Colorado and Washington Get High

States pass marijuana legalization initiatives

By Jordan Smith, 12:02AM, Wed. Nov. 7, 2012

Colorado and Washington Get High

Bang a couple nails in the coffin of pot prohibition: On Nov. 6, voters in Colorado and Washington voted to legalize, tax, and regulate pot, the first two states to do so since pot was effectively outlawed in 1937.

In Colorado, with nearly 2 million votes counted, Amendment 64 supporters called victory with just over 53% of the vote in favor of the measure that would legalize, tax and regulate the recreational use of marijuana by adults. In Washington support for Initiative Measure No. 502 – commonly, I-502 – sailed to victory with nearly 56% of the vote.

Things did not go as well in Oregon, where Measure 80, also a tax-and-regulate measure, tanked with just 44% in favor.

What's next? Well, doing battle with the feds. Put your money on Washington for the win.

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