Still Free

San Marcos scammers try to charge for the 'Chronicle'

By Brandon Watson, 1:45PM, Thu. Apr. 4, 2013

Still Free

It's the deal of a lifetime. Apartment dwellers in San Marcos are being offered six months of The Austin Chronicle absolutely free. Just let the nice salespeople keep your credit card number on file and all the news, reviews, and listings (plus updates on Grumpy Cat and Kim Jong-Un will be yours.

But before you share those sixteen digits, you might want to hear about a better deal. We're still free in print and online. No credit card required. And while we've been accused of being muckrakers, we don't like our name being dragged through the mud.

If a grifter appears at your door, tell them you're onto his or her game. You read it here in the Chronicle. And if they still want to make dubious claims, well, there's always Infowars.

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