Pro-Choice Protest Planned for HB 2 Lawsuit

The orange army will peacefully protest outside the HB 2 trial

Pro-Choice Protest Planned for HB 2 Lawsuit
Photo by Jana Birchum

While the second lawsuit filed by reproductive rights advocates and abortion providers against Texas’ anti-abortion law proceeds inside federal court on Monday, pro-choice activists plan to don their trademark orange and stage a peaceful protest outside the courthouse.

The lawsuit largely tackles the final part of the package bill (House Bill 2), a requirement that forces clinics to comply with the same building codes as ambulatory surgical centers. Set to go into effect Sept. 1, its impact is expected to bring the number of Texas abortion providers down to as few as six. The suit also seeks to scrap the physician admitting privileges requirement for two clinics in underserved areas. Details on the protest here:

When: Monday, Aug. 4; 7am-5pm

Where: United States District Court, Western District of Texas; 501 W. Fifth

Who: Pro-choice advocates against House Bill 2

Why: To protest restrictions to abortion access

Contact Info: HB2 On Trial! (Facebook page)

New-York based ‘Stop Patriarchy’ also plans to protest outside the trial. The group has seen pushback from local reproductive justice groups, who argue Stop Patriarchy's efforts are not conducive to progress. Texans for Reproductive Justice, a coalition of longtime state pro-choice groups and individual activists, has criticized Stop Patriarchy and its Texas 'Abortion Rights Freedom Ride Tour' for several reasons, including diverting financial resources and energy away from homegrown advocates, who have spent years combating anti-abortion laws, and for not collaborating with local groups. They also allege the out-of-state group propagates racism and Islamophobia. “We ask those who want to support the cause of reproductive justice in Texas to contribute their time and their money to local, goal-oriented groups that have trustworthy track records providing resources and services to Texans, rather than donating to a one-off bus tour, with no clear goals or outcomes, conducted by a handful of out-of-state protestors,” the coalition writes.

To curb any possible tension between the groups, Texas pro-choice activists explicitly note in their event invite, “this is about supporting providers & advocating for repro justice, not a counter protest to Stop Patriarchy or the anti-choice groups. Please do not engage with confrontational groups.”

For more, check out our War on Women's Health page.

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