Austin ISD: Moya Won't Run Again

Another bombshell in the Austin ISD board of trustees: District 6 Trustee Lori Moya has announced that she will not seek re-election. Read More | Comment »

Local 12:20AM Wed. Jul. 2, Richard Whittaker

Mondo Gets Charitable

What worth has art if it doesn't improve the world? That's a question Mondo Gallery is answering by coming together with charity Mobile Loaves and Fishes for a new show featuring 40 works from artists in Austin's homeless community. Read More | Comment »

Local 1:30PM Tue. Jul. 1, Richard Whittaker

‘Crocodile’ Bitten By Alligator

It would have been an ironic way to go. Longtime business owner and Save Our Springs Alliance Treasurer Robert Corbin – known to friends as “Crocodile” – was bitten on the head by an alligator during a recent swim at Coleto Creek Reservoir, a shallow lake near the coast. Read More | Comment »

Local 5:28PM Mon. Jun. 30, Sarah Mortimer

Texas Responds to Hobby Lobby Contraception Case

This morning, the United States Supreme Court ruled that family-owned businesses like Hobby Lobby can decide to not provide contraception through their health insurance if it does not fit their religious beliefs. Now advocates for reproductive rights in Texas are condemning the decision. Read More | Comment »

National 2:30PM Mon. Jun. 30, Richard Whittaker

Bleak Day at SCOTUS for Women, Unions

The Republican Party always had it figured out: The true power of the presidency is in US Supreme Court appointments. Never was that clearer than two rulings made this morning, one hammering access to birth control, the other undercutting unions. Read More | Comment »

National 12:35PM Mon. Jun. 30, Richard Whittaker

The Road to 10-1: Add One More …

No sooner had Newsdesk counted 62 candidates (Mayor and City Council), then somebody else joined the party. And we visited with a couple of District 4 wannabes last week, with plenty more where they came from. Read More | Comment »

Local 9:00AM Mon. Jun. 30, Michael King

We Need to Issue a Statement on 'Chronicle' Contributor Luke Winkie

We here at the Chronicle don’t always agree with the thoughts of able-minded content generator Luke Winkie, but it’s no secret that his byline’s shown up in our pages – 172 times since Feb. 2012, in fact. Through 32 years of business we’ve established a rightful reputation as an outlet that claims its kin. Read More | Comment »

Media Watch 4:37PM Fri. Jun. 27, Chase Hoffberger

Red Line Adds Trains, Subtracts Crowding

While Austin roils with the argument over whether or not to run a new light rail up Red River, the Texas Department of Transportation is granting $50 million to the existing MetroRail Red Line from Downtown Austin to Leander, to reduce crowding during rush hour, extend service hours, and upgrade the Convention Center station. Read More | Comment »

Local 12:30PM Fri. Jun. 27, Richard Whittaker

Council Slams ‘S-Comm’

In a 7-0 vote Thursday evening, City Council unanimously passed a resolution formally opposing the federal Secure Communities program, through which immigration officials identify jail inmates for deportation – including large numbers of arrestees detained at the Travis County jail. Read More | Comment »

Local 9:00AM Fri. Jun. 27, Tony Cantú

Austin ISD: Torres Won't Run Again

It was business as usual this afternoon in the Austin ISD board room. President Vince Torres was walking the media through the process of hiring a new superintendent. However, Torres had already announced his big news for the day: After eight and a half years, he will be leaving the board after the November election. Read More | Comment »

Local 3:30PM Thu. Jun. 26, Richard Whittaker

Plaza Saltillo Decision Comes Down to Money

In a blow to neighborhood and grassroots activists, the Capital Metro board on Monday selected Endeavor Real Estate Group /Columbus Realty to develop the Plaza Saltillo property the transit agency owns in Central East Austin. Read More | Comment »

Local 4:15PM Tue. Jun. 24, Amy Smith

Dietz Stays on School Finance Suit

Attorney General Greg Abbott may have been taught a tough lesson yesterday: Don't try to change the referee, just because you're losing the game. After a failed protest by Abbott's office, Judge John Dietz remains presiding over the challenge to the state's school finance suits. Read More | Comment »

On the Lege 3:27PM Tue. Jun. 24, Richard Whittaker

The Road to 10-1: Western Additions

Catching up on the November City Council races – still unofficial until the formal filing period opens, July 21 – a couple more folks filed campaign treasurer designations in recent weeks. That brings the total of declared Council candidates to 58, plus five mayoral wannabes – 62! – and a few folks lurking in the underbrush. Read More | Comment »

Local 9:00AM Tue. Jun. 24, Michael King

Return of the Unruly Mob

The sea of orange shirts, those now iconic pink shoes: The images from Wendy Davis’ filibuster are now etched into history. But they could never quite capture what it was like to be there. For a few hours on June 25, there was no more exhilarating place to be in Texas. No photo could capture the thunder of the crowd’s roar. Read More | Comment »

Local 4:15PM Mon. Jun. 23, Brandon Watson

Curtain Up on Mayor’s Race

In the first face-to-face meeting of the fledgling Austin mayoral race, the Central Texas Democratic Forum hosted candidates Steve Adler, Sheryl Cole, and Mike Martinez, Friday, June 20 at the Austin Bar Association. A lunch audience of about 100 people heard answers to questions running the gantlet of issues facing the city. Read More | Comment »

Point Austin 4:44PM Sun. Jun. 22, Michael King

Hillary Hits Austin

There was no mistaking the blue love for Hillary Clinton Friday as she walked on stage at the Long Center and was greeted with a long, energetic standing ovation. Read More | Comment »

Local 11:00AM Sat. Jun. 21, Amy Smith

Kitchen's Menu for a Better Austin

Former State Rep. Ann Kitchen launched her District 5 City Council campaign Tuesday evening at the Broken Spoke on South Lamar – an apt location for a candidate who focused her kickoff speech on the growing demands of a city in transition. Read More | Comment »

Local 2:55PM Fri. Jun. 20, Amy Smith

Saving Water, One House at a Time

Pesticide salesmen and shirt-and-tie teenagers clutching copies of the Book of Mormon won’t be the only solicitors knocking at your door this summer. Read More | Comment »

State 9:00AM Fri. Jun. 20, Lizzie Jespersen

'Austin Chronicle' Receives AAN Nod

The Association of Alternative Newsmedia announced the finalists for its 2014 AAN Awards today, including the Austin Chronicle among the nominees. Read More | Comment »

National 3:00PM Wed. Jun. 18, Brandon Watson

HBO Going Under the Dome for 'God Save Texas'

For those of you who believe there isn't enough drama in the Texas legislature: HBO has announced it is developing a new political fiction series, set under our famous Capitol dome. Read More | Comment »

On the Lege 9:10AM Wed. Jun. 18, Richard Whittaker

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