtor samples the umami. Read More | Comment »

Gay Place 9:45AM Thu. Jul. 10, David Estlund

Powers Survives

A victory of sorts for supporters of UT Austin President Bill Powers: Efforts to forcibly remove him today have seemingly been derailed, as he reached an agreement to step down on June 2, 2015. Read More | Comment »

News 8:50AM Thu. Jul. 10, Richard Whittaker

Demdike Stare

Continuing a survey of electronic and experimental sound design that occupies the space between compositional reclusiveness and music for the dance floor, this third installment of All Notes Off crosses the pond once again. This time zeroing in on Manchester’s Modern Love imprint to dissect Demdike Stare’s ongoing Testpressing series. Read More | Comment »

Music 5:15PM Wed. Jul. 9, Conor Walker

TNM's Megaphone Marathons Takes on Two Cities

I'd swear that the last time I talked to The New Movement's Chris Trew, the comedy entrepreneur and host of the World Air Sex Championships was carrying a baby sugar glider among the dark follicles of his forest-thick beard. Read More | Comment »

Arts 2:05PM Wed. Jul. 9, Wayne Alan Brenner

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