In Response to Anti-Choice Claims, Rep. Dawnna Dukes Makes Abortion Public

During a heated women’s health panel, coordinated by the Texas Tribune Festival, state Rep. Dawnna Dukes, D-Austin, unexpectedly revealed she had an abortion. Read More | Comment »

8:45AM Mon. Sep. 22, Mary Tuma

TYC Allegations: Not Just Abbott

The latest commercial from Sen. Wendy Davis, D-Fort Worth, hits Attorney General Greg Abbott hard with claims that his office spent two years ignoring allegations of abuse at state juvenile correctional facilities. That the awkward part of this for Abbott? The same question has been asked, over and over again, for the past seven years. Read More | Comment »

8:00AM Wed. Sep. 17, Richard Whittaker

Fifth Circuit Hears Texas Abortion Law Arguments

This morning, a largely conservative New Orleans appellate court heard arguments that will ultimately decide the future of more than a dozen Texas abortion clinics. Read More | Comment »

4:37PM Fri. Sep. 12, Mary Tuma

Abbott Complains About Davis Book Tour

Team Greg Abbott had a tough challenge this week. After Sen. Wendy Davis, D-Fort Worth, published painful and personal details of her own pregnancy terminations, it would be bad form to attack her experiences. So, instead, the Republican candidate for governor is going after her signing tour. Read More | Comment »

5:33PM Thu. Sep. 11, Richard Whittaker

Panel Finds 'Serious Flaws' in SBOE-Backed Social Studies Textbooks

An independent review of Texas social studies textbooks reveals distortions of history on topics ranging from religion and democracy to the free enterprise system and affirmative action, according to education watchdog Texas Freedom Network. Read More | Comment »

1:13PM Wed. Sep. 10, Mary Tuma

Wallace Hall Has a List

It's all a conspiracy, according to Wallace Hall. In a pugnacious display this morning at the latest in the Texas Tribune's A Conversation With series, the embattled UT system regent painted himself as the last honest man in town, besieged by an unlikely coterie of lawmakers. Read More | Comment »

3:01PM Thu. Sep. 4, Richard Whittaker

Court Denies State's Request to Enforce HB 2 ... for Now

Update: Suit plaintiff, Whole Woman’s Health, announced today that they will reopen their previously closed McAllen center (shut down in March as a result of HB 2) and continue abortion care services at their Ft. Worth and San Antonio clinics. They also plan to build a new center in New Mexico and begin an advocacy campaign. Read More | Comment »

12:55PM Wed. Sep. 3, Mary Tuma

Showdown in the Rio Grande Valley

Attorney General Greg Abbott may have spiked his Dallas debate with Sen. Wendy Davis, D-Fort Worth, but it seems their arguments over a Rio Grande Valley meeting have paid off. Carlos Sanchez, editor of the McAllen-based The Monitor said, "We've got beyond that impasse, and September 19 we will be having a debate." Read More | Comment »

3:30PM Tue. Sep. 2, Richard Whittaker

State Files Appeal to Overturn HB 2 Ruling

As expected, Republican Attorney General Greg Abbott filed an appeal to the 5th Circuit Court Sunday to overturn a recent federal court ruling that found parts of Texas’ abortion law, House Bill 2, unconstitutional. Read More | Comment »

1:50PM Mon. Sep. 1, Mary Tuma

Facebook ‘Threat’ Case Returns to Court [UPDATE]

Late Friday, state District Judge Jack Robison rejected defense motions to dismiss "terroristic threat" charges against Justin Carter, based on a 2013 Facebook post that defense counsel argued was joking "hyperbole." Prosecutors countered that a jury should decide the case. We'll have more on the case next week; a trial is scheduled for Oct. 27. Read More | Comment »

10:00AM Sat. Aug. 30, Mac McCann

Judge Rules Parts of HB 2 Unconstitutional

In a much anticipated ruling, U.S. District Judge Lee Yeakel has struck down parts of Texas’ abortion law, finding the regulations unconstitutional. The effect of the law - predicted to shutter all but six clinics in Texas - places an “undue burden on women” wrote Yeakel in his 21-page opinion. Read More | Comment »

5:39PM Fri. Aug. 29, Mary Tuma

Abbott Cancels TV Debate With Davis

In 2010, Gov. Rick Perry declined to face his opponents in a televised debate for the governor's race. In 2014, Attorney General Greg Abbott has seemingly gone one step further: After agreeing to face Sen. Wendy Davis, D-Ft. Worth, in a round table on Sept. 30 on Dallas station WFAA, Abbott has now pulled out. Read More | Comment »

12:20PM Fri. Aug. 29, Richard Whittaker

Group Claims Abbott Works Less Than the Queen

On the upcoming Labor Day holiday, it’s always encouraging to be reminded of the hard work our elected public servants put in. Long hours, under-appreciation, and tons of criticism. However, as one political advocacy group points out – don’t look to our possible next GOP governor of Texas for inspiration. Read More | Comment »

10:16AM Fri. Aug. 29, Mary Tuma

Court Rules Texas School Finance Unconstitutional

In a long-awaited turn for Texas education, Judge John Dietz today issued his final ruling on the state's school finance system: It is unconstitutional, and it is failing Texas children. Read More | Comment »

3:30PM Thu. Aug. 28, Richard Whittaker

The Return of the Oops

In the 2011 Republican presidential primary, Gov. Rick Perry crashed and burned after forgetting the third federal agency he would dismantle, "oops"-ing his way to ignominy. Three years later, and he can't even get straight the two felonies he is charged with. Read More | Comment »

7:00AM Tue. Aug. 26, Richard Whittaker

In Flight From Central America

A Sunday gathering at the Congregational Church of Austin had all the markings of a worship service – pews at capacity and additional folding chairs to accommodate the crowd. But the noon gathering of about 100 people was intended to show support for Central American refugees, many of them children or young adults, who have arrived in Texas over the summer. Read More | Comment »

3:00PM Mon. Aug. 25, Tony Cantú

Davis Calls for an End to Statute of Limitations for Rape

In accord with her legislative track record of bringing justice to victims of sexual assault, gubernatorial candidate Wendy Davis announced a proposal that would end the statute of limitations for rape and sexual assault offenses in Texas, earlier this week. Read More | Comment »

4:00PM Fri. Aug. 22, Mary Tuma

Perry's Third Felony?

Since his indictment, Gov. Rick Perry's strategy has been simple: Smear anyone involved in the prosecution, and attempt to turn the serious legal proceedings into a media side show. Unfortunately for him, some of his most bullish statements may have got him into more hot water. Read More | Comment »

12:01AM Fri. Aug. 22, Richard Whittaker

Perry Calls Indictments 'Farce'

Most people, when they are under two felony indictments, might avoid press conferences. Not Gov. Rick Perry, who today responded to charges that he abused his office with trademark bravado. Read More | Comment »

3:47PM Sat. Aug. 16, Richard Whittaker

Perry Indicted

In teeing up his presumed run for president in 2016, we've seen many sides of Gov. Rick Perry: eating pork chops in Iowa, bookish in glasses, wearing flak jackets on the border. Now, a new photo op: a mug shot. This afternoon, he was indicted on two charges relating to his veto of Travis County District Attorney's office funding. Read More | Comment »

6:54PM Fri. Aug. 15, Richard Whittaker

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