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Before and After at Austin Studios

The long-awaited takeover of the National Guard Armory by Austin Studios finally happens this October, and the Austin Film Society already has very specific plans for the space – plans they believe will attract big productions and nurture local talent. Read More | Comment »

12:11PM Thu. May. 10, 2012, Richard Whittaker

Yassine Clubs Seized by State

If anyone was wondering who was going to move first on the Yassine family's unpaid taxes, it seems the IRS has to wait in line. The Texas Comptroller's office has changed the locks on six of their eight downtown bars and will extract an estimated $2 million in unpaid state taxes. Small potatoes against coke and money laundering charges, but still bad news. Read More | Comment »

12:15PM Wed. Apr. 25, 2012, Richard Whittaker

Watering the F1 MBE/WBEs

Last night the Water and Wastewater Commission voted 5-1 to reimburse construction of pipes for the Austin F1 track. What does the city get? A water main and drain in an unincorporated area, and the opportunity to ensure minority- and women-owned business involvement: Something that the developers were working on anyway. Read More | 1 Comment »

2:15PM Thu. Nov. 11, 2010, Richard Whittaker

Climate Change Comes to Austin

Come hear Helen Plume, a world-renowned climate change expert from New Zealand, speak Tuesday, June 15. Our local chapter of the U.S. Green Building Council organized the event, with reception;Lee Leffingwell and Mark Strama warm the crowd up. Read More | Comment »

10:30AM Fri. Jun. 11, 2010, Katherine Gregor

Samsung Invests $3.6 Billion

Mayor Lee Leffingwell and City Manager Marc Ott announced this morning that Samsung Electronics is expanding its Austin operations in a big way – to the tune of $3.6 billion. The expansion of its semiconductor fabrication plant is anticipated to bring about 500 permanent jobs, and about 1,000 short-term construction jobs, to Austin. Read More | Comment »

3:01PM Wed. Jun. 9, 2010, Katherine Gregor

Stop That Bedroom Talk!

No place in Central Texas wants to be called a bedroom community anymore – every city now aspires to be known instead as a 'live-work-play' destination. That's the news from today's Regional Mayors Forum, a Real Estate Council of Austin luncheon. Read More | Comment »

4:48PM Tue. Jun. 8, 2010, Katherine Gregor

More 'No Rail' Reactions

Laura Morrison says "Don't blame me for the push-back," Randi Shade says, "It'll be better in a year," and explains the bond fund scenario. All reactions from city council members to Mayor Lee Leffingwell's "No 2010 Rail Vote" announcement, more below. Read More | Comment »

4:18PM Wed. Mar. 10, 2010, Katherine Gregor

Mayor Kills Nov. Rail Vote

On his mayoral web site, Mayor Lee Leffingwell just announced he's killing Austin voters' opportunity to approve bond funding for urban rail in November. Council was to vote on this next month; however, the mayor's announcement effectively closes that door. "We have discussed this at length with the entire council," said aide Mark Nathan. Text follows. Read More | Comment »

1:42PM Wed. Mar. 10, 2010, Katherine Gregor

Riding MetroRail

We tried out MetroRail this morning, from the Convention Center to Crestview Station – it proved a smooth ride. I felt like I was traveling in Europe. (MetroRail starts regular service March 22.) Chatting with Capital Metro interim CEO Doug Allen, we discussed how to get the Downtown stop two blocks closer to Congress. Here's one idea. Read More | 1 Comment »

4:11PM Mon. Mar. 8, 2010, Katherine Gregor

East Riverside

Catching a briefing on the East Riverside Corridor Master Plan at Planning Commission tonight, or planner Tony Nelessen presenting it at council Feb. 11, at 10:30 am. But to get value-capture cash, the plan needs synching up with the Strategic Mobility Plan. More below. Read More | 1 Comment »

1:40PM Tue. Feb. 9, 2010, Katherine Gregor

What's Your Mobility Fix?

