Housing Authority Gets Free Google Fiber

Austin is slated to take a major – and unprecedented– leap toward bridging the city’s digital divide, city and state leaders announced Thursday afternoon. Read More | Comment »

Local 8:00AM Fri. Nov. 21, Mary Tuma

Texas Responds to Obama's Immigration Order

President Barack Obama has been called the deporter-in-chief, with more undocumented foreign migrants formally removed than under his predecessor, President George W. Bush. But with today's executive order on immigration, his reputation may change. Read More | Comment »

National 7:00PM Thu. Nov. 20, Richard Whittaker

Rape Joke Cops Suspended

Police Chief Art Acevedo levied suspensions against the two officers involved in the late October rape joke controversy Wednesday, sending Officer Michael Castillo home for three days and his colleague Mark Lytle – the one actually responsible for making the crude joke – for five. Read More | Comment »

Local 5:05PM Wed. Nov. 19, Chase Hoffberger

Cruz visits Capital Factory and plays prop comic

Ted Versus Technology

Ted Cruz dumps a rotary phone on the lectern and grins. He thinks he's got the audience in the palm of his hands. Read More | Comment »

State 9:00AM Wed. Nov. 19, Richard Whittaker

SBOE Evades an Initial Vote on Social Studies Books

While they were expected to take a preliminary vote on contentious social studies books Tuesday, State Board of Education members – amid a flurry of criticism from both academics and conservative activists – punted the decision to Friday, when a final vote is scheduled to take place. Read More | Comment »

State 8:00AM Wed. Nov. 19, Mary Tuma

Workers Protest Gables

Tomorrow evening at 8pm, Nov. 19, construction workers and other supporters of labor standards will gather in front of Gables Park Tower for a candlelight vigil. The vigil, organized by Workers Defense Project, will call on Gables to do better by its workers. Read More | Comment »

Local 12:30PM Tue. Nov. 18, Amy Kamp

Publishers Remove Climate Change Denialism From Textbooks

After outcry from science and education advocacy groups, two of the state’s largest textbooks publishers have rid their books of climate change denialism. Read More | Comment »

State 4:00PM Mon. Nov. 17, Mary Tuma

News Roundup: Pressley, Jackson, CapMetro, and more

In this week's news roundup, we ask, among other questions, what does it matter what a Council candidate thinks about 9/11, as long as she supports a 20% homestead exemption? Will Larry Jackson's killer ever go to trial? How many different ways can Donna Campbell think of to try to discriminate against gay people? Read More | Comment »

Local 7:00AM Mon. Nov. 17, the News Staff

Martinez and Adler Trade Attacks

At an early morning Wednesday Barton Springs press conference, mayoral candidate Mike Martinez accused opponent Steve Adler of hiding his law firm’s previous work for Koch Industries, and benefiting from polluting the Springs. In turn, Adler called Martinez’s charges “false, desperate, and disappointing.” Read More | Comment »

Point Austin 9:00AM Fri. Nov. 14, Michael King

An Imperfect Perfect Score

This week, the Human Rights Campaign issued its annual Municipal Equality Index Scorecard. According to HRC, “the Municipal Equality Index (MEI) examines the laws, policies, and services of municipalities and rates them on the basis of their inclusivity of LGBT people who live and work there.” Read More | Comment »

Local 7:00AM Fri. Nov. 14, Amy Kamp

Science Groups Demand Textbook Publishers Remove Climate Change Denialism

Textbooks publishers are guilty of including inaccurate and misleading information about climate change in new social studies books, charged science advocates and university scholars during a press call Wednesday afternoon. Read More | Comment »

State 5:45PM Wed. Nov. 12, Mary Tuma

After the Election, the Deluge of Bills

163 Senate bills. 244 measures from the House. The 84th session of the Texas Legislature may not kick off until Jan. 13, 2015, but lawmakers have already been busy filing draft legislation for consideration. Read More | Comment »

On the Lege 2:00PM Tue. Nov. 11, Richard Whittaker

Pushback Continues on Rainbow Crosswalks

The proposal to install rainbow colored crosswalks on Bettie Naylor Street at the Lavaca and Colorado intersections entered one of its final stages – but not without some friction from local business owners. Read More | Comment »

Local 11:00AM Tue. Nov. 11, Mary Tuma

District 9 Post-Mortem

As reported Friday, current Council Member Chris Riley announced that he’s withdrawing from the District 9 run-off against his colleague Kathie Tovo. Riley woke up after election day down 10 percentage points to Tovo, who missed a majority victory by 1% of the vote on Nov. 4. Read More | Comment »

Local 9:00AM Tue. Nov. 11, Chase Hoffberger

Texas Families Rally for Criminal Justice

A few elderly fellows after the rally had to laugh at it: In Friday morning's paper, Rick Perry’s attorney was reportedly in disbelief at the “utter chaos” that is the American justice system. Outside the governor’s office that afternoon, nearly 300 gathered to decry a similar struggle. Read More | Comment »

Local 2:30PM Mon. Nov. 10, Chase Hoffberger

Van de Putte for San Antonio Mayor?

There's nothing scarier in politics than a candidate trying to dispel a rumor that no one had heard. But that's precisely what happened last night, when Sen. Leticia Van de Putte released a press statement saying she had not made up her mind whether she would run for mayor of San Antonio. Read More | Comment »

On the Lege 1:30PM Mon. Nov. 10, Richard Whittaker

Public Education Back Under Fire

Democrats have spent their post-election depression fearing that the GOP is hoping to roll back the Affordable Care Act. But as the Republican agenda gets rolled out, it's pretty clear that the right wing is gunning hard for public schools. Read More | Comment »

State 9:00AM Mon. Nov. 10, Richard Whittaker

Breaking: Chris Riley Withdraws From Run-off

Late this afternoon, Council Member Chris Riley announced that he would be withdrawing from the District 9 run-off. His opponent, Kathie Tovo, had come close to winning the November 4 election, but ultimately finished with 49% of the vote. Riley trailed her by 10 percentage points. Read More | Comment »

Local 4:42PM Fri. Nov. 7, Amy Kamp

What Jail Is Like

On August 13 of this year, Shela Williams went into induced labor in order to deliver her son, Israel, who had died in the womb. She labored throughout the night into the next day while chained to her bed, with a guard standing watch, until she finally gave birth. Read More | Comment »

Local 10:30AM Fri. Nov. 7, Amy Kamp

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