Life for Baking Pot? Maybe Not

Jacob Lavoro’s attorney is confident his client can avoid spending the rest of his life in prison for the crime of baking pot brownies, if the presiding judge will properly apply the law in his case. Problem is, Lavoro resides in Round Rock – Williamson County – a jurisdiction not known for attaining that standard. Read More | Comment »

Reefer Madness 9:00AM Thu. Jul. 24, Chase Hoffberger

Child Refugees in Need

Thousands of young Central American refugees have arrived in Texas with little more than the clothes on their backs. Most of them will require legal services to determine if they'll be harmed if returned to their home countries. Want to help? Read More | Comment »

Local 6:45PM Wed. Jul. 23, Amy Smith

Marriage Equality Good for Economy

Is legalizing same-sex marriage in Texas not only equity, but good fiscal sense? A new report seems to think so. Read More | Comment »

State 2:35PM Wed. Jul. 23, Mary Tuma

Texas Legal Abortion Rate Drops Post-HB 2

Newly released data, collected directly from Texas abortion providers, shows what many reproductive health leaders and advocates have anticipated in the post House Bill 2 landscape – a drop in the number of legal abortions. Read More | Comment »

State 11:00AM Wed. Jul. 23, Mary Tuma

Governor Tough Guy Beats His Chest

Apparently not content with his earlier Fox News/Sean Hannity ‘We Got Guns’ Tour of the Mexican border, with great fanfare Gov. Rick Perry announced Monday he would send 1,000 National Guard troops to “tackle this crisis head-on” – although local law enforcement said they didn’t know what the troops might be able to do. Read More | Comment »

State 1:45PM Tue. Jul. 22, Michael King

Yes, We Have Candidates!

Monday, July 21, marked the opening of the official filing period for the new 10-1 City Council, and a handful of candidates took advantage of Opening Day. The early headliner was Council Member Mike Martinez, who hit City Hall in the morning for filing and a photo-op. He was joined by a half-dozen others, including a newcomer. Read More | Comment »

Point Austin 12:01PM Tue. Jul. 22, Michael King

Austin and the 7-10 Split

When people first started talking about shifting Austin to single-member City Council districts, the logic was simple. You add more geographic representation, more diversity of opinion, and a more accurate reflection of the city's needs. Well, the neighboring districts of 7 and 10 have a nice bucket list lined up. Read More | Comment »

Local 9:30AM Tue. Jul. 22, Richard Whittaker

Signs of the 10-1 Times

An early melodrama in the crowded District 3 City Council race opened earlier this month when partisans drew attention to a campaign sign for Susana Almanza – normally unremarkable – except that it was posted in the yard of D3 opponent Fred McGhee’s campaign treasurer, Israel Lopez. Read More | Comment »

Local 9:00AM Mon. Jul. 21, Mary Tuma

The Take on Taxes

With about as many local candidates as voters in attendance, the Travis County Democratic Party hosted a “town hall” on property tax reform Friday morning, where everybody agreed with would-be County Commissioner (Precinct 2) Brigid Shea: “The appraisal process is broken.” To fix it - in the current state political climate - will take some doing. Read More | Comment »

Point Austin 4:08PM Fri. Jul. 18, Michael King

UPDATED: Twin Liquors Reaches TABC Settlement

Twin Liquors has reached a settlement with the Texas Alcoholic Beverage Commission in a case that could have shuttered the liquor giant. Carolyn Beck, spokesperson for the TABC, confirmed the settlement, but did not offer further comment. Read More | Comment »

Local 3:00PM Fri. Jul. 18, Brandon Watson

HB 2 Impact Felt One Year Later

Texas’ abortion-restrictive legislation, signed into law by Republican Gov. Rick Perry a year ago today, has caused a 50% reduction in abortion clinics and forced thousands of women to travel farther for care, reproductive rights leaders and members of Texas advocacy groups said on a conference call Thursday afternoon. Read More | Comment »

State 10:01AM Fri. Jul. 18, Mary Tuma

The Road to 10-1: Fundraising Highlights

As widely reported, the Big Kahuna in the initial City Council campaign money race (from campaign treasurer filings as of June 30) is novice mayoral candidate Steve Adler, who garnered $366,192 in contributions and had $289,896 in cash on hand. His major opponents, Mayor Pro Tem Sheryl Cole and Council Member Mike Martinez, were not so flush. Read More | Comment »

Point Austin 12:33PM Wed. Jul. 16, Michael King

'Taco Bell Tree' Uproots and Leaves

A 100-year-old oak tree in Oak Hill has been saved by the Austin Heritage Tree Foundation. The tree, known as the "Taco Bell Tree" by locals, was obstructing the planned expansion of US 290. The AHTF raised $5,000 to have it transplanted last Saturday to a new location across the road. Read More | Comment »

Local 4:45PM Tue. Jul. 15, Waylon Cunningham

The Road to 10-1: More to Come

Two deadlines approach in this year’s historic City Council races: the first substantial campaign finance reports (through June 30) are due at 5pm today at the City Clerk’s office, and beginning Monday, July 21, declared candidates can begin actually filing for office (through Aug. 18). Read More | Comment »

Point Austin 1:17PM Tue. Jul. 15, Michael King

Austin ISD Needs You (To Find the Next Superintendent)

Ever since Meria Carstarphen quit as superintendent, the trustees of Austin ISD have been putting together a search process that will attract a high quality replacement and engage the community. That process starts today, when the district asks that same community: Exactly what qualities do you want from the district's next CEO? Read More | Comment »

Local 7:00AM Tue. Jul. 15, Richard Whittaker

Rock-'Em-Sock-'Em Hotshots

Deeper meaning? C’mon son, this whole event was for charity. But the ones sparring in the ring were actually boxing one another – were, you know, juking, jiving, dropping hooks from left and right. Read More | Comment »

Local 11:30AM Mon. Jul. 14, Chase Hoffberger

Fist Bumps for Equal Rights

When President Barack H. Obama visited Austin yesterday, he set off yet another social media tailspin. Read More | Comment »

National 4:00PM Fri. Jul. 11, Nina Hernandez

Obama Talks Economy – Immigration Protesters Outside

Before a packed crowd at the Paramount Theatre, President Barack Obama delivered optimistic remarks that centered on the economy, job growth, and income inequality Thursday afternoon. Read More | Comment »

National 4:50PM Thu. Jul. 10, Mary Tuma

Powers Survives

A victory of sorts for supporters of UT Austin President Bill Powers: Efforts to forcibly remove him today have seemingly been derailed, as he reached an agreement to step down on June 2, 2015. Read More | Comment »

Local 8:50AM Thu. Jul. 10, Richard Whittaker

UT Chancellor to President: Resign, Or I'll Fire You

The war over Bill Powers' tenure as president of the University of Texas at Austin may be reaching a new level of brutality as UT System Chancellor Francisco Cigarroa will reportedly seek Powers' termination at this week's regents meeting. Read More | Comment »

Local 11:37AM Tue. Jul. 8, Richard Whittaker

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