“My Top Mobility Fixes” are being shared around town all week, at six city Mobility Forums. This morning at the Mexican-American Cultural Center, Transportation Director Robert Spillar said he’ll present the results plus an Austin Urban Rail update to council on Feb. 25. Catch a forum (and council member Laura Morrison) tonight at Bowie High School. Read More | 1 Comment »

1:15PM Tue. Feb. 9, 2010, Katherine Gregor

Mobility and You

Which of our 1200 needed transportation projects should the city tackle and fund first? Which should be in a November bond referendum package? All this week, Feb. 8-11, Austinites can help set priorities at "fun and interactive" Mobility Forums (four evening, one morning, plus refreshments!) Read More | 1 Comment »

11:44AM Sat. Feb. 6, 2010, Katherine Gregor

Wanted: Chief Sustainability Officer

The city is beginning a nationwide search to fill the new position of chief sustainability officer. Help shape the job description at a public meeting Friday, Feb. 5, 4-5:30 pm at city hall. As a direct-report to City Manager Marc Ott, the officer could positively transform the city's whole approach to conserving resources. Read More | 2 Comments »

12:03PM Wed. Feb. 3, 2010, Katherine Gregor

CNU 2010 Kickoff Tonight

Tonight the Congress for New Urbanism chapter hosts a lively panel discussion, advocacy forum and happy hour salon at Cuba Libre. Topic: "Keeping Up the Urban Momentum: The New Mixed-Use Market." Panelists: Michele Gary, Weitzman Group; Perry Lorenz, Constructive Ventures; Jennifer Wiebrand, Gables Residential; moderator Tom Yantis. Read More | Comment »

11:38AM Wed. Feb. 3, 2010, Katherine Gregor

Obama's Address at COP15

Pres. Barack Obama urged international action today on a climate agreement, as COP15 closes: "We are running short on time – These international discussions have essentially taken place now for almost two decades, and we have very little to show for it … the time for talk is over." Read More | Comment »

3:15PM Fri. Dec. 18, 2009, Katherine Gregor

Green Detectives Investigate COP15

From EnviroMedia's Valerie Davis, aka The Green Detective at COP15: "Some intense days at the Bella Center. Security and capacity so tight we’re down to Kevin and I alternating with a special pass." See new items on their "Green Decoder" and article and blog posts. Excerpts below. Read More | Comment »

10:10AM Wed. Dec. 16, 2009, Katherine Gregor

From Austin to Denmark

Austinite Jake Stewart got his laptop stolen, but he and UT student Rachel Aitkens are still posting to their Austin-to-Copenhagen blog by iPhone. Excerpts below. Read More | Comment »

9:51AM Wed. Dec. 16, 2009, Katherine Gregor

COP 15 Photos

For a sense of what it's like as some 30,000 climate activists (and a few doubters) converge on Copenhagen this week and next, check out this blog with photos and commentary from Jake Stewart, at COP15. Shown here: a giant carbon-neutral Christmas tree. The Austin-to-Copenhagen blog is here. Read More | Comment »

8:51AM Thu. Dec. 10, 2009, Katherine Gregor

Car2Go Arrives

When an international car company – Daimler AG – selects Austin for the North American launch of its progressive new subsidiary – Car2Go – you have to figure we’re doing something right. This morning the city and car-share company launched Car2Go's pilot phase: 200 tiny Smart ForTwo cars (33/41 MPG) for the city’s 13,000 employees. Read More | Comment »

2:52PM Tue. Nov. 17, 2009, Katherine Gregor

Kimley-Horn Is Staff Pick

City staff recommended Kimley-Horn for the city's $1 million strategic mobility plan (For details, see council agenda backup on Item 17). While a dynamic and sophisticated team on many counts, K-H lacks the California experience of finalist Fehr & Peers using transportation planning to reduce GHG emissions. Read More | 1 Comment »

12:04PM Mon. Nov. 2, 2009, Katherine Gregor

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