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Update: 3805 Red River Historic Zoning Efforts

At 11pm last night, as the City Planning Commission voted 5-3 not to recommend historic zoning for 3805 Red River, both sides in the debate put forth compelling arguments. Read More | Comment »

5:45PM Wed. Aug. 27, Anne Harris

Update: 3805 Red River Historic Zoning Effort

Update: The City of Austin Planning Commission meets at 6pm, tomorrow, August 26, in Room 325 of One Texas Center to vote on a zoning change for the International Modern house at 3805 Red River. The change has been recommended by the Texas Historic Landmark Commission. Read More | Comment »

3:57PM Mon. Aug. 25, Anne Harris

Queen of the Hill: 3805 Red River Stands Another Day

Entering Room 325 of One Texas Center on Monday night, one had the idea that this routine meeting of the Texas Historic Landmark Commission was more well-attended than most. As the room quickly filled, there was buzz was about one property – Case No. CH14-2014-0007, the long-beloved, creme stucco International Moderne house at 3805 Red River. Read More | Comment »

10:00AM Wed. Jul. 30, Anne Harris

As the SB 5 story shifted, so too did our cover image

History as Moving Target

If you’ve been following the Chronicle’s continuing coverage of the SB 5 battle – and judging by our exploding pageview count, a heck of a lot of you have been – then you know we’ve been tracking every high and low, every ebb and flow of this ever-developing story. Read More | Comment »

4:19PM Wed. Jun. 26, 2013, Kimberley Jones

News Ticker: April 3

Mike Rice commits a flagrant foul, Jay Leno says goodnight, and Rick Perry get some bragging rights. Hubris is on the News Ticker. Read More | Comment »

12:30PM Wed. Apr. 3, 2013, Brandon Watson

News Ticker: April 1

Karl Rove ruins the fun, Rick Perry takes a stand, and Lee Leffingwell dresses for success. Foolishness is on the News Ticker. Read More | Comment »

3:00PM Mon. Apr. 1, 2013, Brandon Watson

News Ticker: March 29

Mark Strama fails a test, Greg Abbott draws a line in the sand, and Ted Cruz spins a few yarns. International relations are on the News Feed. Read More | Comment »

3:59PM Fri. Mar. 29, 2013, Brandon Watson

Why Austin?

International tensions again flared this morning as a North Korean daily released photos of Kim Jong-Un planning a strike of several U.S. targets. Along with Hawaii and D.C., Jong-Un seems to have a beef with Austin. In a town known for its laid-back attitude, many are wondering why he holds Austin in such Il regard. Read More | Comment »

11:28AM Fri. Mar. 29, 2013, Brandon Watson

News Ticker: March 28

The Texas House quenches its thirst, Big Tex gets laryngitis, and an Austin apartment goes up in smoke. Public health is on the News Ticker. Read More | Comment »

3:30PM Thu. Mar. 28, 2013, Brandon Watson

News Ticker: March 27

Rick Perry heckles a heckler, UT scientists work their magic, and Ted Cruz forms a not-so-secret society. Family values are on the News Ticker. Read More | Comment »

4:30PM Wed. Mar. 27, 2013, Brandon Watson

The Waiting Game

First, an admission. From the time I was a little boy, I fantasized about getting married. Back then, it was all cupcakes and pretty flowers – child's thoughts on what love meant. But growing up queer in small town Texas, the promise of love eventually soured. Guilt and self-loathing popped the bubbles of romance. Read More | Comment »

1:28PM Tue. Mar. 26, 2013, Brandon Watson

Animal Rescue

Celebrities. They're just like us. Except when we want to help our fine feathered, furred, and finned friends, we usually log some time at Pets Alive! and call it a day. Celebrities, on the other hand, make headlines. Read More | Comment »

11:41AM Thu. Mar. 14, 2013, Brandon Watson

Big Ideas, Tiny House

As adults, so many of us struggle to reconcile our real lives with the ones we envisioned when we were young. Generally, we associate this concept with career or family aspirations that haven’t quite panned out. But as Merete Mueller and Christopher Smith show in the documentary TINY: A Story About Living Small, the concept of home is no different. Read More | Comment »

3:13PM Sun. Mar. 10, 2013, Nora Ankrum

Nestande Guilty of Criminally Negligent Homicide (Updated)

The jury reached a verdict Thursday in the fatal hit-and-run of Courtney Griffin. Former capitol staffer Gabrielle Nestande has been found guilty of criminally negligent homicide, punishable up to 10 years in state jail. Read More | Comment »

1:00PM Fri. Feb. 22, 2013, Brandon Watson

Farewell For Now to The Highball

So The Highball has closed and shut up I just have something in my eye. Read More | Comment »

4:03PM Wed. Nov. 21, 2012, Richard Whittaker

ATTN: Traveling Musicians

When traveling from the Southwest to Austin, we recommend avoiding the area in red. Tonight's Fiona Apple show at ACL Live at Moody Theater has been postponed. Purchased tickets will be honored for the rescheduled date (to be announced). See "Apple Busted for Hash in West Texas" for more. Read More | Comment »

5:05PM Thu. Sep. 20, 2012, Shelley Hiam

UT Evacuating

Early morning Facebook posts roiled with the news of an early morning evacuation at Austin's University of Texas main campus. Read More | Comment »

10:14AM Fri. Sep. 14, 2012, Kate X Messer

Dreaming Big With Lady Bird

An eight-member sustainable design assessment team released its preliminary recommendations for the Lady Bird Lake Special Waterfront Project on Wednesday night. While their full report isn't expected until later this year, the early word emphasizes a pedestrian-friendly lakefront with an eye toward more housing and stronger transportation. Read More | Comment »

4:47PM Thu. Jun. 7, 2012, Monica Riese

Before and After at Austin Studios

The long-awaited takeover of the National Guard Armory by Austin Studios finally happens this October, and the Austin Film Society already has very specific plans for the space – plans they believe will attract big productions and nurture local talent. Read More | Comment »

12:11PM Thu. May. 10, 2012, Richard Whittaker

Yassine Clubs Seized by State

If anyone was wondering who was going to move first on the Yassine family's unpaid taxes, it seems the IRS has to wait in line. The Texas Comptroller's office has changed the locks on six of their eight downtown bars and will extract an estimated $2 million in unpaid state taxes. Small potatoes against coke and money laundering charges, but still bad news. Read More | Comment »

12:15PM Wed. Apr. 25, 2012, Richard Whittaker

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