Texas, Gateway to Havana?

Gov. Rick Perry has lambasted Pres. Barack Obama's plan to soften and potentially normalize US relations with Cuba. But it wasn't that long ago that his administration was pleading with Obama not just to thaw relations with the island nation, but to have Texas become the first port of call for visiting Cubans. Read More | Comment »

1:09PM Sun. Dec. 21, Richard Whittaker

Judge Rules Against DNA Testing in Reed Case

A last-ditch effort to introduce new DNA testing into the case of Rodney Reed was denied Tuesday evening shortly after 5pm in a Bastrop County courtroom. Visiting Judge Doug Shaver ruled against the Bastrop native, on death row since 1998. Supporters for Reed said that Shaver’s reasoning was not clear. Read More | Comment »

6:11PM Tue. Nov. 25, Chase Hoffberger

Despite "Flawed" Process, SBOE Votes for Social Studies Textbooks

Instead of taking the time to review hundreds of pages of textbook revisions and public comments flooding the Texas Education Agency, a majority of the State Board of Education voted to approve contentious social studies textbooks Friday. Read More | Comment »

2:00PM Fri. Nov. 21, Mary Tuma

Cruz visits Capital Factory and plays prop comic

Ted Versus Technology

Ted Cruz dumps a rotary phone on the lectern and grins. He thinks he's got the audience in the palm of his hands. Read More | Comment »

9:00AM Wed. Nov. 19, Richard Whittaker

SBOE Evades an Initial Vote on Social Studies Books

While they were expected to take a preliminary vote on contentious social studies books Tuesday, State Board of Education members – amid a flurry of criticism from both academics and conservative activists – punted the decision to Friday, when a final vote is scheduled to take place. Read More | Comment »

8:00AM Wed. Nov. 19, Mary Tuma

Publishers Remove Climate Change Denialism From Textbooks

After outcry from science and education advocacy groups, two of the state’s largest textbooks publishers have rid their books of climate change denialism. Read More | Comment »

4:00PM Mon. Nov. 17, Mary Tuma

Science Groups Demand Textbook Publishers Remove Climate Change Denialism

Textbooks publishers are guilty of including inaccurate and misleading information about climate change in new social studies books, charged science advocates and university scholars during a press call Wednesday afternoon. Read More | Comment »

5:45PM Wed. Nov. 12, Mary Tuma

Public Education Back Under Fire

Democrats have spent their post-election depression fearing that the GOP is hoping to roll back the Affordable Care Act. But as the Republican agenda gets rolled out, it's pretty clear that the right wing is gunning hard for public schools. Read More | Comment »

9:00AM Mon. Nov. 10, Richard Whittaker

Special Edition: State Ticker

As early voting kicks off, both hilarity and outrage are in great supply. We'll be collecting our favorite examples periodically. Here are a few for now: Read More | Comment »

12:00PM Tue. Oct. 21, the News Staff

Voter ID: Battle Lost, War Goes On

The US Supreme Court has decided to let Texas voter ID laws stand. That is, for the November elections and resulting run offs. But the parties that brought the challenges to the rules are determined that this will be a one-time deal. Read More | Comment »

4:16PM Sat. Oct. 18, Richard Whittaker

Supreme Court Upholds Voter ID

The U.S. Supreme Court has issued the final word (for now) on Texas' voter ID law. Read More | Comment »

7:05AM Sat. Oct. 18, Amy Kamp

Updated Endorsement: Diane Henson

With early voting looming (Oct. 20-31), we're supplementing the Chronicle editorial board endorsements in the Oct. 17 issue with a few more, as they become available. We've endorsed Diane Henson for the Third Court Chief Justice, and here's our reasoning. Read More | Comment »

1:20PM Fri. Oct. 17, The Chronicle Editorial Board

U.S. Supreme Court Stops HB 2

In a 6-3 decision, the U.S. Supreme Court halted key provisions of Texas abortion law, House Bill 2, from taking effect. Read More | Comment »

6:20PM Tue. Oct. 14, Mary Tuma

Fifth Circuit Lets Voter ID Stand

Get out your drivers' license. Texas' voter ID bill may restrict the constitutional rights of Texas voters, but the election is too soon to make any changes. That's the latest ruling from the Fifth Circuit Court of Appeals. Read More | Comment »

5:57PM Tue. Oct. 14, Richard Whittaker

5th Circuit Denies HB 2 Rehearing

In another devastating but anticipated blow to Texas reproductive rights, the full 5th Circuit Court of Appeals denied a request made by abortion providers to rehear their initial case against the state’s four-part abortion law, House Bill 2. Read More | Comment »

12:30PM Fri. Oct. 10, Mary Tuma

Death Watch: Questions of Competence

Eighteen years of appeals are ended. In April, nearly two decades after being sentenced to death by the state of Texas, now-40-year-old Larry Hatten told his attorneys and a Corpus Christi court that he didn’t want to waste any more time with what he considered inevitable. Read More | Comment »

8:00AM Thu. Oct. 9, Chase Hoffberger

Texas Abortion Providers Appeal to U.S. Supreme Court

After last week’s 5th Circuit Court of Appeals decision that immediately enforced Texas abortion law House Bill 2 – leaving just eight clinics in the state – plaintiffs representing abortion providers have now turned to the U.S. Supreme Court for relief. Read More | Comment »

9:00AM Tue. Oct. 7, Mary Tuma

5th Circuit Allows Texas Abortion Law to Take Effect

In an anticipated ruling, the 5th Circuit Court of Appeals decided to immediately enforce Texas’ abortion law, House Bill 2. The decision is widely expected to close all but seven abortion care centers in Texas and impact roughly 1 million women. Read More | Comment »

6:00PM Thu. Oct. 2, Mary Tuma

Davis Shines While Linking TEF Scandal to Abbott in Debate

While the first gubernatorial debate featured a seemingly rehearsed – some would even say stiff – state Sen. Wendy Davis, D-Fort Worth, the second brawl against Attorney General Greg Abbott showed a side many Democrats and progressives have been waiting for – an aggressive, forceful candidate unafraid to expose current leadership’s failures. Read More | Comment »

5:00PM Wed. Oct. 1, Mary Tuma

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