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Housecore Horror Preview: Randy Blythe

When Lamb of God mouthpiece Randy Blythe signed up for the Richmond, Va., vets tour account As the Palaces Burn, he should’ve known things would get strange. He just couldn’t predict how much so. “It’s a documentary, not a Hollywood blockbuster,” he says. “Sometimes things get a little bit messy in the storytelling, just like they do in life.” Read More | Comment »

Music 11:00AM Fri. Oct. 24, Richard Whittaker

Texas Book Festival: Fresh Cookbooks

The cooking tent at this weekend's Texas Book Festival is offering up one of the most enticing menus in recent years. The bill of fare includes appearances by a nationally known author, an international culinary star, and several homegrown Texas food experts. Read More | Comment »

Food 10:30AM Fri. Oct. 24, Virginia B. Wood and Mick Vann

Where the Girls Go/ATX: Fright Night Edition

Forget Halloween weekend, here in Austin we go full throttle all week long. Like a well-crafted horror film, this weekend raises your adrenaline one night at a time, just to slow it down come Sunday. Whether you let your guard down or not, this weekend the queers of ATX get extra fantastical. Read More | Comment »

Gay Place 10:00AM Fri. Oct. 24, Sarah Marloff

Estate Sale Roundup: October 24-26

Why spend top dollar in big-box retail chains to stock your home? Check out these estate sales and find something unique, as well as some unexpected treasures. Read More | Comment »

Design 9:30AM Fri. Oct. 24, Anne Harris

The AggreGAYtor: October 24

Working mothers of the year unite, Austin lesbian wives stand up and fight back, and Lisa Kudrow makes another comeback, as your AggreGAYtor avoids the Reagan nation. Read More | Comment »

Gay Place 8:30AM Fri. Oct. 24, David Estlund

Adler Campaign Cries Foul

Over the last couple of days, local voters have been receiving calls originating from the “South Forward” IE PAC – a national labor political action committee devoted to “revitalizing and growing the Democratic South.” The phone message? “Don’t vote for Steve Adler.” Read More | Comment »

News 7:00AM Fri. Oct. 24

Housecore Horror Preview: Voivod

Just in time for Halloween, it’s all your radioactive nightmares come true. When Canadian legacy Voivod goes onstage at Emo’s Friday, 10:50pm, they bring with them a science fiction horror mythology inscribed over 30 years into the grooves of 13 albums beginning with 1984’s War and Pain. Read More | Comment »

Music 2:00PM Thu. Oct. 23, Adam Ganderson

Forever Fest Hits Its Sophomore Year

The second year of high school is pretty sweet. You've already been through the hazing of freshman year, you know where your classes are, and you know which teachers to avoid. Encompassing the spirit of those times, Drafthouse programmer Sarah Pitre and Fons PR co-owner Brandy Fons return for year two of the pop-culture smorgasbord Forever Fest. Read More | Comment »

Screens 12:30PM Thu. Oct. 23, Josh Kupecki

Texas Book Festival: Monsterator Keith Graves

Monstrous! The Chronicle’s cover story on Keith Graves now tolls 13 summers past. When author and subject met last month for the first time since then, the latter confirmed his 4-year-old twins of the piece are now sizing up colleges. “Both draw well,” he says. His Texas Book Festival entry Saturday, The Monsterator, goes one step beyond. Read More | Comment »

Books 12:20PM Thu. Oct. 23, Raoul Hernandez

Voter Empowerment?

Thanks in part to aggressive voter registration efforts this year, a record number of Texans – 14,025,441 – are registered to vote in the current gubernatorial election, according to the Texas Secretary of State's office. And the view from day three of early voting suggests it will indeed be a big turnout. For a nonpresidential election. In Texas. Read More | Comment »

News 12:01PM Thu. Oct. 23, Greg Harman

Breaking: Dog and Duck Closing

According to co-owner Jeff McKillop, the current location of the Dog and Duck Pub (406 W. 17th) will be closing on October 31. The location, open since 1990, will be torn down for new development. Read More | Comment »

Food 12:00PM Thu. Oct. 23, Brandon Watson

ACL @ 40: Ryan Adams

When in Austin, Ryan Adams does as Austinites do: He jogs in the vicinity of Town Lake, looks casually for bats (which he swears were “power-washed away”), eats tacos, and hits a skate park. He even reads the Chronicle, in which he discovered locals Clit Eastwood. “I bet they suck – in the best way possible,” he said Wednesday at an Austin City Limits taping. Read More | Comment »

Music 11:00AM Thu. Oct. 23, Neph Basedow

Mayor's Day Off

City Council watchers will note that Mayor Lee Leffingwell is not in his customary seat on the dais - Mayor Pro Tem Sheryl Cole is presiding over today's Council meeting. A press release announced the mayor's absence. Read More | Comment »

News 10:30AM Thu. Oct. 23, Michael King

Everybody Has a Secret Life in the Movies

This is a post about something that's part of this weekend's many-splendored Texas Book Festival. Read More | Comment »

Books 9:45AM Thu. Oct. 23, Wayne Alan Brenner

The AggreGAYtor: October 23

Wyoming takes a hayride, SCOTUS waits it out, and Dan Patrick scares our pants off, as your AggreGAYtor goes full Duck Dynasty. Read More | Comment »

Gay Place 8:02AM Thu. Oct. 23, David Estlund

Standing for Pine Street Station

The Friends of Pine Street Station plan to lend support to Reji Thomas and Pine Street Station by attending the October Public Hearing of the Historic Landmark Commission on Monday, October 27, 7pm at One Texas Center, 505 Barton Springs Rd. Meanwhile Capital Metro is giving Thomas until Sunday to get out. Read More | Comment »

Gay Place 4:45PM Wed. Oct. 22, Kate X Messer

Housecore Horror Preview: Eyehategod

Last year at the inaugural Housecore Horror festival, New Orleans sludge rippers Eyehategod overcame the sudden death of drummer Joey LaCaze by guesting Melvins mainstay Dale Cover at their Emo’s performance. Back with a permanent percussive anchor and first studio in 14 years, Mike Williams’ gritty crew returns for year two and possibly many more. Read More | Comment »

Music 4:20PM Wed. Oct. 22, Michael Toland

Antonio Buehler Promises Memorable Trial

Its defendant is billing it as “one of the most interesting and fun class C misdemeanor trials” you’ll see. Tomorrow morning downtown at Austin Municipal Court, Antonio Buehler stands in defense of his first granted indictment: a disregarded order of an officer charge he’s confident that he can beat. Read More | Comment »

News 2:27PM Wed. Oct. 22, Chase Hoffberger

When You Pause the Heart of an Eagle and Can Feel Its Fear

I’ve been getting text messages from the FBI since April of this year. Read More | Comment »

Arts 10:30AM Wed. Oct. 22, Wayne Alan Brenner

SXSW Music: First List

Like that, South by Southwest is back – and bearing down equally on your calendar and psyche. Read More | Comment »

Music 10:02AM Wed. Oct. 22, Chase Hoffberger

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